Top 10 Best Manual Coffee Grinders in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 15, 2023

If you love coffee, then you probably know the freshly ground coffee tastes even better. In fact, most coffee lovers are quite picky. While coffee tastes great, not all coffee is ground the same. Some coffee tends to retain more flavors than others. The difference in how your coffee tastes usually come down to the grinding process. Instead of buying ready ground coffee, buying a manual coffee grinder makes sense. You can always grind those beans at any time and enjoy fresh-tasting coffee. How well you grind your coffee also determines the taste and flavors. This is why you need to invest in a quality coffee grinder.

Our post we help you find the best manual coffee grinders on the market. These are mechanical coffee grinders with a hand crank for easy coffee grinding. The grinders work without electricity and can be used virtually everywhere. Moreover, they are easy to use and control the coffee coarseness. If you’re on the market for the best manual coffee grinders, then read our top 10 reviews below. You can then select one that suits your needs and order with confidence.

10. JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPress Manual Coffee Grinder

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This is our first choice manual coffee grinder and an excellent choice to consider buying. The grinder features a built-in adjustable grinder for precise grinding. There are 18 click settings giving you 100% coarseness control. You can easily choose from very fine to coarse coffee particles. Moreover, this grinder features a removable hand crank mechanism. It is a convenient and reliable grinder that works without electricity. It is also ultra-quiet with 90% of the electric noise reduced. The grinder also features patent-pending combo burrs that last 5 times longer than stainless steel blades. Overall, this is a unique coffee grinder with exceptional features for excellent coffee grinding.


  • 100% crank-operated hence no electricity required
  • Easy course selection due to 18 click setting
  • Durable and long-lasting conical combo burrs
  • Low noise levels


  • Plastic piece inside the conical burr

9. Wheroamoz Manual Coffee Grinder

Wheroamoz Manual Coffee Grinder

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This is another top-quality coffee grinder with excellent precision settings. The grinder features food-grade stainless steel components. The hopper, handle and all internal components are made of food-grade stainless steel. Furthermore, even the plastic parts feature industrial-grade plastic. In addition, the grinder comes with a ceramic bur for consistent results. You can be sure of getting better-tasting coffee than coffee from metal blades. The grinder also features a built-in grind selector. It allows you to grind coffee to different coarseness levels. Generally, this is a convenient grinder with super-quiet operations. The grinder delivers better consistent and tasting coffee.


  • Durable and safe because of the food-grade stainless steel
  • Removable crank mechanism
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Better tasting coffee and more consistent


  • Not enough detail on grind settings

8. Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Ceramic Burr

Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Ceramic Burr

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The Khaw is another top-rated manual coffee grinder to consider buying. It is a perfect grinder that allows grinding the right of beans just before brewing. You can be sure of retaining all the coffee bean flavors. This then gives the freshest tasting coffee possible. Moreover, this is a durable and long-lasting grinder. The grinder features stainless steel body components and ceramic burr for long-lasting use. It is a reliable manual grinder to serve you for years to come. Besides, the grinder features an easy-to-use hand crank. It operates quietly with less noise compared to electric grinders. The grinder also features adjustable grind settings from ultra-fine to course. You also get a lifetime warranty and a simple guarantee.


  • Easy to use crank
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Safe and durable due to stainless steel and ceramic materials
  • Easy grind setting adjustment


  • Silicone lid not airtight

7. Mueller Austria Coffee Grinder

Mueller Austria Coffee Grinder

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This is a sleek design manual coffee grinder and a great addition to any kitchen. It is a modern design grinder that will surely leave your kitchen looking elegant. Besides, the grinder is compact and highly portable. It is one of those grinders easy to carry and use anywhere. Moreover, this grinder is crank-operated and runs without electricity or batteries. It features excellent grind size adjustment. Simply dial in your preferred size by choosing from the 18 available click settings. This is an excellent feature giving you 100% control over coffee coarseness. It is a professional-grade coffee with ceramic burr combo. The grinder also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for risk-free purchases.


  • Ceramic combo burr hence durable
  • Small and compact hence ideal for travel
  • 18 click settings
  • Easy crank mechanism
  • Excellent calibration range


  • More cranking due to the small size

6. Shanik Premium Quality Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder

Shanik Premium Quality Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder

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This is another high-quality stainless steel coffee grinder built to last. The grinder features a steel body, handle, and knob. In addition, the grinder features a durable ceramic burr. There is a further silicone grip hence better handling. You can be sure of a firm grip without losing the handle. This is a portable coffee grinder easy to carry and use everywhere. Moreover, the grinder features a built-in adjustable grind. It can grind course from fine to coarse texture depending on your needs. Turning the knob either side enables you to achieve the perfect size. In addition, this grinder features a measuring base to know the exact amount to brew. It is a quality product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for confidence buying.


  • Measuring base and container to know the exact amount to brew
  • Firm grip handle
  • High-quality stainless steel components and ceramic burr
  • Built-in adjustable grind selector


  • A little slow

5. LUCKY & SON Manual Coffee Grinder

LUCKY & SON Manual Coffee Grinder

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This is a family-owned manual coffee grinder and one of the best picks. It is a lovely design coffee grinder with a sleek metal finish. The grinder is also highly portable and easy to carry everywhere. It guarantees consistent and precise grind settings for the desired brewing method. This grinder also features an easy-fill without spills. It is a great design grinder that helps prevent coffee beans wastage. Overall, this is a pretty durable and long-lasting grinder. The grinder features durable stainless steel construction and a ceramic burr. Furthermore, the grinder offers easy grind size adjustments to meet your needs.


