Top 10 Best Bike Saddles in 2019 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2019

Anytime when riding a bicycle, it is vital to ensure a comfortable sitting. Although many bikes come with seats, its ideal option to look for a more comfortable one. The great news is there are different styles and sizes; this means one can enjoy perfect hugging depending on their size. Typically, the saddles are designed to offer comfort and support when riding. With the right seat, it gives proper sitting while cycling.

To find the best bike seat, it can be a nutshell. You might purchase a good looking saddle only to find it will not suit your cycling needs. The main difference comes from the construction expertise and the quality of padding. Choosing the best one always depend with selection prowess. If you have no crew on the bicycle seat to look for, here is the collection of the best bike saddles online.

10. Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomic Bicycle Saddle

Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Bicycle Saddle

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Cycling should be as comfortable as possible. Lanet ARS anatomic cycle saddle is the ultimate pick when you want to have a great experience. With anatomic design, it perfectly hugs your back without causing any strain or pain. With its sturdy structure, the seat offers ultimate support. Moreover, the seat boasts extra thick foam padding to absorb any impact on rough riding surfaces. With the upper part featuring lycra padding, the saddle enables the user to enjoy great feeling without oversweating.

Interestingly, the crafting of this seat enables the user to enjoy full back support. It is long with a recessed center that ensures you get anatomical fit and perfect relief. The steel rail is excellent for offering ideal strength and always lets you enjoy incredible support. Unlike other seats, this one is abrasion resistant and delivers excellent air circulation.


  • Thick foam padding
  • Extra long structure
  • Abrasion resistant cover


  • Lacks suspension

9. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

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The Sunlite cloud-9 saddle is here to light up your day. Designed like no other, the bike seat is outstanding in support and overall comfort. The cruiser bike seat is premiumly created to ensure you have the best experience when cycling. Whether you spend much time riding the saddle eliminates all the discomforts. Unlike the other seats, this one has dual density gel foam that guarantees superb support. It allows exceptional comfort without compromising your back health due to straining.

Besides padding, the saddle offers ample suspensions. Enhanced with chrome spring coils, they deliver great shock and impact absorption. Also, with universal installation design, the seat provides great installation ease. In overall, the saddle is fantastic and offers an outstanding large sitting surface for ultimate comfort. The anatomic design is excellent especially for universal use for men and women.


  • Coil rings suspensions
  • Large anatomic designed
  • Universal installation


  • Unsuitable for stationary bikes

8. Bikeroo Men’s Padded Mountain Bike, Hybrid and Stationary Exercise Bike Saddle

Bikeroo Men's Padded Mountain Bike, Hybrid and Stationary Exercise Bike Saddle

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The Bikeroo men’s padded bicycle saddle is one of the premium bike seats to have for everyone. It’s a highly versatile seat with the ability to be installed on various bikes. It is mountable in the mountain, hybrid, and stationary bikes. Thus, there is no limit on getting your comfort to any bike in your home. The anatomically designed seat distributes pressure evenly thus eliminating the back pain. Thus, even when riding in harsh conditions, the saddle eliminates extreme bumps and discomforts.

The quality of this saddle is fantastic. It is one of the most used saddles on the market. Tested by thousands of bikers, the seat is one of the essentials to have on your bike. Additionally, the perfect male anatomy ensures every man can enjoy riding with peace of mind. The creat on the middle is great for aeration which discourages sweating which can lead to discomforts. The cover is soft and sturdy to resist damage due to friction and scratches.


  • Versatile installation
  • Reliable thick padding
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Guided installation


  • Not waterproof

7. OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat

OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat

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The Outredo bike saddle gives exceptional comfort to all riders of all level. Featuring a uniquely designed hollow design, this saddle delivers anatomic relief. The design provides a relieving pressure for perineum comfort. Also, it is excellently ventilated to allow maximum breathability. Thanks to the breathable and comfortable foam padding prevent pain when riding for long distance. Complemented with hollow out design, it delivers unique comfort for both long distance and short distance riding.

