Top 10 Best Bed Pillows in 2021 Reviews

The key to a peaceful and restful sleep is a quality and comfy bed pillow. Having a good night sleep is the most important for your health. This is why it makes sense to invest in a high-quality bed pillow. The ideal bed pillow should be supportive and extremely comfortable. While bed pillows are simple products, choosing the best can be difficult. This is because there are numerous bed pillows on the market. The best bed pillows usually come down to material construction and sleeping position. For example, stomach sleepers require a thinner pillow as compared to side sleepers that require a thicker pillow. However, most people tend to sleep in all these positions. This means choosing a versatile pillow that can meet all their sleeping needs.

We’ve hand-picked 10 leading bed pillows for you to consider buying. These are the market-leading bed pillows with excellent reviews and recommendations. They are comfortable pillows with premium construction materials. The pillows suit a variety of sleeping styles and make a great addition to the list. If you’re searching for a quality bed pillow, then consider choosing one from our exclusive list below.

10. Viewstar Standard Pillows for Sleeping, Bed Pillows

Viewstar Standard Pillows for Sleeping, Bed Pillows

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This is a two-pack plush standard sleeping pillows to consider buying. It is a soft and fluffy pillow that feels great on the skin. The pillow offers a plush microfiber cover and polyester filling for excellent plumpness. These pillows offer a great balance between supple softness and plump firmness. They are extremely reliable and an excellent choice for comfortable sleep. Users can enjoy gentle support enough for the neck and head region. They are suitable pillows for the stomach, back, and side sleepers. Moreover, these pillows are allergy-free making them a great choice for allergic persons. Overall, these are standard size pillows measuring 20 by 26 inches. They are also machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Easy to clean and tumble dry by machine
  • A versatile choice for stomach, side, and back sleepers
  • Allergy-free
  • Soft and fluffy thus comfortable and supportive


  • A bit lumpy

9. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

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This is a premium set of two cotton gel pillows with super plush material comfort. This pillow will put all standard pillows to shame. It is a high-quality pillow with plush gel fibers. The pillow is expertly tailored to give users maximum comfort in all sleeping positions. It features a non-shift construction where you can rest your head without a shift in fillings. Moreover, this pillow is dust, mite, and mold resistant. It is also chemical-free and allergen-free for safe use around persons with allergic reactions. Overall, this is a fade and stain-resistant pillow to serve you well for years to come. The pillows are machine washable and easy to clean and maintain.


  • Fade and stain-resistant
  • Allergen and chemical-free thus safe for use
  • High-quality plush gel-fibers thus comfortable
  • Stylish and luxurious


  • A little too soft with the head sinking a bit

8. Bedsure Queen Pillows for Sleeping

Bedsure Queen Pillows for Sleeping

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These are premium quality queen pillows to seriously consider buying. The pillows feature 100% ultra-plush down alternative polyester filling making them extremely fluffy. Users can enjoy excellent comfort levels and softness. The pillows are a suitable choice for side and back sleepers. They feature 80 GSM brushed microfiber cover which is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. The cover offers a comfy plush feeling providing users with a comfortable sleep experience. This is a premium quality pillow set without any shift in construction. The pillows are easy to clean with simple home machine wash care.


  • No-shift construction for perfect comfort
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly
  • Soft fillings making the pillows fluffy
  • Machine washable hence easy home care


  • Too soft but nice

7. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow 2-Pack

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow 2-Pack

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This is a soft and comfortable poly-cotton bed pillow coming in a pack of two. It is a stylish and fashionable pillow set. The pillows feature blue piping and two white gusset pillows. It also comes with double stitching to enhance durability. These are queen size pillows each measuring 18 by 26 inches. They are comfortable and come with a poly-fiber filling. In addition, the pillows feature a top-quality material for a comfortable night’s sleep without any interruptions. The pillows are an ideal choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers. They are also easy to clean with spot cleaning using a mild detergent.


  • Easy spot cleaning using a mild detergent
  • Comfortable due to high-quality poly-fiber fillings
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Double stitching to enhance durability


  • Collapse quickly without an immediate spring back

6. SUMITU Bed Pillows for Sleeping

SUMITU Bed Pillows for Sleeping

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This is a pack of two-bed pillows with a 100% Egyptian cotton cover. It is a premium set that meets a wide range of needs. The pillows feature a no-shift construction and German imported fiber fillings for optimal comfort. They offer great support to the head and neck without sinking in. You can be sure of waking up without any headaches or neck pains. These are premium pillows with allergy-proof fabric materials. The hypoallergenic fiberfill ensures the pillow doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. These pillows are suitable for persons suffering from asthma, respiratory issues, and allergies. They are also machine washable without any agglomeration. The cotton cover is breathable and ensures cool sleeping.


  • Cool sleeping because of the breathable cover
  • Hypoallergenic fill for safe use around asthma and allergic persons
  • Machine-washable cover hence easy to clean
  • Great support due to ample stuffing


  • A little too tall for back sleepers

5. MyPillow Classic Bed Pillow 2 Pack

MyPillow Classic Bed Pillow 2 Pack

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This is a classic bed pillow with excellent support and comfort levels. It is a value 2-pack pillow that comes ready to use. The pillow features a unique composition helping create a custom fit. This is a leading brand pillow that adjusts to your specific needs. It is an adjustable pillow that conforms to your body shape. This ensures optimal custom comfort. Moreover, the pillow is machine washable to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. The pillow is a leading brand with an excellent warranty and trial period to order with confidence.


