Top 10 Best Nail Dryers in 2020 Reviews

Getting ideal looking nails depends on many aspects. Especially when applying manicure, suitable nail dryers are the ultimate devices to invest in. Unlike waiting for nails to dry naturally, these drying lamps are tasked with improving the process. These cosmetic products are common in homes as well as salons. With increased performance, they are vital for everyone seeking for best-looking nails.

Although they are great products, there is a need to have an ideal and safe machine. There is a need to look for the ideal one for your purpose. Since they use UV rays to dry nail polish, the machines are regulated to ensure minimal health effects to the users. Therefore, before buying a nail dryer, checking the safety and performance. With many products to select, you can scroll down our best nail drying lamps in the list below.

10. SUNUV SUN2C 48 Watts LED UV nail Lamp

SUNUV SUN2C 48 Watts LED UV nail Lamp

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Making your nails beautiful should be hassle-free. That is why SUNUV LED lamp is designed for easy and secure use. The machine boasts high efficiency and power saving. Rated 48 watts, it is reliable compared to the earlier models. Also, utilizing UV light, it has excellent drying speed. In fact, the light is also for killing germs that can cause nail and toe infections. Therefore, apart from fast-drying, the dryer is ideal for sterilizing nails.

Besides the quick-drying, the machine is designed with 4 timer settings. They are superb for ensuring users enjoy the convenience and easy time. The ability to work with different nail enhancements renders it one of the top choices. It can work with nail gel and polish, leaving a smooth look. Apart from performance, the machine is durably made. The design also has a sleek look, which adds elegance to your room.


  • Sleekly designed
  • Different timer settings
  • Soft white light


  • Gel feels sticky after curing

9. MiroPure UV LED Fast Gel Nail Lamp Light

MiroPure UV LED Fast Gel Nail Lamp Light

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When you want to enjoy professional quality nail drying, this dryer by MiroPure is impressive. The compact and professionally made machine leaves your nail polish rock hard and shiny. Therefore, no waiting for hours for the nails to dry under natural conditions. Unlike traditional lamps, this uses LED UV, which is much safer. The soft and safe light prevents skin from blackening or wrinkling. Additionally, the 48W LED bulbs are safe since they don’t cause eye strains. Therefore, once you have to wear goggles when curing the nails.

The 4 setting timer is fantastic and lets the user enjoy super-smooth operation. It offers 10, 30, 60, and 99 seconds settings. With a removable reflective panel, the device is superb and ensure efficient usage. It’s a great panel that is easy to remove without tools. Also, it ensures smooth gel curing without experiencing pain. Unlike other dryers, this has infrared sensing technology. Therefore, it turns On/Off on sensing the hand.


  • Efficient memory function
  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Painless gel curing


  • Can feel too hot

8. LKE 40W Gel Nail Polish LED UV Light Dryer

LKE 40W Gel Nail Polish LED UV Light Dryer

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The LKE gel and nail polish dryer is one of the vital cosmetic products. The compact and elegantly looking device is reliable and efficient for quick manicure curing. It’s a high power LED device with improved safety. Fitted with 21 pieces of LEDs, they are fantastic in ensuring users get fast and consistent performance. Additionally, the smart heat sensors are handy when you are using the machine. It eliminates the need to operate the device manually.

The user-friendly LC screen, as well as buttons, makes operation simple. The curved design is efficient in allowing all fingers to get uniform curing. This is unlike other machines that leave the thumb out. With the versatile application, the dryer is suitable for gel, topcoat, and other UV based nail polishes. For safety, the device emits a soft white light that is superb for eye safety.


  • Hand contouring design
  • Compatible with a different type of polish
  • Compact and sleek


  • Takes long to cure

7. Terresa 72W Professional Faster Nail Dryer

Terresa 72W Professional Faster Nail Dryer

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Terresa professional nail dryer brings all the joy in your manicure. The device is one of the fantastic and quick-drying machines available. In fact, boasting 72watts UV nails lamps, they are efficient in drying nail polish. Amazingly, it shortens your nail drying time by 70%. Therefore, people can easily enjoy professional looking nails without visiting a salon. Due to compact and lightweight nature, the machine is handy and always available when needed.

Delivering efficient UV light, the dryer is high performing. With safe light to your eyes, the device doesn’t cause damage. With ample space, this dryer is ideal for caring for 5 fingers at once. The good thing is the device is efficient for use even for use on feet. The light is perfectly made to work with all types of gels and polishes. Thus, everyone can have this machine for their manicure drying needs.


  • Faster than other dryers
  • Large nail space
  • Easy operation


  • Bulbs can feet a bit hot

6. Joytii 84W UV Nail Lamp Professional LED Nail Dryer

Joytii 84W UV Nail Lamp Professional LED Nail Dryer

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Joytii UV nail lamp is a reliable way to dry polish anytime. Powered by 84W LED lights, they are quick in drying. Moreover, the device provides quick-drying compared to other dryers. This ensures that even the slow drying nail polish will cure efficiently and smoothly. In fact, the dryer is designed to work with all types of gels safely. The durable casing is reliable for ensuring the UV light doesn’t leak out of the machine.

The sensors are superior for enabling hands-free operation. Once you put a hand into the machine, it operates automatically. Due to the optimized temperatures, the machine provides excellent care for the users. Besides safety, the LED pieces re exceptionally durable. With 50000 hours of non-stop performance, it reduces the times needed to replace your nail dryer. The 3 timer settings are superb for ensuring you set right drying.


