Top 10 Best Running Belts in 2021 Reviews

When jogging or running, you need to have your essentials safely stored. Items like smartphones can easily fall and shatter. When running, you need to feel light and comfortable. How do you carry essentials like a phone, key, and wallet? This is where running belts come into play. They are simple and pretty easy to wear. The best running belts provide a great way to carry your essentials while running. You can take your phone and listen to music as you run. The belts are crucial because nobody wants to drop and shatter their phones on the road.

In this post, we help you find the best running belts on the market. These are proven and tested running belts with exciting features. The belts come highly rated and are recommended for enjoyable running. With a quality running belt, you can strap anything you want to the waist. What’s more, the belts are lightweight and fit perfectly. You can run comfortably without even feeling anything strapped around your waist.

Read through our top running belts below and choose one that best suits your needs.

10. Running Belt Waist Pack bag

Running Belt Waist Pack bag

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This is our first choice running belt and a decent choice for multi-purpose use. You can use the belt when running, working out in the gym, and much more. It is a soft material running belt with a form-fitting design. Furthermore, the belt features soft and breathable fabrics. It features pockets with durable zippers to easily store personal items safely. Moreover, this running belt is adjustable and can fit all sizes. It is a versatile choice for both men and women.

Overall, this is a large capacity running belt to fit most items. It features a waist main pocket and small side pockets. The bag is also water-resistant, protecting your essentials from water.


  • Water-resistant thus protects against water
  • Large capacity to fit all your essentials
  • Soft and breathable fabrics thus comfortable
  • The adjustable design thus fits all sizes


  • Strong chemicals when new

9. Sport2people Running Belt

Sport2people Running Belt

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This is a lovely design running belt for men and women. It is a versatile design belt with two pockets to hold your essentials safe. What’s more, the two belts are expandable. One is small while the other is bigger to fit small and large items. The belt is amazingly comfortable and a great choice for running. You can run without the belt rubbing against your skin. In addition, the belt is water-resistant and protects phones and other gadgets in case of bad weather. It features a special zipper design that prevents water entry.

Overall, this is a safer and easier belt design for easy carrying when running. The belt is roomy, giving you enough space to fit all your running needs. In addition, the belt features reflective stripes for safe running at night.


  • Safe for night use due to reflective stripes
  • Roomy hence fits more essentials
  • Water-resistant
  • Two expandable pockets hence versatile


  • Poor zipper location

8. E Tronic Edge Running Belt

E Tronic Edge Running Belt

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The E Tronic is a simple and convenient running belt with spacious pockets. It is a versatile belt that doubles as a money belt. The belt provides a safe space to keep your valuables and money. It is a comfortable design belt with zipper closure. What’s more, the belt adjusts for a one-size-fits-all all. You can enjoy a custom snug fit that is not irritating on the skin. This is a durable material running belt to serve you for years. The belt features a durable neoprene material. It can twist and bend but will not warp out of shape.

Overall, this is a reliable running belt to carry and use everywhere you go. It features a universal phone holder to fit all phone types.


  • It fits all phone types
  • Adjustable design for a custom fit
  • Durable neoprene material hence long-lasting
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Runs small

7. Moko Sports Running Belt

Moko Sports Running Belt

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This is a sleek design sport running bet to consider buying. It is a two-pocket design running belt with a sweat-proof construction. The belt offers ample space to meet most of your storage needs. It is also lightweight hence feels comfortable to wear. This is a stylish and functional design dual pouch to meet a variety of needs. It can hold wallets, phones, earphones, watches, and much more. The belt is a perfect choice for running, cycling, climbing, walking, etc.

The belt comes with two buckles that adjust easily to ensure a snug fit. There is a further reflective stripe to enhance visibility at night. Overall, this is a reliable and safe design running belt to order right away with confidence.


  • Reflective stripes hence good night visibility
  • Two pocket design hence spacious
  • Stylish and functional
  • Adjustable buckle design for a great fit


  • A little hard to insert big phones

6. Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack

Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack

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This is a convenient design running belt with water-resistant pockets. It is a sleek design belt that keeps your running essentials close. You can easily reach your phone, earphones, wallet, watch, and anything you need while running. What’s more, the belt is adjustable from 28 to 49 inches and can fit a wide range of people. It is a safe design belt to wear on top of clothes. The belt construction features a water-resistant neoprene material. It protects against water leakages.

This is a slim design running belt that fits your body snugly and prevents swinging around when running. It is also light and will not add any extra weight to you. The belt comes with a satisfaction guarantee for confidence buying.


  • The slim design thus no swinging around
  • Durable neoprene material for durability
  • Water-resistant
  • The adjustable design thus versatile


  • Phone pocket runs big

5. Filoto Running Belt, Running Waist Pack

Filoto Running Belt, Running Waist Pack

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This is a premium running belt with a soft lycra fabric material. In addition, the material is waterproof and sweat-proof. It can withstand heavy running without allowing sweat to soak in. It is a quality belt that protects your items even when it rains. The belt features an adjustable waist to ensure a snug and custom fit. You can adjust the waist size from 32 to 45 inches. The snug fit ensures a great fit and prevents bouncing when running. It is a unique design running belt with earphones holes. And you can listen to music.

