Top 10 Best Water Bottles in 2019 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2019

Keeping the body hydrated is an excellent thing in keeping off various problems. Dehydration can cause bad mouth smell, cracking skin, muscle cramps, and others. Drinking enough water is ideal since it keeps the body with balanced fluid content. However, how do you keep the body hydrated? You only need to have a good water bottle to ensures you can have a sip regularly. Whether in office, home, in sports activity, they ensure you have safe and convenient water supply.

There are many bottles made of different materials. Some are plastics, glass, stainless steel, and aluminum made. However, a good one should be free from toxic particles and bad odors. The only real hassle is looking for ideal one that will ensure you have water safety and durability. It is this reason we have reviewed the top best water bottles that are worth considering.

10. Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle – Eco-Friendly Tritan Co-Polyester Plastic

Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle - Eco-Friendly Tritan Co-Polyester Plastic

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Embrava sports water bottle is one of the best choices you can make and enjoy great safety. It’s a high-quality container featuring safe and eco-friendly construction. As a result, it ensures there is no water contamination by toxic BPA and other particles. The design is also ergonomic which allows the user to enjoy perfect grip.

Whether biking in dusty conditions, the bottle remains clean from dust. The small mouthpiece has a dust-free lid. Furthermore, the leak spout ensures drinking water is safe, unlike spoutless bottles. With quick cap opening button and carrying strap, no more hassles when using the bottle.

9. Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle – 32oz

Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle - 32oz

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Nalgene is a known water bottle brand with over 20 years in the production. Therefore, they have vast knowledge about quality and design. This clear water clear 32 Oz bottle is one of famous from the brand. Unlike the others that have bad smells, this one is safe and features Tritan copolyester. The material is solid with high impact resistant to resist breaking.

With the help of graduated bottle, it’s simple to monitor your water intake. On the other hand, the bottle is suitable for storing cold and hot water. Therefore, whether the weather is cold or hot, there is no excuse not to drink water. With the opening compatible with most filters, it is ideal for use outdoors. With a capacity to hold 32 ounces, it’s graduated in millimeters and ounces.

8. Takeya Originals Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

Takeya Originals Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

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Forget about the cheap water bottles that break when accidentally dropped. Here is a great one from Takeya which is premium and robust. Unlike the plastic ones, this has a stainless steel body. With vacuum insulation, it keeps your water in the original state. Whether cold or hot, it performs like a flask. Moreover, the powder coating ensures it’s sleek and long-lasting.

With stainless steel construction, it eliminates transfer of tainting taste to your water. The combination of narrow and wide mouth allows simple operation. Refilling is simple as well as drinking making one of the best in convenience. This bottle is versatile and is ideal carrying variety of beverages. Boasting fitted leak-proof lid, the can is simple to use when drinking and provides a perfect seal.

7. Simple Modern Wave Vacuum Insulated Double Wall 18/8 Stainless Steel Bottle

Simple Modern Wave Vacuum Insulated Double Wall 18/8 Stainless Steel Bottle

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If you love your water hot or cold, there is no more struggling. With this stainless steel insulated bottle by Simple Modern gives you all peace of mind. The premium designed bottle brings natural ways of keeping water safe. With stainless steel construction, it doesn’t taint your water. Also, it ensures safety since there are no BPA and other microplastic particles.

Well, this bottle is premium and offers you high capacity. Furthermore, the large bottle mouth is ideal for easy filling. Also they allow you dip your ice cubes in your drink without breaking them. On the other hand, the copper insulated exterior wall adds heat insulation to keep your content in proper temperatures. The double walled lid tightly seals the cup and is simple to open an close.

6. CamelBak Chute – 0.75Liters Water Bottle

CamelBak Chute – 0.75Liters Water Bottle

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Preserve your body and skin supple by drinking recommended amount of water. But, not water from any source is suitable for drinking. Especially, when going outdoors, you need to carry your water. This CamelBlck chute water container is a good option for anyone and use everywhere. It has enough capacity which is enough for cooling your throat, while the compact size enables easy carrying.

Amazingly, using this bottle means high convenience. It has a superior design whereby it is free from spills and slouching. This is due to the leak-proof lid and spilling free spout. With hard plastic construction, the bottle is durable. The safety is high due to BPA and BPS free material. Unlike the standard bottles, this one has a half cap and internally threading to eases water drinking.

5. Polar Bottle 24oz Water Bottle – Insulated

Polar Bottle 24oz Water Bottle - Insulated

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Polar bottle is one of highly crafted water bottle you can get nowadays. With premium construction design, it gives you natural water taste. The high-quality plastic free from toxic particles maintains water freshness. Moreover, the insulation keeps the interior water temperatures, for crispy and crisp refreshment. Apart from the double wall, the foil inside the bottle helps in reflecting the light rays, for natural tasting water.

The design of this container is perfectly dedicated to use in sports activities. The slim nature allows fitting in the bicycles water bottle holders. The wide mouth is ideal when you want to add ice cubes to your water. Also, it means cleaning is a breeze without struggles. The integrated carrying strap is great when you want to enjoy easy time when carrying.

