Top 10 Best Hair Removal Lasers in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Removing hair from the skin can be done in different ways. People prefer shaving, waxing, and other techniques. But, hair removal lasers are some of the ultimate ways to get rid of unwanted hairs. Especially, around bikini lines, legs, and other parts, they are efficient and commonly used. Unlike tweezing and shaving, lasers use concentrated light, which reduces hair growth.

This method of hair removal is easy and pain-free compared to others. Due to its simple nature, many people usually use laser hair removals. Also, the astonishing speed and precision give them an upper hand than other methods. In fact, there is high predictability when using these devices. They help in permanent hair removal after several uses. To get rid of unwanted hairs, everyone needs to have the best laser hair removers.

10. IMENE Laser Hair Permanent Removal for Women & Men

IMENE Laser Hair Permanent Removal for Women & Men

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Imene IPL permanent hair removal laser is a good option for men and women. Offering exceptional performance, the machine helps in eliminating unwanted hair. Unlike epilators, this doesn’t cause nicks and hair-pulling. Therefore, users enjoy smooth hair removal without stress. Utilizing intense pulsed light (IPL), the device allows for the breaking of hair growth cycles. The device is clinically approved, which makes it safe for different skins. In fact, the device offers quick results just within 2 weeks.

Apart from being great for different skins, the laser comes with a built-in ice compress. Thereby, when using the device, there is a great comfort to your skin. It operated between 32 -41 degrees F to tone the skin. By offering 500000 flashes, they are enough for up to 11 individual uses. The machine is safe since it comes with a non-removable flash. Also, the high level of protection ensures there are no light leaks. Due to manual and auto flash modes, the hair remover is simple to use.


  • Protected laser head
  • Quick results
  • Ergonomic handle


  • It isn’t rechargeable

9. Feeke Hair Removal Universal IPL Hair Removal Laser

Feeke Hair Removal Universal IPL Hair Removal Laser

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If you need to eliminate hair from different areas, laser devices are great. Feeke hair removal device is efficient, keeping your skin smooth. It delivers complete hair removal without causing pain in your skin. Also, it doesn’t cause burns like with razors. The device treats skin gently and safely without causing irritations. Notably, around bikini likes, faces, and others, there is no sensitivity. Designed for use at homes, the device is simple to operate. Also, dual operating modes ensure there is ease of use and safety.

The laser head is permanent, which eliminates the need to keep buying replacements. In fact, it delivers 999,999 flashes, which guarantees exceptional performance. The adaptive technology featuring in this hair removal machine is excellent for home use. Therefore, even after continuous use, there are no harmful effects. The different levels of laser light settings allow the machine to be suitable for the whole body.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Ideal for the whole body
  • Safe for home us


  • Requires shaved surfaces

8. MiSMON IPL Hair Removal Device for Women

MiSMON IPL Hair Removal Device for Women

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Removing hair isn’t a simple task using traditional means. But, MiSMON IPL hair removal laser machine is the ultimate way for women to get rid of hair. Whether its bikini, face, or whole-body hair, the device is impressive. It is compact and simple to use due to ergonomic design. Also, the lightweight design allows for easy portability. Thereby, it is usable in different places without causing bulkiness. The safe and pain-free operation means even sensitive areas enjoy excellent hair removal.

Unlike going for salon, this device is effective and affordable. Equipped with a high-quality laser head, it only works on target areas. Therefore, no more hair loss in unintended places. With continuous use of this machine, it allows people to enjoy permanent hair loss in areas of application. This lamp is durable and delivers 300000flashes, which enable people to enjoy a great look. The tow cartridges ensure you can easily replace once one burns out.