Moreover, the hollow out design ensures a reduction in materials, making it incredibly lightweight. Equally, the cut out ensures excellent air penetration into your body. The saddle measures 10.5”x5.9”. It is quite narrower than most bike seats. Hence, it increases speed and reduces pressure on the sensitive parts thereby increasing riding comfort. Also, the ergonomic design boasts easy installation and the rider enjoys maxim firmness.


  • Shockproof design
  • Fast installation
  • Comfortable foam material
  • Excellent installation


  • Durability issues with fabric

6. Selle Royal Respiro Soft Athletic Bike Saddle

Selle Royal Respiro Soft Athletic Bike Saddle

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The Selle Royal saddle is designed for athletic bikes. It features an ergonomic design that delivers superior comfort. The design features an active ventilation system aimed at providing the excellent cooling effect. With the specially crafted ventilation channel that redirects and keeps the pressure off the perineum and also prevents excessive sweating.

The cover of the seat is unique since it allows the saddle to stay cooler for a prolonged time compared with traditional black seats. It is a reliable, athletic bike saddle because it boasts a spine angle of 30 degrees ensures proper weight distribution on the seat. The underneath part features a durable framework and excellent suspension system. Thus, it provides maximum comfort even when riding on bumpy and rough roads.


  • Easy installation
  • 25 degrees heat reduction
  • Excellent firmness
  • Fair price and quality match


  • Large front design

5. Zacro Gel -BS053 Dual Spring Designed Bike Saddle

Zacro Gel -BS053 Dual Spring Designed Bike Saddle

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Have you suffered from pain for a long time as you engage in bike training? That stops now when you equip your bike with Zacro BS053 dual spring bike saddle. It is specially designed for serious athletes who are looking forward to becoming the next champions. Thanks to durable and comfortable PU material and foam padding.

In addition, the design features a thicker saddle which is more comfortable for riders of all sizes. With the help of Zacro wrench, it is pretty easy to perform the installation. For additional comfort, the saddle is made of carbon steel coils that deliver super suspension. Moreover, the design agrees to universal design which fits any standard saddle post. It also features a wide groove which extends to the back of saddle for maximum breathability.


  • Universal fitting
  • Excellent air penetration
  • Lightweight PU material
  • Strong springs suspensions


  • Pricey

4. GT ROAD Bike Seat Dual Rubber Ball Shock Absorbing Designed Bicycle Saddle

GT ROAD Bike Seat Dual Rubber Ball Shock Absorbing Designed Bicycle Saddle

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Get to the road and ride like a professional while enjoying comfort with GT Road bike saddle. It boasts Gel material that is soft, wear resistant and equally durable. The fact that it has a universal design implies that it can fit all standard saddle posts. Every rider can equip his or her bike with this saddle to increase the performance. For safety at night, the saddle features a reflective tail light design to ensure drivers see you clearly.

Comfort is a number one factor which riders consider. For this saddle, it combines thick foam padding together with dual springs. Moreover, these springs are covered with a rubber material to ensure the fingers are not hurt. The surface of the saddle is hollowed to ensure air gets in quickly to prevent much sweating. The tail lights mounted at the back of the seat performs flash, steady and lighting mode to enhance safety and visibility on dark consitions The stitching is great, and PU material is resistant to abrasion impacts.


  • Universal fit
  • Easy installation
  • Ergonomic seat
  • High elasticity springs


  • Weight limit and peeling off

3. Giddy Up! Bike Seat with Memory Foam

Giddy Up! Bike Seat with Memory Foam

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Giddy Up bike saddle ensures the ride enjoys an exceptionally smooth riding. Whether your bike is for athletic or just for hobby riding, this saddle delivers expected comfort. It features two balls put underneath the seat and are made of rubber. So, you get to enjoy riding over potholes and rough bumps. Moreover, it allows the rider to enjoy the exercise even when riding along remote roads.

For comfort, Gel foam and soft shock absorbers will give what you seek. Also, the seat features LED taillight to make your rides safe even at night. In addition to the lights, it features a reflective band also to ensure visibility. The shape of the seat is universal such that it accommodates most seat covers. So, keeping the saddle clean is pretty easy. Moreover, the universal fit system accepts all standard seat posts making it incredibly versatile.


