Top 10 Best Rowing Machines in 2021 Reviews

Last updated on January 07, 2021

Workouts are vital for day to day life. There are many ways that people love to exercise. However, it takes a combination of different equipment to achieve whole-body workouts. Rowing machines are some of the enjoyable and reliable ways to enjoy proper body training. These equipment are designed for use in improving upper body, lower body and cardio workouts. By using resistance, they help people achieve excellent body look.

There are different types of indoor rowers available. With some dating back a century ago, others are modern and utilize the latest technology. Basically, we have air, water magnetic and hydraulic machines. Each of the types has a different experience. Therefore to enjoy your indoor exercises, these are the best rowing machines reviewed.

10. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

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As you think about equipping your gym with essential equipment, rowers are among the best. Sunny Health & Fitness machine is classic for proper training. It is a magnetic rower which means no more noise rowing sessions. Also, it comes with a digital display that indicates calories, heart rate, time and others. Therefore, it is easy to track your training progress. The extra-long sliding rail is superb for everyone. Whether tall or short people, it’s easy to customize the sitting position.

Apart from the rail, the seat is has anatomical design to ensure great comfort. Therefore, as you train, the machine doesn’t cause discomforts. Enhanced with adjustable magnetic resistance, you can select the ideal one for your training. Actually, it has 8 levels of resistance which make it perfect for beginner and professionals. Built-in transport wheels and non-slip pedals make the training easy. Above all, it’s safe for all floor due to padded feet.


  • Digital display
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Transportation wheels


  • No additional resistance

9. Fitness Reality Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Machine

Fitness Reality Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Machine

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Ability to offer body best exercise is determined by the equipment you have. Fitness Reality is one of the top-performing rovers for proper body toning. The machine is enhanced with the latest technology to deliver accurate results. Actually, it has Bluetooth connection to allow pairing with your phone. This helps in creating a training datasheet for easy progress monitoring. Featuring a long rail and pulling cord, the rower is great for full-body exercise.

The extra-wide handlebars are superb and create a comfortable grip. They have foam padding which is soft and superb to hold. Featuring 14 levels of magnetic resonance, the machine is excellent for every user. Whether a starter or an experienced user, the machine is versatile the patent-pending front stabilizers are great for maximum grip. Therefore even when involved in extreme training, feet don’t slip. Also, the stabilizers allow for more exercises like bed over rows, front raises, among others.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable magnetic tension
  • Full body training
  • Foam padded handlebars


  • No transport wheels

8. Concept2 Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor

Concept2 Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor

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Concept2 indoor rowing machine offers excellent body exercising. It’s a highly designed machine with high resistance to provide great workouts. Its large size ensures everyone can use the machine efficiently. Unlike others, this offers excellent versatility since it can be used by people up to 500 pounds. Consequently, it is a good option for home and professional gyms. With 14 inches seat, it is great since most users can use it comfortably.

Depending on user need, the rower is compatible with extension monorail. This allows the rower to give full-body workouts. Whether in need of low or high impact workouts, the machine offers different settings. The preset exercises help to select the ideal one quickly. Moreover, memory functions and wireless connectivity helps to keep data in your phone through apps. It also connects to heart belts and other accessories for great results.


  • Preset workout functions
  • Simple to calibrate
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Heavyweight user support


  • The display isn’t appealing

7. Stamina Multi-Level Magnetic Resistance Compact Rower

Stamina Multi-Level Magnetic Resistance Compact Rower

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It’s time to build a healthy and robust body without going outdoors. Stamina Magnetic resistance rower is dedicated to workout lovers. Its compact nature means no need to have a large gym. The equipment can fit a small space hence great for everyone. The construction features lightweight aluminum rail which helps in cutting machine weight. Therefore, even when moving, it is simple and efficient. The ball bearing rollers are smooth and lasts for years. Additionally, the rowing strap is heavy-duty and can work for long without breaking.

