Top 10 Best Bath Pillows in 2019 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2019

Home spa is the best way to ensure you get the best relaxation. Adding the right accessories like bath pillows, and other essentials make the experience extra thrilling. These pillows for bathtubs are deal when it comes to relaxing in a tub, spa or Jacuzzi. Unlike the regular bed pillows, these are highly adapted for use in water environment. Either, their cover materials are waterproof or allow water to flow through them to avoid dampness.

Normally, having a good pillow depends on your preference. They are available in different styles and design hence enabling people to choose the best fit. Instead of resting your head and shoulder on hard bathtub wall, these pillows are ones that offer cushioning. They provide remarkable padding that ensures everyone enjoys perfect relaxation. For the best bath pillows, below is a top list of available product online.

10. GORILLA GRIP Original 2-Panel Spa Bath Pillow with Powerful Gripping Technology

GORILLA GRIP Original 2-Panel Spa Bath Pillow with Powerful Gripping Technology

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Make your home spa feel and look exceptional with this premium pillow by Gorilla grip. It’s a perfected pad with 2 panels that allow the body to get perfect cushioning. Unlike other bathtub cushions, this has double panels for cushioning head and shoulder. Besides, it has large dimensions that ensure body get ideal rest. The orthopedic design is great in providing exceptional support for perfect relief. Due to this, even people with back complications can use this pillow without triggering the pain.

The design and construction of the pillow feature premium materials. It has airtight materials that are waterproof to keep it as dry as possible. Consequently, it doesn’t suffer from mildew attack or fouls smells due to a long time in the water. With a smooth surface, it means cleaning is simple. Above all the 7 strong suction cups enables easy attachment.


  • Strong suction cups
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Luxury foam padding
  • Orthopedic support


  • Too big suction cup lips

9. Epica 2X-Thick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow with SuperGrip Suction Cups

Epica 2X-Thick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow with SuperGrip Suction Cups

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Why let inferior pillows ruin your spa relaxation? The Epica extra thick spa pillow is a superb product that keep you comfortable and soothed. It’s a firm pillow that keeps your head and upper body comfortable without getting torn. Despite the strong cover, it offers a bubbling comfort, in fact, it offers a professional spa feeling due to its soothing ability. The soft nature of this pillow allows it to be ideal for people of all ages and health conditions.

The large surface is great for keeping the upper body comfortable. With double thickness padding, it offers great muscles support. The double panels have extra flexible hinges to keep them body conforming. Also, the base has strong 7 suction cups to hold the pillow intact on the tub. Interestingly, the pad is ideal for tubs, Jacuzzi and spa.


  • Waterproof thick cover
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Heavy duty suction cups


  • Loose pillow cover

8. Viventive Luxury Non-Slip, Extra Thick Anti-Bacterial Soft Spa Bath Pillow

Viventive Luxury Non-Slip, Extra Thick Anti-Bacterial Soft Spa Bath Pillow

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Experience the luxury straight in your home by getting a premium pillow. Viventive non-slip and antibacterial spa pillow transform your tub into a relaxation center. Compatible with different tubs, it is easy to fix and enjoy. Compared to other pads, this one is extra thick and has extra thick padding. Supporting head and upper back, it keeps the body away from the hard tub hard. Unlike the plastic covers, this one has a durable mesh that keep off old and mildew.

Besides keeping the body comfortable and safe, the cushion looks elegant. The shape is attractive, sleek and perfectly calm the body. Comparing this pillow with others, it has fewer suction cups which are effective and strong. The light cover is fast drying for easy cleaning.


  • Extra thick than rivals
  • Beautiful design
  • Flexible hinges
  • Quick drying


  • Large weaving fabrics

7. Stock Your Home Luxury 3 Panel Foam Padded Spa Pillow

Stock Your Home Luxury 3 Panel Foam Padded Spa Pillow

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The stock your home luxury pillow is one of the unique spa pad dedicated to furnishing your home bath. Instead of exposing your body to harsh, hard tub walls, the large cushion keeps body and soul relaxed. Amazingly, the 3 panels pad supports the head, shoulder and upper body section. This means it has more support compared to regular double panels spa cushions.

