Top 10 Best Epilators for Women in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 15, 2023

Epilators are ideal grooming devices for getting rid of unwanted body hairs. Unlike the regular hair trimming machines, these are designed to remove hair mechanically. These devices work just like waxing, but they don’t remove epidermal cells. For every woman, they need epilators for eliminating hair without causing discomforts. Usually, women epilator come featuring different accessories. All these are ideal for keeping every woman skin smooth and hair free.

Well, the availability of epilator exhibits different styles and features. Some are dry, and others are wet. Therefore, it’s possible to use these machines even when in bathroom without causing damage. The available in corded and cordless design makes buyer have an easy time. Although people might think every epilator is good, to consider vital features and accessories. This review brings top 10 best women epilators available online.

10. Braun Silk-épil Wet & Dry Electric Hair Removal Women’s Epilator

Braun Silk-épil Wet & Dry Electric Hair Removal Women’s Epilator

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Keeping unwanted hair away should not be stress. With this Braun Silk-épil wet and dry epilator for women, it perfectly keeps your skin smooth. The 40 percent broadhead is efficient and removes hair without much pain. In fact, it keeps your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks. Additionally, the innovative Microgrip tweezers technology is efficient and perfect than wax. In fact, it can work on 4× shorter hair than wax.

It doesn’t matter how you want to treat your skin. With this device, it allows wet and dry use. Therefore whether traveling or bathing, the device can perfectly work on your skin safely. For versatile application, the device comes accompanied by 7 extra accessories. Also, the accompanying brush is excellent for deep cleaning your skin to keep pores open. This lets your skin absorb makeup excellently.


  • Ideal for wet and dry use
  • Wider head than rivals
  • Perfect for extra short hairs
  • Gentle sensation


  • Hurts a bit

9. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

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The Emjoi Emagine is a highly reliable epilator that never leaves even a single strand of hair. Its ability to remove hair is due to its effective head that with 72 tweezers head, it can work efficiently even on most stubborn hairs. With innovative and patented Emjoi Glide technology, the device is designed to offers smooth and perfect hair removal. There is no risk to your skin when s using this device. It is designed to provide antimicrobial protection.

With skin enjoying great protection, it means no pimples or damage. Besides protection, the innovative technology prevents the development of ingrown hairs. This is possible due to the dual opposed staggering heads that lift hair before removal. Unlike other epilators that gives your hands discomforts, this one offers ergonomic grip. Above all, the versatile and gentle design lets it be applicable in the face, chin, and other body parts.


  • User-friendly
  • Safe to skin
  • Antimicrobial technology


  • Uncomfortable in sensitive areas

8. Philips Norelco Satinelle Essential HP6401 Hair Removal Epilator

Philips Norelco Satinelle Essential HP6401 Hair Removal Epilator

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The Philips Norelco hair removal epilator is all every woman need for smooth skin. It’s a superb device with reliable hair removal technology with minimum pain. The corded epilator is perfect for use all over the body to get rid of unwanted hair. Whether its legs, hands and the whole body, it keeps skin without hair for 6 weeks. Amazingly, the machine is ideal for removing as small hairs as 0.5mm from root hair.

Unlike the rechargeable devices, this one is corded. This gives it the ability to enjoy continuous use without any disruption. With a high head, it removes most hair on the first move hence reducing discomfort. Also, the head is washable to keep it clean and free from microbes. Depending on your preferred epilation, the device has 2 speed settings. For delicate body parts, the provided cap allows easy and secure hair removal.


  • Corded for unlimited use
  • Safe for sensitive parts
  • Whole body use
  • Comfortable grip


  • No smart light

7. Epilady Speed Epilator, Corded

Epilady Speed Epilator, Corded

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The Epilady corded epilator is made for ladies who like nothing less than total comfort. It features a corded design that delivers excellent power. Due to this power, it removes all hairs from the body for up to 6 weeks. Equipped with perfect angle guide, Epilady delivers excellent results all the time.

Despite having a compact body, it functions at a fantastic speed. The amazing power delivers 31000 tweezes in a minute. Thanks to the powerful motor and the 40 tweeze disc. It is a great epilator to use for bikini, arms, underarms, and face. However, it is not adaptively made for around the eyes. Besides, it comes as a kit that includes the adapter, angle guide, brush and instructional manual.


  • Super quiet operation
  • Excellent speed
  • Versatile use design
  • Perfect angle guide


  • Not great for around the eyes

6. Foraco four in one Epilator

Foraco four in one Epilator

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Featuring a four in one design, The Foraco epilator offers impressive and versatile performance. The attachments collection includes epilator head, shaver head, callus remover, hair clipper. So, the device can be used for hair removal, dead cells exfoliation on feet and unpleasant hair on the sensitive areas. Being a rechargeable device, it is ideal for everywhere use.

For this purpose, it is excellent for people who are always on the go. Moreover, it supports a grinding head to maximize its multi-functionality. Also, it is equipped with special LED lighting to allow the user to see the effects of derma abrasion. With an ergonomic design, the device delivers low noise design. Featuring two-speed settings, it delivers effective performance when removing soft and coarse hair. Unlike the metal scrappers, this epilator boasts steel blades that are incredibly sharp and durable.


  • Convertible from corded to cordless
  • Multi-attachment design
  • Two-speed settings
  • Powerful speed operation


  • Produces some noise

5. Bu Ture women cordless epilator

Bu Ture women cordless epilator

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Are you a woman who likes soft and smooth body? The Bu Ture cordless epilator is specially constructed in a state of the art design to help any woman maintain excellent body smoothness. It uses a powerful motor which is also energy efficient. It offers a reliable performance since you don’t have to keep changing the batteries. Besides, this device supports hair epilator, double blades shaver, callus remover.