  • 18 click settings for precise grinding
  • Durable stainless steel and ceramic burr
  • Collapsible silicone funnel to prevent spills
  • Quiet, small and portable


  • Coffee grinds get beneath the bottom plastic liner

4. KONA Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill

KONA Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill

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This is another top-quality manual coffee grinder to help you prepare good tasting coffee every time. The grinder comes with a built-in adjustable and stabilizer. It enables you to grind your coffee beans from fine to coarse with 18 click settings. This gives you 100% control over the brew settings. In addition, the grinder features a crystal clear and static-free glass jar. The jar enables you to see your grind results instantly. It is a simple design coffee grinder easy to carry and use anywhere. Besides, this is a mechanical grinder that does not require batteries or electricity. The grinder crank handle is ergonomically detached for compact storage. Overall, this is a quiet running grinder to buy with confidence today.


  • Quiet and smooth grinding
  • Easy fine to coarse grind adjustment
  • Clear and static-free glass jar for easy instant viewing
  • Detachable crank handle hence easy to store


  • A bit small in capacity

3. Kuiessential Coffee Burr Grinder – Manual Ceramic Hand Crank

Kuiessential Coffee Burr Grinder – Manual Ceramic Hand Crank

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This is one of the best coffee burr grinders on the market to consider buying. It is an excellent grinder that takes your coffee brewing to the next level. Moreover, the grinder is quite small and compact. You can use it on the go and take with you on travel. It is one of those must-have grinders on your RV. The grinder delivers uniform and consistent grinding results. In addition, this grinder comes with a non-slip base and a glass storage jar. You can clearly see the grinds instantly. There is a further new hopper lid to prevent beans from jumping out.


  • Easily adjustable grind sizes
  • Prevents beans from jumping out due to a new hopper lid
  • Uniform grind size
  • Quiet and easy to clean


  • Takes a bit long to grind

2. Manual Coffee Grinder by AROMORY

Manual Coffee Grinder by AROMORY

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This is another precise manual coffee grinder with an adjustable grind size. The grinder comes with a conical burr and 15 dial settings. You can easily grind and brew different coffee types. This is a precise grinder that will retain the juicy coffee bean aroma. It features ultra-sharp blades for fast a 30- second to a 2-minute grinding. In addition, this grinder is quite portable and easy to carry anywhere. You also get a sleek travel cup as a bonus. Overall, this is a decent quality manual coffee grinder with a smooth crank mechanism.


  • Easy crank mechanism
  • 15 dial settings
  • Fast grinding speeds
  • Small and portable


  • Upper and lower suction a bit loose

1. Manual Coffee Grinder by KudosHolmes

Manual Coffee Grinder by KudosHolmes

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Last on our exclusive list is the KudosHolmes coffee grinder and an excellent choice. It is another sleek design coffee grinder with 18 adjustable grind settings. The grinder also features an easy crank system. It features a sleek crank handle with a firm grip for easy handling. This is a sleek design grinder with a conical ceramic burr. The grinder produces noise up to 80% less compared to electric grinders. Moreover, this is a small and compact design grinder easy to use on the go. It also comes with a 100% refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


  • 18 adjustable clicks for fine to coarse grinds
  • Easy-grip handling
  • Smooth crank mechanism
  • Portable


  • Grind settings are no marked

Factors to consider when buying a manual coffee grinder

Manual coffee grinders are usually slow at grinding coffee and low-priced compared to electric grinders. However, they are still the preferred choice because they deliver the best tasting coffee. This is because they produce very minimal heat and retain more flavors. However, this does not mean buying just any manual coffee grinder. Here are important factors to consider before choosing a manual coffee grinder:


You need to be realistic and choose a grinder with a capacity that meets your needs. How much coffee do you consume in your home? This should be the guiding question when considering capacity. Are you preparing coffee for one person or 3 persons? Most manual grinders take about one minute to grind coffee beans for one cup of coffee. Choose a large capacity grinder when serving 3 to 4 people coffee. A small-capacity grinder is suitable for 1-2 persons.


Size is also a crucial consideration when grinding on the go or traveling with your grinder. A small size grinder is portable and easy to carry with you on travel.

Build quality

You obviously need a robust and strong coffee grinder. Look for manual coffee grinders with a strong stainless steel metal construction. There are different materials used to make coffee grinders. However, stainless steel and ceramic stand out as the best. Such grinders are not just durable but also easy to clean.

The number of grind settings

Choose coffee grinders with more than 10 grind settings. This enables you to make different coffee with ease. The best manual coffee grinder must grind to different tastes and flavors. This means adjusting the grinding fineness or coarseness. However, consistency and precision are also crucial in each setting.

Replaceable parts

A manual coffee grinder can only serve you for long if the parts are replaceable. The last thing you want is buying a completely new grinder just because some parts are broken.

Price and warranty

Lastly, you need to choose a grinder that falls within your price range and comes with a good warranty. Luckily for you, most manual coffee grinders are cheap and readily affordable.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best coffee grinders on the market currently. The grinders are affordable but quite effective. They help you grind coffee with minimal heat thus retaining more flavors. The grinders also allow for easy grind setting adjustments to match your needs. Make sure you check out each grinder above and carefully choose one that meets your demands.

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