Top 10 Best LED Flame Bulbs in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on April 18, 2020

LED flame bulbs are among the best decorative lights to add to your home décor. These lights are beneficial combing excellent aesthetics and energy-saving functions. LED flame bulbs can easily set the mood in any room with the right kind of lighting. They are uniquely designed to provide different flame modes. You can create warm and welcoming candlelight using the best LED flame bulbs. These bulbs create a more realistic flame leaving your home looking great. Adding a LED flame bulb to your home is a great way to make your home appealing and attractive.

However, not all LED flame bulbs are made the same. You have to research and analyze hundreds of flame bulbs on the market. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard task of research and narrowed down your picks. We are helping find the best LED flame bulbs on the market. Below are the best LED flame bulbs on the market to seriously consider buying.

10. Omicoo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

Omicoo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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This is our first choice LED flame bulb with four light modes to consider buying. The LED bulb features the emulation mode, general light mode, breathing mode, and gravity-induced mode. This flame turns into a flame mode on first use. When placed upside down, the flame automatically turns into a gravity-induced mode. This is a reliable bulb with a more realistic flame. It features 2835 LED beads with brighter and higher wattage. Besides, the bulb offers excellent heat dissipation prolonging the bulb lifespan.

Overall, this is an environmentally friendly light bulb with yellow light. It is worth noting that bugs and mosquitoes hate yellow lights. You can be sure the bulb light will not attract mosquitoes and bugs. You also get 30 days refund warranty for confidence buying.


  • Environmental friendly due to yellow lights
  • Versatile and features four light modes
  • Energy-saving thus economical
  • Longer lifespan due to good heat dissipation


  • Not very bright

9. LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

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These are real fire-like LED flame bulbs with exciting features. They are beautiful lights with warm and inviting welcoming lights. The bulbs create a flickering motion with excellent clarity. They provide amazing ambiance without the polluting smoke. Besides, these bulbs are easy to use and screws easily to most standard electric bulb sockets. You can install and fix them at the same time it takes to change normal bulbs. You can easily transform any light bulb socket onto a flickering flame in seconds. Overall, this is an innovative design light bulb to mimic the real flame.


  • Replicates real flame due to 75 LEDs
  • Easy to use due to easy and quick installation
  • Inviting visual warmth and cozy flame light
  • Innovative design due to patented technology


  • Lack of motion detection

8. CPPSLEE – LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

CPPSLEE – LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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These LED flame bulbs are among the best-selling picks and a great addition to our list. They are versatile lights with 4 modes. The lights feature the gravity-induced mode, emulation mode, general light, and breathing mode. They are dependable bulbs that create a realistic flame. These lights can suit different room atmospheres creating the desired mood. They are safe, energy-saving and pretty easy to install and use. You need to install the bulbs in frosted glass for a better flickering flame. Overall, these are versatile light bulbs for use in a variety of areas. You can use them in the bedroom, living room, hotel, bar, castle, church, etc.


  • Versatile thus suitable for a variety of applications
  • Four mood-enhancing modes thus dependable
  • Safe and energy-saving
  • Universal and fit most standard bulb light sockets


  • Bulb appears too animated

7. LED Flame Light Bulbs, 4 Modes LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

LED Flame Light Bulbs, 4 Modes LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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This is a set of two LED flame light bulb with four amazing modes. The bulb features a flickering mode, upside down modes, breathing mode, and general light mode. The bulb delivers bright flames to create excellent illumination. This bulb is a great choice for a great romantic atmosphere. The bulb delivers a warm and welcoming flickering flame light. These two bulbs are great for home décor. Moreover, the flame adopts the latest energy-saving technology. It features an aluminum alloy for excellent heat dissipation. It is a long-lasting bulb safe from UV, infrared radiation and harmful substances. You can easily set the right mood using these amazing bulbs.


  • No UV and infrared thus safe
  • Green-energy saving technology thus economical
  • Warm and flickering glow thus welcoming
  • 4 versatile modes thus create a variety of moods


  • Way too much orange

6. Y-STOP LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulb

Y-STOP LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulb

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The Y-STOP LED flame bulbs make another great addition to the list. They are premium quality bulbs with 4 modes to match different user needs. You can choose the general light, gravity sensing mode, breathing mode, and flame simulation mode. These are decent bulbs with the flame always traveling from bottom to top. This is a glossy plastic bulb quite different from other bulbs. You only get to see the flame at night. Moreover, the bulbs are wide and shorter making them fit most fixtures.

Overall, these are safe and energy-saving flame bulbs. They are free of harmful substances, UV and infrared radiation. The bulbs can save up to 90% of bulb energy. You can easily create a romantic atmosphere using these bulbs.


  • No harmful substances, UV and infrared radiations thus safe
  • Energy saving
  • Shorter and wide thus fit most fixtures
  • 4 mode design thus versatile


  • Poor quality base

5. LED Flame Effect Light Bulb: E26 Standard Base Flame Bulb

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb: E26 Standard Base Flame Bulb

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This is a premium quality flame bulb made to the highest quality standards. It is an energy-efficient bulb running on 3 watts of energy. You can enhance your home décor while spending light energy. Besides, the bulb is made with keen attention to detail. The bulb creates a unique look with a realistic flame effect. This is a casting flame with a warm and inviting glow. Moreover, the bub features auto-rotation to match the bulb orientation. The bulb also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to buy with confidence.


