Top 10 Best Hidden Spy Cameras in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

Some investments are worth considering. Hidden spy cameras are some of the best options when you want to monitor our home or business. Instead of a typical closed circuit camera (CCTV), hidden spy cameras are better options for enhanced functioning. These devices are compact and ideal for recording without getting noticed.

Generally, these devices are popular and common in many organizations, stores, and homes. Available in different types, the cameras are designed for multiple applications. Usually, they are essential in various tasks like spying, children safety, nanny behaviors, and other activities. Now, buying a spy camera can be a confusing job. This list provides top 10 best hidden spy cameras online.

10. Alpha Tech Hidden Spy Camera, Motion Detection HD 1080P USB Hidden Surveillance Camera

Alpha Tech Hidden Spy Camera, Motion Detection HD 1080P USB Hidden Surveillance Camera

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The Alpha Tech hidden mini spy camera is the absolute solution for monitoring. The device is extra compact and hard to detect. The charger design ensures they no one suspect it can be a camera. In fact, the charger design is foolproof meaning everyone with think it’s a charger. It is easy to use this device and records upon detecting motion. This makes it ideal for a variety of works, like a nanny, surveillance, and other tasks.

Besides being a camera, the device has a USB port that enables it to charge your phone. With extra small size, the device always assures users easy portability. The good thing is it has 1080p recording capacity. Therefore, all users enjoy high-quality content. Moreover, utilizing SD card, it is easy to download your videos in your computer or smartphone.


  • Extra compact
  • Loop recording enabled
  • Charges smartphones
  • AC powered


  • No wireless connectivity

9. DareTang HD 1080P Wi-Fi Hidden Recording Home Surveillance Spy Cameras

DareTang HD 1080P Wi-Fi Hidden Recording Home Surveillance Spy Cameras

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DareTang is always producing amazing products. This home surveillance spy camera is among the fantastic option to look for. It is sleek and has an unsuspecting design to eliminate suspicion. Equipped with a watch, the camera has 12 hours and 24 hours time format. The clock further boosts the ability of this camera to be usable in different places without getting noticed. For efficient recording, the device a has loop recording and motion detecting ability.

Whether you want to watch a live recording or stored content, the device is easy to use. It has Wi-Fi collectivity and also uses SD storage card to store data. Unlike other cameras, this has night recording ability. Therefore even under low light conditions, it flawlessly records. For quality images, it has 1080p resolution thus extra clear pictures.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • High-quality pictures
  • Supports 64GB TF card
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Camera somehow visible

8. WBESEV 1080P Hidden Spy Camera WiFi Mini Camera

WBESEV 1080P Hidden Spy Camera WiFi Mini Camera

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When you want to have everything at home or workplace in our fingertips, WBESEV hidden camera is the solution. The dark minute device is tough to notice hence effective. It is highly portable making it easy to spy and gather information with video evidence. Also, the Wi-Fi connection is a great feature when it comes to monitoring your office or home remotely. This lets everyone have a live viewing as the camera records.

The WBESEV camera is effective in recording the high-quality picture. In fact, it enjoys great 1080p HD recording. This means your images are high definition and extra clear to view. Enhanced with motion detection ability, it starts recording automatically. Also, the loop recording means it overwrites data from the old videos. Besides live streaming, the device can support 128GB SD card and come with 2500mAh rechargeable battery.


  • Folding structure
  • Loop recording
  • Multiple users
  • HD recording
  • compact and portable


  • Only 90 degrees wide recording

7. ELValley WI-FI Hidden Spy Camera, 1080P Spy Mini Camera Nanny Cam Home Security

ELValley WI-FI Hidden Spy Camera, 1080P Spy Mini Camera Nanny Cam Home Security

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Home, office and other places are important and need at surveillance. If you are looking for ways to monitor without arising suspicion, mini spy camera can be a solution. This ELValley 1080p ni hidden camera is the absolute pick for multiple applications. With its mall size, it is easy to install and hide. Moreover, it featherweight meaning you can move with it without any issue.

With WI-Fi connectivity, it allows people to view live recording when far from the camera. It works with Android and iOS thus simple to watch in or smartphone. Also, with memory card slot, it records high-quality pictures, and also it’s enhanced with loop recording. The ability to connect to multiple users, it lets more than one person watch what is happening. Besides the compact nature, the mini camera is foldable for exceptional ease of carrying.


  • Multiple users connectivity
  • Easy to recharge
  • Records and take photos


  • Have to be set when battery recharges

6. Lilexo Mini Secret 1080p Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection

Lilexo Mini Secret 1080p Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection

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Lilexo secret spy camera give everyone all the convenience they need. This premium camera is efficient and brings crystal clear photos. With its 1080p solution and 12 megapixel images, no other device can match it. Whether it’s day or night, the camera is enhanced with night vision capabilities; this ensures it bring crystal clear picture. Consequently, this device is ideal for a variety of surveillance purposes. Unlike the cheap ones, it has a120 degrees wide angle hence ability to capture more details.

The motion detection ability is an excellent feature as it allows the device to run when there is motion. This helps in saving battery and available space for a long time recording. Loop recording, on the other hand, allows continuous functionality even when the memory is full. Supporting up to 32GB memory card, it is easy to download your content. Above all, powerful Li-Ion battery last long while the device is highly portable.


  • Compact and portable
  • Wide angle recording
  • Night recording
  • Strong body


  • Short battery life

5. SharpCam Spy Pen with Surveillance Hidden Camera Full HD

SharpCam Spy Pen with Surveillance Hidden Camera Full HD

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Whether looking for evidence or looking for confidential information, you can do it in style. The SharpCam pen spy camera is the ideal product to invest in. Looking just like a normal pen, it is hard for people to notice it has a recording ability. Despite its compact design, the pen has a full HD 1080p camera. Thus, recording high definition videos while in meetings, office and other functions is easy.

To give the user more cording time, the pen comes with a powerful rechargeable battery. With ability last for over 75 minutes, it gives you more recording time. Moreover, the USB 2.0 port allows smooth charging process. The ergonomic design and the pen-like design ensures no one discovers the camera. The USB cable also enables easy connection to your computer for easy videos editing.


  • No software needed
  • Easy ink refill
  • Quick Reset
  • Smooth charging


  • No flash

4. Wimaker HD 1080P Mini Spy Hidden Camera with Wi-Fi and View Alarm Message

Wimaker HD 1080P Mini Spy Hidden Camera with Wi-Fi and View Alarm Message

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Let your surveillance remain secret and unnoticed by anyone. It is now simple and easy y using this HD mini camera by Wimaker. The charger looking device is hard for anyone to notice its purpose. With charger using high definition Cmos with wide angle, it helps to improve your home security. Also, the camera is IP enables making it possible to have live monitoring through the Internet. With the ability to support 128GB memory card, it can record for hours.

Besides the recording, this device is a dedicated charger. It has a USB port that allow people to charge their smartphones. The dual recording modes are great for perfect monitoring of tour house or office. