Top 10 Best Nightlight for Kids in 2019 Reviews

Putting toddlers to bed is one of the most difficult things for parents. Most kids will rarely fall asleep in darkness. This is where nightlight for kids comes into play to help kids fall asleep fast. The lights are usually relaxing and take away the fear of darkness helping kids sleep fast and peacefully. Nightlights for kids are usually generated by LED and come in different colors and patterns. These lights usually transform the sleeping area into an oasis of relaxation and calmness. They feel the space with beautiful stars to make the kids feel comfortable and at ease.

When choosing nightlight for kids, you need to consider a few features. This is the only way to guarantee the best quality lights for your little ones. The lights are usually safe and 100 percent lead-free. In this post, we help you narrow down your choices for nightlights to only ten. These are the best nightlight for kids on the market with excellent features to choose from and buy with confidence.

Here are our top nightlights for kids to buy this year.

10. Star Night Light for Kids, Universe Night Light Projection Lamp

Star Night Light for Kids, Universe Night Light Projection Lamp

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This is a multifunctional nightlight for kids that also double as a projector for removing the shade. It is a versatile night light with three optional films. The light features themes of happy birthday, starry star and magical universe. The light is simple to operate with a simple button press. It projects beautiful lights on the ceiling and walls. The light delivers six lighting effects of yellow, sequential, slow fade, white, blue and combination. It is also pretty easy to operate by pressing once to turn on lights and, 2-6 times to change the lights and 7 times to turn the lights off. This is a convenient nightlight with two methods of power. It is powered using AA batteries or a USB connection. You can buy with confidence as it comes with 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


  • Two methods of power supply through USB and AA batteries
  • Six lighting effects
  • Three optional films
  • Easy to operate


  • Looks blurry when the ceiling is too close

9. VAVA Night Lights for Kids, LED Nursery Lamp

VAVA Night Lights for Kids, LED Nursery Lamp

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The VAVA nightlight is another best-selling choice on the list with safe eye-caring LED light. It is a leading nightlight that creates even and non-flickering light that will not hurt your eyes. The nightlight allows easy color adjustment from warm white to cool white. This is a simple nightlight with easy touch controls for easy operation. The light is specifically designed for children to learn and have fun with light colors. Touching the top turns the lights dim while touching the logo adjusts the light color. Double tapping at the top turns the light off. Overall, this is a safe children’s nightlight going for up to 80 hours on the weak light mode. It is highly portable and IP65 waterproof rated to withstand water spills.


  • Easy-touch control
  • Up to 80 hours runtime on low light mode
  • Eye-caring LED
  • Space for expression speakers


  • The cord is too short

8. GoLine Baby Night Light, Nightlights for Children

GoLine Baby Night Light, Nightlights for Children

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The GoLine baby nightlights make another great addition to the list with a super cute cat face. It is a perfect gift for cat lovers. The nightlight features 7 colors to create a relaxing atmosphere for your little ones. This nightlight is easy to use and works by a simple tap control. It features an on/off power button and a silicone surface for switching from normal white light, standby mode, and the 7 colors. It is a simple, compact and handheld size nightlight for children. The light is eco-friendly and a perfect pick for use in the bedroom, study room and baby’s room at night. Overall, this is a reliable baby nightlight with a powerful lithium battery running for up to 15 hours.


  • Simple tap control
  • Beautiful cat face design
  • BPA free washable silicone material
  • Eco-friendly and handheld size for easy operation


  • The light cannot sit upright when charging

7. Night Lights for Kids with Timer, Star Projector for Kids and Baby

Night Lights for Kids with Timer, Star Projector for Kids and Baby

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This is another nightlight for kids with a timer and automatic shut off. It is a great design nightlight with four LED lights projecting colorful lights to the wall and ceiling. It is a perfect toy for kids from the age of 1-8 years old. This nightlight will develop creativity and imagination among kids. It is a great light with soft lights suitable for newborns during the feeding sessions. Overall, this light helps provide good sleep for your boys and girls. The nightlight also comes with a 40-minute timer for automatic shut off. 40 minutes is the ideal recommended time by pediatricians to ensure your baby sleep soundly. It also features a glossy paint finish to add to your interior décor. This coupled with many combinations and combos makes this nightlight a great choice.


  • Timer for automatic shut off
  • Many settings and great light combinations
  • Complete colorful starry sky with four LED lights
  • Soft light for newborns


  • The rotation seems too fast

6. Night Lights for Kids, Multi Colors Star Projection with Timer and Rotation

Night Lights for Kids, Multi Colors Star Projection with Timer and Rotation

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These are four creative main lights of white, red, blue and green to create a starry sky on the ceiling. The lovely starry images will improve your kid’s imagination while also developing their creativity. This is a brand new nightlight for kids that run smoothly without any noises. It features a timer function that allows for automatic shut off one the time set runs out. There is a maximum 995 minutes timer when you need the lights running for the whole night. Overall, this is a great decoration glossy night light to add to your interior décor. The nightlight looks great on the shelf or bedside. It is a perfect toy for kids and boys and one to create a great atmosphere.


  • Helps kids and adults fall asleep fast
  • Lightens up the mood at parties
  • Timer function
  • Develops creativity


  • A bi harsh primary colors

5. SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp

SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp

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The SOAIY is another top-rated nightlight for kids amazing aurora light show and two-way use. This is a small night light with a dome over to easily project light. The nightlight will create realistic aurora borealis and nebular light. It is an amazing nightlight for a relaxing night with deep sleep. The light will comfort and sooth kids by creating a calming effect. There are 8 projection modes of red, green, blue and multicolor so that you can choose what you want. You can project the light straight up or sideways. This nightlight tilts 45 degrees and can create a desired panoramic effect. There are also built-in speakers with adjustable volumes. The speakers allows for light and music combination.


  • Two-way use
  • Amazing aurora lights
  • 8 light projection modes
  • Built-in speaker


  • It looks a bit fragile

4. Night Lights for Kids – Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp

Night Lights for Kids – Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp

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This is another compact handheld nightlight for creating a relaxing atmosphere. It is a perfect nightlight for mounting on the wall. The light works by producing sparking lights that create a relaxed and calming atmosphere. This is a versatile nightlight that works as a projector by removing the cover or as a nightlight. It is easy to use and powered by either AA batteries or USB cable. There are six portable optional films of starry, happy birthday, magical planet, undersea world, and constellation. Overall, this is an exciting star night light with six lighting effects. It is easy to use and a great ways to help kids sleep fast.


  • Six lighting effects
  • 5 rotatable optional films
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use


  • None

3. Kids Night Lights for Bedroom

Kids Night Lights for Bedroom

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This is a simple design nightlight for kids with an easy touch-operation. It is a highly rated nightlight with excellent features for easy use. The nightlight features dimmable lights ideal for nursery or children’s bedroom. It is quite easy to use by all persons and children. The light works by turning the top and turning it on/off. It features an adjustable brightness to match different rooms and child needs. You can dim the light when changing the baby’s diaper while asleep to avoid disturbing them. It also comes with a long-lasting battery that runs the whole night. Overall, this is a safe nightlight for kids with BPA-free material and soft silicone safe for babies.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy-touch operation
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Baby-safe materials


  • Rounded bottom the moves when turning it

2. Newest Baby Night Light, AnanBros Remote Control Star

2019 Newest Baby Night Light, AnanBros Remote Control Star

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This is the newest 2019 edition baby night light with easy remote control operation. It is a little cute and functional nightlight with a high-resolution moon and star projection. This is a beautiful and unique nightlight with a global design patent. The nightlight features 9 different lighting effect and 360 degrees rotation. It is easy to operate by remote from distances of up to 32 feet. The nightlight also features a 5-999 minutes timer. Overall, this is a pretty decent nightlight for kids with a built-in memory card to play your favorite music.


  • Built-in memory card to store and play music
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Remote control and timer
  • 9 different lighting


  • Timer adjusts in a short 5-minute increment

1. Baby Nigh Light, Mushroom Kids Child Night Lights

Baby Nigh Light, Mushroom Kids Child Night Lights

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This is the last best nightlight for kids and a great choice upgraded for safe night use. This is a low-wattage nightlight with four built-in LED lights. The nightlight features wood base that will never expand or contract due to also features an eco-friendly soft silicone. There are four lighting modes to match different occasions. It also features an adjustable brightness to set the most comfortable brightness for your baby to sleep. Overall, this is a versatile nightlight with 16 amazing colors and a memory function. It produces a soft, warm light ideal for newborns. The light is powered by a USB and a warranty for confidence buying.


  • Adjustable brightness
  • 4 lighting modes
  • Low-wattage lights
  • Eco-friendly materials


  • A little bit dim

Features to consider when buying nightlight for kids

Now that you know the best nightlights on the market, it is time you understood some of the main features to consider. The different nightlight features define each light. Understanding the main features helps you find the most suitable nightlight for your little one. These features include:

The size of the light

Most of the nightlights units on the market are small and fit anywhere in the room. Make sure you choose an average size of small nightlight that will fit on any part in the room safely.


You need to choose nightlights with safe and eco-friendly materials that will not harm your child. The materials should be lead-free and durable enough to prevent breakages when they fall.

Light and color

The type of lights produced by the nightlight unit is another factor to consider. However, LED lights are the best since they don’t heat and are pretty safe. They also last longer on a single battery making them energy efficient. You can also choose lights that change between different colors creating different light effects. Lights that change color can be one way to help children sleep faster.


The brightness of the light is another important feature to consider. The lights need to be bright enough to illuminate the entire room and not wake up the child. You can even choose advanced nightlights that allow you to control the brightness of the light.

Timer and sensor

Most nightlights today usually come with a sensor to automatically turn on at night and off in the morning. You can also choose lights with a motion sensor when you expect your child to wake up at night. A timer function also allows you to set time for the lights to turn off after some time automatically.


Some nightlights usually feature speakers that play soothing music along the lights.


These are the best nightlights for kids to consider buying this year. The lights come with beautiful colors that help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your little ones. Make sure your little angels sleep peacefully by getting one of these amazing nightlights. The lights are highly rated and recommended giving you excellent value for money.

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