  • Casting warm and inviting glow
  • Attention to detail
  • Uses 3 watts thus energy-saving
  • Flickering light matches bulb orientation due to auto-rotation


  • A little pricey

4. Texsens LED Blue Flame Effect Light Bulbs

Texsens LED Blue Flame Effect Light Bulbs

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These are top-rated LED blue flame bulbs to consider buying. The flames feature more slow speed than most flickering flames. This makes them look more like real flames creating a perfect home décor effect. Besides, the bulbs feature 4 light modes. The modes include breathing, gravity-induced, emulation, and general light mode. You can easily change the mode by turning the bulb on and off. It is a safe bulb design free of dangerous substances, UV and infrared radiation. The bulbs are also energy-saving thus an economical option. This coupled with a 30-day refund guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee makes them a great buy.


  • Safe and green energy-saving thus eco-friendly
  • Free of UV and infrared radiations thus safe
  • 4 flame light modes thus versatile
  • Slower speed flame thus more realistic


  • Low light output

3. FIMITECH Flame Bulb, LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs

FIMITECH Flame Bulb, LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs

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This is an environmentally friendly LED flame light bulb with 108 pieces of 2835 LEDs. It is a dependable light with high-efficiency and low energy consumption. The LED bulb does not contain mercury and lead thus safe. Additionally, the bulb features excellent heat dissipation for an enhanced long lifespan. The bulb features a white PC material thus greater transmittance. Overall, this is a versatile bulb with four modes and multi-scene applications. You can use frosted glass to create better flame effects.


  • High-efficiency and low-energy consumption
  • Greater transmittance due to a PC material
  • A multi-scene application thus versatile
  • Four modes


  • Not very delicate flame layers

2. Omicoo Updated Slim LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

Omicoo Updated Slim LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

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This is another updated slim model design flame bulb set to consider buying. It is a pack of four bulbs with shorter and wider flames. The bulbs’ unique design makes them suitable for most fixtures. Moreover, these bulbs feature four modes to deliver the desired flame light effects. It is a safe design and energy-saving flame bulb set to buy with confidence. You can end up saving up to 90% of bub energy. Overall, this is a safe bulb set free of infrared radiations, UV and dangerous chemicals. The bulbs deliver a better flame flickering effect when used in a frosted glass or lampshade. They are perfect choice bulbs for creating a romantic atmosphere.


  • Creates a lovely romantic atmosphere in a variety of places
  • UV and infrared radiations free thus safe
  • Energy-efficient thus saves electricity and money
  • Updated slim design thus fits most fixtures


  • Better suited outdoors because the flame light is redder

1. YEAHBEER E12 Flame Bulb LED Candelabra Light Bulbs

YEAHBEER E12 Flame Bulb LED Candelabra Light Bulbs

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This is a vintage design LED candelabra light bulb and our final best choice. It is a valuable 6-pack LED flame bulb set to buy with confidence. The bulbs feature classic Edison filament bulbs providing distinctive appearances. They are eco-friendly and work efficiently making them pretty easy to use and install. Overall, these are decorative LED flame bulbs with excellent atmosphere lighting. Moreover, the bulbs are energy-saving. You can save money by installing them at home.
They also feature a long lifespan of more than 50, 000 hours.


  • Long lifespan of 50K hours
  • Economical due to energy-saving function
  • Valuable pack of six
  • Great appearance due to classic Edison filaments


  • Blinking effect when used together

How to choose the best LED Flame bulb?

As you can see, finding the best LED flame bulb is not easy. You have to narrow down your choices and pick from the best brands and models in the industry. Below, we discuss some of the important features to consider in a LED flame bulb. Here are the crucial features and factors to bear in mind.


LED bulbs are worthy investments because they tend to have longer lifespans than regular bulbs. However, not all LED flame bulbs are made with longer lifespans. Make sure you check how long the bub will last. This is usually indicated in the number of hours the bulb can operate. In general, make sure you consider LED bulbs with 500, 000 hours of lifespan or more.


The ideal size of the LED flame bulb is more of personal preference and taste. Some of these bulbs are just designed for decorative while others are meant for lighting. Consider the main purpose of the bulb and choose accordingly. You also need to consider your sockets and lamps to ensure the bulbs will fit. Some of the common sizes are E12, E26, and F7.

Most E12 are decorative lights and fit chandeliers and lanterns. The E26 bulbs are designed for lighting and fit standard light sockets. We also have the E7 which is a special type fitting electric menorahs.


Most LED flame bulbs come with different modes to suit different home atmospheres. We have bulbs with gravity sensors. Such bulbs flip the flame when turned upside down. This is a great mode that ensures the flame looks as realistic as possible. We also have other modes like the breathing mode, general light mode, and emulation mode. Bulbs with more light modes give you more options.

Ease of use

You don’t need to hire an electrician to install LED flame lights. Make sure you consider bulbs that are pretty easy to install and use. The ideal bulb must come with a simple way to change the mode and create the desired effect.


Lastly, you need to consider the bulb price and match it to your budget. As we said before, LED flame bulbs are a worth investment hence the need to have a realistic budget. Make sure you find the best LED flame bulb possible within your budget.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best LED flame bulbs on the market to consider buying. The bulbs are a great way to enhance your home décor. They look amazingly beautiful adding some touch of elegance to your room. Choose one bulb from our list above and create those desired looks in your home today.

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