Overall, this is a professional design running gear belt to seriously consider buying. The belt keeps everything you need when running close and safe.


  • Adjustable size hence a snug fit
  • Sweat-proof and waterproof
  • Lightweight and comfortable due to a soft fabric
  • Earphone holes


  • A little stiff

4. SPIbelt Running Belt Large Pocket

SPIbelt Running Belt Large Pocket

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This is a large pocket running with a snug fit to prevent bouncing. It is a secure belt with strong buckle closure. The belt features a stretchable material for comfortable running. It features a soft elastic material that prevents chafing. What’s more, the belt does not bounce or ride while running. It is a premium belt with large pockets to fit large phones. The belt is lightweight and expandable. It can fit several accessories and work for persons of all ages.

Overall, this is a premium design running belt with sturdy materials. It is a versatile belt that works best for the most active runners.


  • Sturdy materials hence durable
  • Stretchable fabric thus comfortable large pockets to fit most phones
  • Great fit hence no bouncing


  • The clasp ends at the back when you adjust to the smallest size.

3. Universal Running Belt for all Phone

Universal Running Belt for all Phone

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This is a universal design running belt suitable for all phones. It is a durable running belt with 58% polyester, 10% elastane, and 32% Polyformaldehyde. This is a cross-face running belt with sturdy and durable materials for long-lasting use. It is a versatile design belt that fits a wide range of users. The belt comes with easy-to-access top pockets to fit phones, keys, watches, and other items. It is a comfortable design running belt to order right away. Furthermore, the belt will be secure without chafing for comfortable running.

This is an exciting running belt with a universal design to fit all. The belt features super stretchy fabrics that hug against your body and ensure a great fit.


  • Stretchy fabrics thus comfortable
  • Adjustable for a universal fit
  • Durable
  • Secure fitting hence no chafing


  • Not the most reflective logo

2. USHAKE Slim Running Belt

USHAKE Slim Running Belt

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The USHAKE running belt is a slim design belt with high-quality construction materials. The belt features a spandex soft nylon fabric to prevent skin irritation. It is a snug-fitting and lightweight running belt that feels great on the skin. In addition, the belt comes with zippers that keep your items safe and secure. This is an adjustable running belt that fits waist sizes from 24-42 inches. It can fit persons of varying ages.

The belt features a large main pouch and reflective striping to ensure added visibility at night. You can jog in the dark, knowing motorists on the road can see you. Overall, this is a versatile belt with three pouches to fit more items.


  • Large main pouch and two small ones
  • Reflective striping for visibility
  • Zippers for enhancing safety
  • Adjustable design for custom fitting


  • Adjusting is a little difficult

1. Akalas Ultra Slim Running Belt Waist Pack

Akalas Ultra Slim Running Belt Waist Pack

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This is our final running belt and a decent choice with multiple pockets. It is a lovely running belt with zipper closure. You can be sure of fitting your entire running essentials. In addition, the belt features a large main pouch and two small pockets to hold keys. The unique item separation prevents scratches on your phone. It is an exciting belt with a slim design to fit snugly and not ride as you run. The belt features a double-layer construction hence sturdy and durable.

Overall, this is a universally compatible running belt designed to meet a wide range of needs. It is a soft design belt with no chafing. The belt comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for confidence buying.


  • Soft elastic fabric hence no chafing
  • Slim and lightweight hence comfortable
  • Universally compatible
  • Double-layer composite design hence durable


  • Pocket dividers get in the way of the phone

Factors to consider when buying the best running belts

For instance, if you make small and fast runs, you will need a small streamlined belt. However, for marathoners, you might want a much bigger belt with space for snacks and water. There are some important things below to consider.


As you’ve seen, the size of the belt is important to suit your running style. The small belt size is important when making short and fast runs around your neighborhood. On the other hand, large belt size is ideal when making long runs.

Marathoners need big-size belts to fit extra essentials like water, snacks, and much more. Make sure you understand your running style and choose a matching belt.


How does the running belt lock? You need to consider the running belt closure and choose accordingly. Some of the best belts feature buckle closure because they are easy to put on and take off. In addition, buckle closures are adjustable and provide a customized fit.

You can also consider running belts with a spandex loop. The loops easily slip on and off for easy closure. Spandex loops are also good since they offer maximum security and don’t bounce.


When running, hydration is very important. You need to consider running belts with a water bottle holder for easy water carrying. Consider belts with dedicated water bottle holders to allow for easy and safe water carrying.


Next, make sure you consider running belts that are breathable. The belt needs to allow good ventilation. This is a great feature that helps keep you cool and prevents excessive sweating.


Lastly, make sure you consider running belts with sturdy and durable materials. The materials need to be soft and comfortable on the skin. You don’t want a material that will irritate and itchy your skin.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are the best running belts to get running with your entire essentials close. You don’t have to leave your phone home because you’re running. Get one of these amazing running belts today and start running in style.

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