  • Adjustable design for a custom fit
  • Machine washable hence easy to clean
  • Unique material composition hence comfortable
  • Excellent warranty and trial period


  • The filling is a little lumpy

4. Amazon Basics Down Alternative Bed Pillows

Amazon Basics Down Alternative Bed Pillows

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These are down alternative bed pillows with 100% polyester fabric material and microfiber fill. It is a king-size firm pillow set with excellent support and comfort. The pillows are suitable for back and side sleepers. The down-alternative offers a plush feeling and is a great choice for persons with allergies. The microfiber shell is extremely soft and skin-friendly. It also features a piping along the edges for neatly tailored appearances. The pillow is easy to clean by machine-washing on warm water and tumble drying. Overall, this is a top-quality pillow set made in OEKO-TEX standard factories. There is a further 1-year basic warranty for confidence buying.


  • Supremely soft and smooth surface
  • Machine-washable
  • 100% polyester thus allergen-free
  • Plush feel and comfortable


  • Too soft for side and back sleepers

3. Pillows for Sleeping, Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows

Pillows for Sleeping, Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows

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This is an award-winning bed pillow and a top-selection on the list. It is a premium pillow made in the USA. The pillow is fully adjustable hence suitable for sleep in all positions. There is a further new inner zipper for easy and quick adjustment of the pillow firmness and thickness. This ensures a custom fit design to meet your sleep requirements. Overall, this is a high-quality memory foam pillow with Certipur-US certified memory foam. It is a safe pillow without any chemicals and allergens. This pillow will not become lumpy or go flat making it an extremely reliable choice. Lastly, the pillow comes with a micro-vented bamboo cover to ensure excellent air circulation. This helps support cool sleeping.


  • Cool sleeping because of the breathable bamboo cover
  • High-quality and certified memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic hence dust and mite-resistant
  • Suitable for all sleepers


  • Expensive

2. SORMAG Bed Pillows for Sleeping

SORMAG Bed Pillows for Sleeping

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These are comfortable bed pillows with 100% Egyptian cotton covers. The pillows also feature German imported poly gel fibers for optimal comfort. This is a scientific ergonomic pillow with 156 3D fillings to ensure an excellent balance between support and comfort. The pillows feature a three-point curve that forms excellent support while protecting the spine. They are premium pillows with fast 5 seconds rebound. The pillows feature trace molecules for a fluffy feeling. Overall, these are reliable pillows with a machine washable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. The pillows require at least 24 hours to fully expand since they are vacuum packed.


  • Machine washable hence easy care
  • Breathable covers thus support cool sleeping
  • German imported poly gel fibers thus maximum comfort
  • Excellent balance between comfort and support


  • Not too firm for back sleepers

1. BioPEDIC 4-Pack Bed Pillow

BioPEDIC 4-Pack Bed Pillow

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This is our final best bed pillow and a decent set of four to meet all your sleeping needs. They are quality pillows with fresh and clean covers. The bed pillow covers come with an anti-odor Ultra-Fresh technology treatment. These pillows ensure a 99% reduction in the growth of bacteria. They are suitable pillows that provide excellent support and comfort levels. Moreover, the pillows feature hypoallergenic polyester fibers for lofty comfort throughout the night. Overall, these are versatile pillows suitable for sleepers of all styles.


  • Versatile design and supports all sleeping positions
  • Reduced bacteria growth
  • Fresh and hypoallergenic
  • Lofty comfort


  • Excellent comfort but not enough support

Factors to consider when choosing the best bed pillows

When it comes to choosing the best bed pillow, there are no one-size-fits-all. We all have different bodies, sleeping positions, and requirements. How comfortable a pillow feels will vary from one person to another. However, there are some basic features that make a great pillow. These are the factors to consider before making any purchase. They include the following:

Know the construction material

This is probably the best and most important factor to consider when buying bed pillows. The construction material hugely determines the pillow quality, comfort, support, and durability. Some of the common materials include down, feather, memory foam, synthetic fill, latex, and much more. Each of the materials comes with cons and pros. For example, memory foam pillows are thicker and firmer. When buying memory foam pillows, you need to choose from the lightweight memory foam clusters to the thickest solid memory foam.


Next, you need to choose the pillow height and choose accordingly. The ideal pillow should support your head and neck without tilting in any direction. Make sure you consider your body size and sleeping style. Persons with larger body frames need to consider higher and more supportive pillows. For stomach sleepers, the pillow needs to be softer and lower in style. Back sleepers can choose something in between these two heights.


People prefer bed pillows that adjust to increase or reduce the firmness to match their comfort levels. These pillows usually feature shredded fill or removable inserts. They are suitable for creating a custom pillow to suit specific user needs.

Ease of use

You need a pillow that fits most standard pillowcases. This makes it easier to change pillowcases and keep them clean. The ideal pillow should also be easy to clean and maintain. Consider pillows that are machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The ideal pillow needs to feature safe natural materials that don’t cause allergies. This is important especially for persons with allergic reactions.

Return policy and trial period

For most users, the best way to know and understand the pillow is by using it. Make sure you consider pillows with a return policy and trial period. This gives you the opportunity to test the pillow and decide if it is the right fit for you.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are by far the best bed pillows on the market this year. The pillows come highly rated and recommended for safe, supportive and comfortable use. Make sure you have an enjoyable sleep by choosing one of these amazing pillows.

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