Depending on the body state or level of experience, the rower has multiple resistance. Actually, it has 8 smooth and quiet magnetic resistance settings. Therefore, the user can always start with soft rowing and increasing as the body get used. With a multifunctional monitor, it accurately displays calories, workout time, strokes per minute and others. Thus, it is easy to get the daily results to see the progress. The soft handle, non-slip pedal and comfortable seat make the exercise time amazing.


  • Lightweight aluminum rail
  • Pivoting footplates
  • Upgraded floor protectors


  • Doesn’t have wireless connectivity

6. Merax Magnetic Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine

Merax Magnetic Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine

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The only way to get the best-looking body is through exercise. Merax magnetic rower is a carefully designed machine for ultimate performance. It offers easy and reliable training to build healthy muscle and other body parts. With 8 resistance levels, they suit your rowing needs. Whether you enjoy soft or hard rowing, it’s easy to set your perfect settings. The seat is highly upholstered to maximize comfort. Also, the footpads are rotary and offer the right paddling design.

The large LCD screen is tasked with displaying different aspects. It shows calories and other essentials to get accurate results of your training. Unlike other rowers, this is low profile and come with a stabilizer. This ensure user doesn’t topple or lose balance. The rail is easily adjustable and lets the user enjoy proper body workouts. Quiet and smooth-rolling wheel eliminates noisy rowing.


  • Super quiet rowing
  • Tiltable seat
  • Compact foldable frame


  • Has proposition 45 warning

5. Circuit Fitness AMZ-986RW Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rower

Circuit Fitness AMZ-986RW Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rower

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Circuit Fitness rower is a fantastic and must-have machine. It’s a compact equipment with a folding structure to minimizes the storage stress. Despite the compact nature, the rower is strong to withstand extreme abuse. Combination of aluminum and steel structure guarantees exceptional reliability. Also, there is a reduced weight which improves machine movability. The inbuilt wheels are durable and offer smooth rolling. The intelligent design is superb, and the reason this rower fits everyone daily needs.

Having this rower brings all the convenience you need in a gym. It boasts different levels of resistance hence east to set you preferred one. Amazingly, the manual magnetic resistance system that keeps your exercises entertaining. With a durable, injection-moulded seat, there is superb comfort and durability. The handlebars are foam covered which keep hands comfortable for extended rowing time. For safety and consistent rowing, footpads are ant slip with foot straps. The digital display is tasked with keeping you updated about different training aspects.


  • Non-slip strapped footpads
  • Foam padded handlebars
  • Intelligent design


  • No wireless connectivity

4. MaxKare 16 Levels Magnetic Folding Exercise Rower

MaxKare 16 Levels Magnetic Folding Exercise Rower

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MaxKare folding rower brings fitness into your doorstep. The machine is engineered to deliver efficient body training without causing injuries. This is possible through 16 resistance levels which suit different users. Featuring extra-long pulling strap, there is excellent reliability even by people looking for full-body workouts. Also, the slide rail is designed for ensuring tall people can use the machine comfortably. Large console is dedicated to displaying calories, strokes and other aspects for accurate data monitoring.

Apart from the high performance, the machine is sleekly designed and fits your room. Besides, the handles are superbly comfortable for high performance. They are padded, which increases overall, comfort and reliability. With a cushioned seat, the rower gives every user great feeling without excessive pressure on the tail bone. The comfort doesn’t end on the seat as foot pads are padded and non-slip. They also have adjustable straps that ensure feet stay intact without slipping.


  • Foldable structure
  • Padded feet
  • Non-slip foot pedals
  • 16 adjustable settings


  • Assembly can be tricky

3. Schwinn 10-Level Crewmaster Rowing Machine

Schwinn 10-Level Crewmaster Rowing Machine

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Schwinn Crewmaster rower is perfected to give your body the best feeling. It’s a robust machine that can support even heavy people without breaking the rail. Utilizing magnetic resistance, the equipment doesn’t make much noise. Therefore, having it in your home ensures no disturbing others with loud sound. Amazingly, the adjustable 10 levels of resistance offer a great selection. This ensures user chose the right mode depending on the required level of resistance.