  • Extra fast drying
  • Temperature protection
  • Hands-free operation


  • No On/Off button

5. Gelish Harmony 18G Salon Gel Nail Polish Dryer

Gelish Harmony 18G Salon Gel Nail Polish Dryer

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Forget about the time when people used to wait for long before nails dry. Gelish Harmony 18G I a professional nail dryer that gives people salon-quality nails. Whether you want it for home or salons, the machine is high performing. Providing quick-drying, it only needs 5 seconds, and your nail polish is hard and smooth. Due to available settings, you can set different drying times.

The large design is excellent for fitting all sized hands and feet. This creates a good way for people to get perfect manicure and pedicure. The tray is magnetic, which lets people enjoy great comfort. Also, it is a removable tray that doesn’t need tools. Apart from providing comfortable nail resting, the tray is easy to sterilize and is acetone resistant. Supplied with eye protection features, no risk of eye damage due to UV light.


  • Efficient eye protection
  • Safe to sterilize tray
  • Lifetime LED bulbs


  • Some features fall out quickly

4. Jewhiteny 72W Gel Nail Polish UV Light Dryer

Jewhiteny 72W Gel Nail Polish UV Light Dryer

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Having attractive nails is the wish of every woman. Now you can enjoy perfect curing in your home by getting Jewhiteny UV light dryer. Uniquely, the machine is large than rivals and provides instantly nail curing. Designed with ample space, it can fit both hands simultaneously. Thus, instead of waiting after polishing the nails, you can put the hands easily. The machine provides professional nail curing, whether you need it at home or salons.

The dryer utilizes LED bulbs to deliver UV drying light. Moreover, the bulbs are highly durable, delivering up to 50000 hours life span. The fitted timer is critical in enabling users to set different times. In fact, it offers 10, 30, 60, and 90 seconds settings. Due to the automatic sensor, the machine doesn’t need an On/Off manual operation. With the ability to cure all types of nail gels, it is an excellent choice for everyone.


  • Large design for both hands
  • User-friendly memory function
  • Doesn’t hurt eyes


  • Short power cord

3. Abody 48W UV LED Nail Dryer Gel Nail Lamp

Abody 48W UV LED Nail Dryer Gel Nail Lamp

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Abody nail lamp is a fantastic machine to offer beautiful finishes nails. The UV drying lamp is equipped with power efficient bulbs to deliver seamless drying. As a result, users are capable of enjoying quick and hard nail polish with improved durability. Fitted with 33 LED lamps, they are evenly distributed to allow for excellent nail drying. Also, they are safe and don’t cause skin darkening due to the UV rays.

The dryer is capable of curing all types of gels. Therefore, it is a safe and essential device to add to your home. Apart from the performance, the device is sleekly designed to add beauty. With an LCD screen, it helps to display the set timer. Thus, depending on the type of nail gel, it is easy to have ample drying time. Due to the large drying area, it fits full hand or feet to offer the best drying experience.


  • Sleek LCD screen
  • Easy timer setting
  • Friendly user interface


  • Very short power cord

2. Makartt Air Nail Dryer for Both Hands & Feet 400W

Makartt Air Nail Dryer for Both Hands & Feet 400W

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A reliable nail drier is worth for professional drying. The Makartt dryer is one of the ultimate machines that ensure there are safety and proper nail drying. Unlike other dryers, this utilizes hot air to deliver efficient drying. Consequently, there are no more worries about UV light damaging your skin. The machine is ideal when you are using gels that aren’t designed for UV light drying. Thus, with a regular nail gel, this machine is superb.

The dryer is also large and provides high versatility. It can work on both hands and feet simultaneously. Apart from the hot air, the machine also delivers cold air, which is vital for providing unique treatment. The safety is fantastic since it can be used by adults as well as kids since it doesn’t emit UV rays. With automatic sensors, the fan is powered automatically to keep your hands free.


  • Hot and cold air
  • Large for both hands
  • Safe for all ages


  • Doesn’t works with UV gels

1. TOPVISION 48W/24W UV LED Nail Lamp


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The Topvision nail lamp helps to deliver great satisfaction. With high performance, the lamp is designed to allow for best looking nails. It’s a compact dryer but provides professional quality results. The 2 in 1 setting lets everyone have painless nail drying. In fact, you can set it to 24W or 48W depending on the gel heat requirements. Additionally, different timer settings allow for precise nail drying. This enables users to have quick and amazing results.

The base tray is easy to remove, which is excellent when you are sterilizing. Enhanced with magnetic attachment, it is quick and tool-free operation. The smart auto-sensing feature is essential for ensuring the device has simple use. Thus, once your nails are polishes, putting your hand on the machine enables auto start. The double light source is fantastic and keeps the machine working flawlessly.


  • Double light sources
  • Dual wattage settings
  • Magnetic detachable base tray


  • Only fits one hand at a time

Nail Polish Dryers Buying Guide

Drying technology

The drying technology matters when it comes to dryers. They determine efficiency and safety to the user. Mostly, the available machines use UV light for drying nail gels. However, others use heated fanned air to effect drying. Depending on usage and people using the dryers, it is wise to choose the drying technology.

Nail paints compatibility

Nothing can be disgusting, like having a machine that doesn’t support your nail gel. Each device comes with a range of gels it supports. For UV powered dryers, they are suitable for UV based gels. However, for regular nail gels, conventional dryers are best.


To enjoy great results, proper curing is vital. But, to avoid time estimation, a timer is a great feature. Machines come with different timer settings, therefore easy to set ideal duration.

Automatic operation

The automatic operation provides excellent convenience. This is due to the ability to enjoy hand-free permanence. Dryers enhanced with seniors are great since they eliminate manual On/Off every time. However, the automation should not substitute the On/Off buttons.


Nail dryers are useful for home and salon use. They make the manicure easy by enabling fast gel drying. With different drying mechanism performance, these featuring in this list are reliable. Therefore, instead of scratching your head, these machines are perfect choices.

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