  • Changeable cartridges
  • Compact and portable
  • FDA certified
  • Ideal for most skins


  • Not for dark skins

7. DEESS Permanent Hair ICE COOL IPL Hair Removal Device

DEESS Permanent Hair ICE COOL IPL Hair Removal Device

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DESS permanent hair removal device is one of the super to keep skin smooth. It doesn’t use plucking or cutting razors, which increases its performance. With in-built ice-cool technology, it keeps skin feeling great. The machine works efficiently and is safe. Therefore, it doesn’t cause irritations like other shaving machines. Unlike other laser devices, this comes with detachable head filters. Additionally, the IPL technology ensures that hair doesn’t grow, which is superb for excellent hair elimination.

The ability to be used in different body areas renders it great. It is, therefore, easy to eliminate hair from tummy, hands, bikini-like, and legs. Amazingly, the hair remover is durable compared to others. It comes with unlimited flashes, which ensure there is an excellent treatment. The upgraded lamp tube and chip program ensures the device has an unlimited lifespan. Due to the state of the art cooling and superior construction, the device is superb.


  • State of the art cooling
  • Unlimited flashes
  • Different lamp filters


  • Slow results

6. Philips Lumea BRI949/00 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Tool

Philips Lumea BRI949/00 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Tool

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Philips Lumea IPL hair removal laser device is cool and safe. The perfectly designed device ensures that everyone enjoys excellent hair removal without side effects. There is no plucking of hair strands that allows smooth operation. The device uses the latest IPL technology to eliminate hair. Therefore, it can work on different types of hairs, unlike other machines. With quick results, the device ensures 92% of hair loss within just 3 uses. Due to the corded design, it offers unlimited power and hair removal time.

The versatility is excellent when utilizing this device. It has 3 detachable heads that can work on different areas quickly. As a result, whether shaving armpits bikini lines or other areas, there is the right attachment to use. The removal tool has an automatic sensor that identifies skin tone. Also, 5 settings are fantastic for ensuring there are outstanding results.


  • Easy to access all areas
  • Detachable attachments
  • Ideal for all skin tones


  • Weak on brown and black skins

5. ProCIV IPL Laser Hair Removal for Women

ProCIV IPL Laser Hair Removal for Women

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Are you looking for permanent hair removal? The ProCIV IPL Laser Hair Removal is one splendid option; every beauty lover won’t hesitate to invest some bucks. It boasts innovative IPL technology, which is the most incredible method applied in hair removal. Now, this product is popular in the top salon, spa, and professional dermatologists. Well, it uses an IPL laser epilator that offers two modes to meet your hair removal needs.

Thus, you can choose the perfect mode depending on the specific body part you’re dealing with. For instance, you can select the flash mode to clear armpit, bikini line, finger, toes, and lips. Additionally, it allows you to choose five different light energy levels to allow painless and permanent hair removal treatment. Therefore, you can select the perfect model and intensity depending on body and hair growth speed.


  • User friendly LED display
  • Perfect cooling system
  • Incredibly fast flashes
  • Multi-level intensity


  • High power brings some skin sensitivity

4. Feeke IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device

Feeke IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device

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Do you want your skin beauty to last for long without overgrown hair? Here is the Feeke IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device to keep your body skin looking beautiful and smooth. With over 600000 flashes, it is fast and easy to use. Its mechanism relies on the intense pulsated light. The basic mechanism is that the device emits a powerful pulse, which will be absorbed by hair follicles melanin, which ends up damaging it. Thus, it is a simple device that allows permanent hair removal.

Featuring enhanced energy release, this device offers a better hair removal effect that the other models. Unlike other competitive models, this one provides a staggering 8 energy levels, which allow greater customization. Moreover, the two flash modes allow more satisfaction on the demands of various body parts. Also, you can use the manual mode for sensitive areas such as bikini, armpit, lips, fingers, and more.


  • Greater customization
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Great energy levels
  • Perfect consistency


  • Small head

3. BAIVON IPL Hair Removal, 990,000 Flashes

BAIVON IPL Hair Removal, 990,000 Flashes

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If you’re looking or the best hair removal tool that offers a reliable customized treatment, here is the BAIVON IPL Hair Removal tool for you. It boasts up to 990000 flashes, which allow unsurpassed functionality compared with other competitive models. Besides, it doesn’t require cartridge replacement, making it quite affordable.