The transmission system is made from durable nylon that ensures high reliability. Fitted with a large console, it is reliable for displaying your performance. It is simple to adjust to suit the user comfortable viewing position. The display is easy to read due to large digits. Apart from easy reading, comfort is guaranteed. It comes with an oversized seat that delivers excellent support. The feet pedals are oversized and feature broad straps.


  • Durable nylon transmission
  • Oversized padded seat
  • Large digit display
  • Adjustable console


  • The machine isn’t foldable

2. ECHANFIT Foldable Indoor Rower with LCD & 16 Levels

ECHANFIT Foldable Indoor Rower with LCD & 16 Levels

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Echanfit indoor rower is making your training amazing. The durably made rower is designed by experts to bring the best experience. With a steel sliding rail, it offers reliable performance even for heavy-duty users. The machine uses magnetic resistance mechanism, which is quieter than water air rowers. Therefore, it is easy to enjoy silent exercises while indoor without disturbing people. The 16 levels of tension adjustments are fantastic and make this machine superior to competitors.

The professionally created machine folds down efficiently. As a result, it doesn’t cause stress when it comes to storage. With front-mounted roller wheels, it is easy to move the rower to the storage position. Actually, it is easy to move the rower from one room to another without lifting. The easy to customize console is accurate in displaying calories, strokes, and other functions. For strain free pulling, the machine has padded handlebars.


  • Professional construction
  • Ergonomic, customizable console
  • Silent operation


  • Rail isn’t extendable

1. BATTIFE Red Walnut Wood Water Rowing Machine

BATTIFE Red Walnut Wood Water Rowing Machine

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Battife walnut wood rower is a unique machine made to suits every user. Unlike the regular ones made from metallic structures, this has wood construction. Therefore, not only does it offer high performance, but, sleek. The wood is nicely crafted to ensure it suits your house décor. Despite being wooden made, the rower has a fantastic performance. Its water-powered rower. It, therefore, offers water tank sound, which is soothing as the user exercise.

The console is essential in displaying your performance. Whether it’s the calories, time and strokes, among others, it’s easy to maintain the record. In fact, with this machine, there is no need to add performance tracker since its highly accurate and reliable. The seat is highly padded and delivers exceptional comfort. The wheels ensure there is excellent movability while strong structure ensures easy storage. Actually, the machine can be stored while standing.


  • Real water rowing
  • Sleek walnut wood structure
  • Easy storage


  • The frame isn’t foldable

Rowing Machines Buying Guide

Type of rowing machine

There are different types of indoor rowers. They run differently, although performance is the same. Basically, there are air, water, magnetic and hydraulic rowers. Air rowers are among the oldest types. They utilize air to create resistance hence building tension. For water rowers, they use water and paddles to create resistance. Using these machines feel like rowing in water which is a great experience.

The other type is magnetic machines. These are equipped with strong magnets that ensure the creation of enough resistance. Additionally, they are quieter compared to air and water machines. Hydraulic rowers use pistons attached on the handles. Although they are quiet, these machines are not smooth like rest

Type of floor

Rowing machines tend to be a bit heavy. Therefore, before buying, there is a need to check on the type of floor. Some of the floors like wood are delicate; these machines can cause damage. Although most come with soft padding in feet, it is ideal to provide additional coverage.

Easy storage

Although these machines are useful, they can be hectic to store them. Especially for people without a home gym, it calls for getting compact and foldable machines. There are some rowers on the market that are collapsible. This ensures everyone can get for their exercises without storage stress. The level of collapsibility also differs from one brand to the others.

Console and connectivity

A large and modern console is vital for any indoor rower. It helps in tracking different things like calories burned, strokes, time and others. Therefore, with an advanced console, it can display these aspects together, which eases your reading.

Apart from the display, connectivity is an important feature. Machines with Bluetooth connectivity helps people in saving data phones and tablets. Also, others can connect to the cloud, which enables the user to download everywhere. Connectivity is great since the user can track daily results even when far from the machine.


Rowing machines are superb when you need to have indoor exercise. With whole-body workout ability, the machines are exceptional. Available with different adjustments, weight capacity and sizes, they offer great body training. The reviewed indoor rowers above are outstanding in delivering the best experience.

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