Featuring LED indicator, it supports safe and convenient use. The ergonomic design supports a smooth change of the supported attachments. Thus, it’s ideal for women who are always on the move yet want to keep their bodies smooth all time. It is rated 110-220 volts and so it won’t be a hassle accessing power in different parts of the world.


  • Washable design
  • Easy change of blade heads
  • Short charging time


  • Its use requires numbing cream

4. Flend lady Epilator

Flend lady Epilator

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Featuring exquisite and practical design, Flend epilator is the best for any lady. It boasts built-in LED Lights which makes it very easy and convenient to use. It uses an incredibly powerful motor that lets you forget the hassles of chemical epilating methods which took hours. This epilator device takes only a couple of minutes and leaves the body is attractive and comfortable form.

Due to the improved performance, it offers a painless service. The AAA battery operated to eliminate the hassles of cord management and charging. It doesn’t produce pain during and after epilating. So, it is recommended for all body use whether it is a bikini, underarms, arms, legs, and face. Moreover, it is excellent for small and long hairs.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Painless function


  • Not durable

3. Panasonic ES2113PC Epilator

Panasonic ES2113PC Epilator

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Panasonic ES2113PC epilator is among the popular models that offer fantastic hair trimming performance. It features a smooth body with ergonomic pivoting head. So, it moves gently following the contours of the skin. This amazing movement allows close and painless hair trimming on the face, chin, and skin. The design also features rounded tip and hypoallergenic blade for safe and healthy trimming.

So, it doesn’t produce irritation or allergic effects on sensitive effects. Moreover, you can remove the epilator attachment and add others for additional performance. It allows the addition of eyebrow shaper and comb attachment to aid in excellent eye blow maintenance. The sleek and stylish shape of this device delivers comfort when holding it. The operating time is about 8 shaves which surpass most of the higher priced epilator devices on the market.


  • Multi-tool attachment
  • Sleek and smooth profile
  • Durable blades
  • Easy and quiet operation


  • Durability issues

2. TTMOW 5 in 1 Portable Painless Hair Remover Epilator Waterproof for Women

TTMOW 5 in 1 Portable Painless Hair Remover Epilator Waterproof for Women

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Every woman needs to keep their skin looking beautiful. Removing hairs is one way of maintaining an elegant look. This TTMOW 5-in-1 waterproof for women is the ideal pick. Unlike other devices with single operation ability, this one is versatile. It can epilate, shave, massage, callus remover and act as a facial brush. Detaching and fixing heads is simple to give the user instant use.

Due to the compact and lightweight nature, the device is highly portable. It comes with rechargeable battery meaning it’s cordless for easy carrying. Moreover, with washable heads and waterproof design, it is even when bathing. With multiple applications, the device is the perfect choice for any woman. It offers all-round performance to keep skin healthy and looking excellent.


  • Versatile design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof


  • None

1. Laxcare Painless Waterproof Hair Remover with Built-in LED Light

Laxcare Painless Waterproof Hair Remover with Built-in LED Light

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Enjoy perfect way of removing hair in your skin without experiencing any discomfort. The Laxcare painless hair remover is the device that every woman can cherish. With this device, it offers inbuilt LED light that keeps your epilation comfortable. The light allows easy viewing of tiniest hair strands on the skin. The extra compact style is great for portability as it doesn’t consume much of your space.

Forget about the other devices that prove hard to wash. With this one, it is IPX6 meaning you fully submerge it. Cleaning it with running water is just a breeze. The head is innovatively designed to eliminate cuts and razor burns for blemish-free skin. Unlike the painful devices that pull hair, this cuts as deep as possible without even slight pain.


  • Complete waterproof
  • Extra compact
  • Pain-free epilation
  • Strong ABS body


  • Unideal for coarse hair

Epilators for Women Buying Guide

When buying an epilator, here are some of the qualities to check.

Corded vs. cordless

Depending on the use your devices, corded or cordless matters. If you want an epilator that is usable everywhere, cordless are superb choices. They are equipped with a rechargeable battery hence ideal for utilization anywhere. However, for corded design, they are restricted for use when there is pluggable power.

Wet vs. dry

Some of the epilators are effective when your skin is wet. This means you can use them during the showering period. However, others are designed to work on dry skins. They are only restricted to use as long as your skin is s dry. Ideally, there are others designed for dry and wet applications. To eliminate any mystery, wet and dry applicable epilators are ideal.

Amount of pain

Epilation involves removal of hair from the root hair. This means you get a dose of pain when removing the hair. Some of the epilators on the market claim to produce painless epilators. Basically, these epilators come with massaging attachment to reduce pain. Others use hair cutting blades to trim hair close to root hence no pain.

Speed settings

Depending on your hair type, it’s possible to get the right device for your use. Typically, some epilators come with adjustable speeds to suit your usage. Therefore, its ideal to look for a perfect device that will remove hair with less hassle.


Just like shavers, epilators produces a degree of noise. However, epilator should not create nuisance noise that affects your comfort. With different brands, it means each device has a varying degree of noise.


Epilators are must-have devices for every woman. Unlike other hair removal methods, these are effective and gentle to the skin. Also, their small size lets everyone enjoy perfect skin anytime everywhere. Especially, the featuring devices are great for keeping skin smooth and hair free without pain.

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