The non-slip design keeps the pillow intact without letting you slip which can cause discomforts. To keep it strongly attached, it has removable suction cups. This allows easy cleaning without experiencing any disturbance. Additionally, the over is tough, soft and waterproof to prevent any water leak. There is no foul smell due to mildew and old development as material prevent water retention. Its a great option for spa, bathtubs, and Jacuzzis.


  • 3 panels
  • Removable suction cups
  • Multiple applications
  • Heavy-duty foam padding


  • Feels thinner than rivals

6. Bath Haven QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow

Bath Haven QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow

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Having rest in a bathtub helps in relieving body pressure. However, many tubs have hard surfaces which can prove uncomfortable. He Bath Haven quilted air bath pillow is an ideal option to have. Unlike the other ones, this offers full body cushioning. This allows people to relax for a longer period without experiencing tail or back pains. Supporting the entire body from head to the lower back, it offers proper and unmatched soothing.

Forget the unfriendly skin cushions that can cause discomfort. With this, it provides mesh construction which allows easy skin breathability. The mesh also provided quick drying than in other fabrics. Besides premium fabrics, this cushion is thin and enhanced with air cushioning instead of the bulky foams. Keeping it clean is simple than others since it is machine washable.


  • Full body support
  • Machine washable
  • Orthopedic shape
  • Air support mechanism


  • Weak suction attachment

5. IndulgeMe Non-Slip Full Body Bath Pillow & Mat with konjac Bath Sponge

IndulgeMe Non-Slip Full Body Bath Pillow & Mat with konjac Bath Sponge

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Give your body full cushioning and enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience in your bath. TheIndulgeMe on slip pillow and mat are the real solution to all your woes. This combination ensures your body enjoys the maximum cushioning and support. By eliminating the hard tub floor, it offers body perfect way to recover and enjoy full relaxation. Besides the cushion, the mat has a super soft construction that ensures the body get the best feeling.

For maintaining this bath pillow and mat clean, the outer shell features mesh construction. It’s this mesh construction that allows fast drying as well as free water and air circulation. As a result, the cushions keep your skin with a soothed feeling. Amazingly, the bath pillow and mat are antibacterial which eliminate the development of molds and mildew as well as foul smell. A bonus konjac sponge ables proper body scrubbing for supple skin.


  • Bonus Konjac sponge
  • Entire body cushion
  • Super grip suction cups
  • Fast drying


  • Shorter than a standard bathtub

4. Idle Hippo Anti Mold Quick Drying Air Mesh Bathtub Spa Bath Pillow Cushion

Idle Hippo Anti Mold Quick Drying Air Mesh Bathtub Spa Bath Pillow Cushion

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During your relaxation time, the Idle Hippo gives you the perfect style of rest. The premiumly created pillow is a great option for any bathtub or spa to ensure perfect comfort. Its quality construction enables it to enjoy great usability in all bathtubs smoothly. Also, the high end cushioning renders this pillow ideal choice to ensure it is great. Boasting quality and soft fiber, it keeps skin enjoying the best feeling.

The creating of this pillow enjoys high-quality materials and design. In fact, it perfectly conforms to the body and has a sleek design to ensures a perfect fit to all bathtubs. Apart from the physical comfort, the aesthetic nature of this I pillow allows it to give mind full relaxation. For the cover, its mildew resistant, and easy to clean which allows the user to enjoy the exceptional feeling.


  • Thickly padded
  • Aesthetically looking
  • Luxurious fabrics
  • Unmatched comfort


  • Doesn’t cover full body

3. Royal Casa Head & Neck Anti-Mold, Waterproof Luxury Bathtub Pillow

Royal Casa Head & Neck Anti-Mold, Waterproof Luxury Bathtub Pillow

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Royal Casa back and head pillow is the ultimate comfort zone while in a bathtub. This cushion is specifically designed to keep your head and neck adequately cushioned and elevated. The design enjoys thickened adding and 3D mesh cover to keep it extra performing. Moreover, the mesh is fast drying which perfectly keeps off molds, mildew and other microbes. The good thing with this pillow is ease of cleaning which allows it to remain fresh throughout.