On the other hand, this device is ideal for one person to use or for a whole family. Due to its high customization, it is fit for both men and women skins. Equally, it is perfect for all body parts; you just need to reset the speed and modes.

The manual mode allows you to remove hair from sensitive and small parts such as bikini, armpit, upper lips, and fingers. The automatic mode is perfect for arms, legs, back, and other large body areas. With five power settings, it is easy to choose the treatment level that offers more comfort.


  • Quite affordable
  • High level of customization
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Compact and sturdily built


  • Not great for light hair

2. Braun Laser Hair Removal for Women

Braun Laser Hair Removal for Women

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This hair removal tool for women boasts a unique construction. Well, it boasts a patented sensor-adapt technology. Now, it features a unique skin tone sensor. This sensor feature allows automatic reset of mode according to the different skin tones. This machine adopts the light intensity to the appropriate energy levels at every flash. Thus, it offers a safe and efficient skin treatment.

So, it eliminates the need to use color matching charts. The glide Mode is essential as it triggers more flashes to ensure fewer missed areas. If you’re a beginner, this tool with serve you will as it has gentle and extra-gentle modes. Therefore, it is ideal for all body parts, including the sensitive bikini, armpits, and face. Moreover, there are a total of 10 energy levels to choose from and allow maximum customization.


  • Automatic mode reset
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight and compact


  • A bit slow but the results are terrific

1. Letme Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men

Letme Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men

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Here is another best hair removal laser. The Letme laser hair removal tool operates on enhanced IPL technology. The device delivers light energy, which is about 25 percent stronger compared with other hair removal tools. For increased safety, this device features light leakage proof construction.

Well, it boasts a double light filter and leakage proof window. Therefore, you won’t need to wear sunglasses while working with the device. It is equipped with an automatic flash mode, which allows efficient hair removal for every body part.

Besides, you can use the manual mode if you’re a beginner so that you can clear the body hair at your convenience. Well, this machine offers 400000 flashes, which enable full body hair removal treatment, and they can last for up to 15 years. Additionally, it works great on light skin color and dark hair colors.


  • Great safety features
  • Automatic mode reset
  • Can work for different skin tones
  • Easy to use and cost-effective


  • Lots of precautions

Hair Removal Lasers Buying Guide


Just like other shaving devices, laser hair removers need to be ergonomic. This ensures you can maneuver the device in your body. Since the body has different curvatures, uncomfortable machines can be messy. Therefore, the general machine design is essential to ensure there are high ergonomics.
Type of laser technology

There are different types of technologies available, which enables people to have great results. Mostly, the latest removers come with powerful laser technology. The technology allows the machine to deliver efficient light to your skin. Although there are others like long laser diodes and others, it is great to check one using the latest technology.

Skin tone compatibility

The laser hair removers are designed to work on different skin tones. Some are specific, which means you can easily enjoy performance if it’s for your type. However, some of the devices come with high versatility. If you have used it on the wrong skin tone, it will shut down automatically. Also, others can switch the setting from one to another automatically.

Corded vs. cordless

Like shavers and other grooming devices, these hair removers come in corded and cordless versions. To enjoy seamless operation, corded versions are great for use in homes. However, they are limited to places with power outlets. Cordless versions are great since they can be used even when traveling. Depending on personal liking, it is recommendable to check between corded and cordless versions.


Some of the laser hair removers have limited lifespans. The number of flashes determines this. The more flashes a device has, the longer it can offer services. However, there are others with unlimited flashes, which ensures they remain in service for a longer period. However, user preference usually matters when choosing the right.


Hair laser removers are unmatched when you need smooth skin. They are useful in safely eliminating hair without causing skin irritations. Available for all skin tones, they are superb for everyone looking for hair-free skin. These selected devices are fantastic and worth for every woman or man out there.

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