  • Excellent reflective features
  • Comfortable gel foam
  • Easy and universal fit
  • Includes all mounting set


  • Problem with lighting

2. DAWAY C66 Unisex Foam Padded Leather Road Mountain Bicycle Saddle

DAWAY C66 Unisex Foam Padded Leather Road Mountain Bicycle Saddle

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The Deway C66 unisex padded leather bike saddle is the real choice when it comes to cycling. The professionally designed seat is unique and provides excellent support. This seat gives the user precise sitting position. In fact, with an integrated scale, it becomes simple to adjust to the perfect sitting position. For great feeling during the ride, the seat offers heavy -duty padding featuring memory foam. On the upper section, a tough waterproof PVC leather guarantees excellent durability.

Well, safety when riding at night is a guarantee. With this seat, it has LED light fitted n the back. Thereby, it ables the user to enjoy outstanding noticability. The taillight is battery powered hence easy to maintain. When it comes to installation, dual rail aids in shock absorption. The hollow design is perfect in allowing easy breathability when cycling. With universal design, this seat can fit a variety of bikes comfortably. The waterproof cover makes it durable compared to other saddles available.


  • Simple to install
  • Waterproof cover
  • Unisex designed
  • Night safety taillight


  • Feels a bit hard

1. Deruicent Soft Comfortable MTB Mountain Road Sponge Bicycle Saddle

Deruicent Soft Comfortable MTB Mountain Road Sponge Bicycle Saddle

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Cycling is among of the ideal ways to encourage exercises. But, sometimes it’s not easy to achieve thrilling experience due to poor sitting. However, now there is one of the best saddles by Deruicent. The highly elastic seat is extra comfortable to keep the rider smoothly going with minimal strains. With a combination of leather, steel rail, and other sturdy materials, the saddle delivers exceptional impact absorption.

When it comes to egornomics, there is no doubt the seat is outstanding. With anatomic design and slender shape, it perfectly gives the rider unmatched feeling. The middle part features a precise cutout to reduce pressure on the prostate hence no pain like with other saddles. To guarantee durability, the seat comes with PU leather cover. For proper support, it is long and narrow to accommodate the whole back with ease.


  • Precise middle cutout
  • Free airflow
  • soft and flexible


  • Seat lacks taillight

Bike Saddle Buying Guide

With the market offering different types of bike seats, getting the best is what everyone wishes. This guide brings you the best tips for getting the dream saddle.


This is one of the vital and great consideration if you have to get the ideal seat to keep your cycling thrilling. In fact, with different saddles, it brings variation in support and comfort. In most cases, padding involves firm foam to keep your back fully hugged. Although fillings need to be strong, its ideal to consider the softest to bring great comfort. With right padding, it gives the user an easy time depending on their cycling needs.

Seat shape configuration

The seat configuration is vital in enhancing your comfort. Basically, mountain and commuter bikes have different seats. The main reason is to allow people to have proper hugging. Ideally, a good seat always supports the sitting bones. In most cases, saddles design depends on the intended use. Commuter, cycling and mountain bikes come in different styles.


Although these ats come with different materials, they need to be breathable. Since they come in different materials, the ideal one should be highly breathable. Even when cycling for a long time, it should not encourage excessive sweating. Besides breathability, some of the saddles come with a groove in the center to able smooth air circulation.

Saddle structure

Although the upper part is enhanced with super soft materials, the structure needs to be sturdy. This gives you perfect anchoring as well as support. Most of the present saddles feature plastic, carbon fiber among others. Also, the mounting rail needs to be robust to keep your installation superb.


Without doubts, saddles are fundamental accessories that every cyclist should have. They are the comfort areas on a bike and ensures a smooth ride. Even with good tires, without ideal saddles, you will still experience hitches in your ride. Therefore, don’t let inferior seats ruin your cycling, here are the best saddles to choose.

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