4. Hydro Cell Water Bottle with Straw and Wide Mouth Lids – Stainless Steel

Hydro Cell Water Bottle with Straw and Wide Mouth Lids - Stainless Steel

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Keep your water and other beverages hot or cold without buying a flask. What you need is this pack of water bottles from Hydro Cell. These bottles are durable, sleek and high performing than plastic ones. They are double walled and features stainless steel construction. Due to this, it is easy to enjoy perfect beverage temperatures conditioning. With highest grade materials, it gives you excellent grip without sweating.

Amazingly, the lids are also durable and are stainless steel made. With flexible and robust attachment to the bottle, it means there are no chances of losing them. On the other hand, with tight closing, it implies there is no leaking for maximum safety and keeping them spill free. With sports design, portability is simple and easy to fit in bike bottle holders. With a wide mouth and varying capacities, its simple to pick your perfect one.

3. Unity-Frankford Sports Water Bottle 3-Pack, Insulating Sleeve, Locking Lid

Unity-Frankford Sports Water Bottle 3-Pack, Insulating Sleeve, Locking Lid

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Do you want to know your daily water intake? It’s hard to measure using other cups. The best way to monitor is to have these Unity-Frankford sports water bottles. Coming in a pack of 3 bottles, it means you can interchange the daily to break the color monotony. Moreover, you can share with other family members or friends.

To ensure you enjoy using these bottles, they have a sleek design. Also, the ergonomic design improves comfort when using. With durable and safe plastic materials, these bottles are free from the toxic BPA, BPS and other plastic particles. With lids having rubber gaskets, it gives them tight fitting and also prevents leaking. For improved portability, these bottles have included a lanyard.

2. Healthy Human Vacuum Insulated Thermos Stein Flask – Stainless Steel

Healthy Human Vacuum Insulated Thermos Stein Flask – Stainless Steel

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With premium water bottle, its simple to enjoy great tasting and fresh water. The healthy human vacuums insulted thermos flask is a bottle of its kind. Unlike the other bottles, this one features vacuum insulated interior. This gives your ability to store hot and cold fluids. In fact, it can keep liquids warm for 24 hours and cold for 24 hours. The stainless steel construction is outstanding in maintaining performance and beauty.

Well, the stainless steel used is safe and prevents direct water contact with plastic. This means the beverage remains in the original state without experiencing flavor adulteration. With special insulation, this bottle ensures no direct sun rays is coming into contact hence staying fresh and with great flavor. The steel lid with carabiner provides secure strapping.

1. Brieftons Glass Water Bottle with Cleaning Brush

Brieftons Glass Water Bottle with Cleaning Brush

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One of the best water bottles worth investing are these glass made by Brieftons. They are highly versatile jars and also reusable. Unlike the plastic or metal containers, these are perfect for a variety of uses. They are perfect for sauce, beverages, and water carrying. Since they don’t experience reaction with any compound, they maintain your content in the original state. The thick glass is hard to break which renders them perfect choice for use even when going outdoors.

Storing these jars is simple and helps in keeping other essential products. Moreover, the tightly fitting lids are superb in preventing spills and also maintain the quality of stored content. With an impermeable wall, it means no oxidation or seeping of odors the ruins your precious beverage. With a pack containing different bottles, it’s a sleek selection to keep you rocking. Provided cleaning brush ensures you clean your jars effortlessly.

Water bottles buying guide

Buying a water sports water bottle should not give you a headache. Although you need to be careful, here are the key considerations to make.

  • Construction material: The bottles come featuring different materials. We have some made of plastic, glass, stainless steel and aluminum. Although plastic is the most common, it’s advisable to ensure it’s free from toxic particles like BPA, BPS, microplastic and others. Better quality bottles especially glass, aluminum, and stainless steel are ideal, although they are a bit pricey.
  • Capacity: The capacity of a bottle is vital. When you are traversing longer distances, you need a bigger bottle. This will ensure you have enough water to keep yourself hydrated. There are different sizes; small, medium and large. Your body water requirements and amount of time you will spend outdoors determines the bottle capacity you need.
  • Mouth and spout size: The size of bottle mouth is vital in affecting the water filling efficiency. The Small mouth cans are inconvenient to refill and also adds hassles when cleaning. For large mouthed m bottles, they allow fast and easy filling, cleaning and enables the addition of ice cubes in your water or beverage. On the other hand, the spout is a crucial bit for drinking comfort. The bottles with lockable spouts offer additional spill protection. Therefore, even when carrying sit in your bag, there is no risk of accidental spills. But, regardless of spout style, it should allow smooth water discharging.
  • Shape: Shape and design of a water bottles, are vital elements. They should be shaped in that; they can fit properly in the bottle cages in bicycles. Also, the bottle should fit in bag pockets without struggling.


Buying a sports bottle for carrying water is a brilliant idea. Although not every bottle is worth your bucks, these featuring in this list are great. They are safe and of premium quality, hence assuring you of quality water. Don’t experience dehydration while there are good water bottles perfect for you.

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