Unlike the most pillows, this comes with a hanging hook. This allows users to dry it quickly after cleaning or use in a bathtub. Measuring 14 x 13 x 4 inches, and 4 inches thick, it keeps the head and neck comfortable. To fix and remove in the tub is easy and reliable since it comes with upgraded suction cups. Large size design allows the cushion to be ideal for all people.


  • Extra thick stuffing
  • Large size
  • Anti-Bacterial 3D mesh


  • Cause slight staining

2. Kleeger Soft Non-Slip Hot Tub Bath Pillow with 4 Suction cups

Kleeger Soft Non-Slip Hot Tub Bath Pillow with 4 Suction cups

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Kleeger non-slipping pillow offers users the exceptional relaxation and peace of mind. The light and supportive pillow ensure there is a great comfort when in bathtubs. Due to it contoured design, it gives the body perfect relaxation without causing body strain on the lower back. Besides comforting the body, the lower side has durable a suction cups that keep it securely attached.

If the plastic pillows are creating havoc in your spa, this one eliminates all that. Its soft and meshed fabrics are fantastic. Instead of being harsh to your skin, the fabrics provide great feeling. Also, they are easy to clean hence allowing you to keep the pillow clean. With this cushion, it means no more mildew, molds and other problems associated with dampness. The free air and water circulation render the pillow comfortable and safe for all spas, Jacuzzi, hot tubs and others.


  • Breathable mesh cover
  • Sturdy sticking suction cups
  • Versatile applications


  • Gets heavy due to water

1. BodyHealt 2 Panels Non-slip Home Spa Bath Pillow

BodyHealt 2 Panels Non-slip Home Spa Bath Pillow

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Looking to give your spa a perfect upgrade? The solution is to get this panel pillow by BodyHealt. Unlike many conventional pads, it comes with great quilting and materials. The professional crafting ensures it contours to the body for complete resting. Besides, the premium padding allows the pad to offer orthopedic cushioning.

When you think about comfort, not only padding is vital. But, the overall size also matters a lot. With this cushion, it provides optimal performance due to its extra-large dimension. This means everyone can enjoy relaxing without any discomfort. Despite the large size, the BodyHealt bath pillow is ideal for use in any standard bathtub, Jacuzzi and hot tubs. Above all, cleaning is simple as well as great antibacterial and mildew resistance ability.


  • Oversized construction
  • Quick cleaning and drying
  • Excellent body soothing


  • Fabrics feel a bit scratchy

Bath Pillows Buying Guide

Getting the best bathtub pillow is a wish for everybody. But, many brands and styles it can prove to be a nut cracking task. These tips help you achieves it effortlessly.


The stuffing materials are different depending on the brand. However, there are some materials which are suited for use in water conditions without any issue. In most cases, different brands use gel, memory foam and others. The important thing is to have a soft and reliable filling material. Also, it should be light and resistant to molds, mildew and foul smelling.

Cover materials

Normally, pillows come in varying cover materials. Some come with plastic covers to keep water away from the internal filling. Others are enhanced with waterproof mesh which allows fast water shedding and quick drying.

Mildew, antibacterial and mold resistance

A pillow being waterproof doesn’t mean it will resist microbial attack. Since bath pillows are in most time submerged in water, they risk developing molds and mildew attack. Getting a cushion created to resist these effects gives a perfect peace of mind.

Attachment suction cups

Almost all bath pillows are fixed using suction cups. This is important especially when it comes to mounting and removing the pillow. Normally, the size and number of suction cups determine how well your pillow will attach. Large suction cups are ideal and always provide great attachment.


The bathtubs pillows are great comfort accessories. They are a perfect solution to making every home spa enjoyable and relaxing. With these reviewed pillows on the list, everyone can now get their best-aspired pillows.

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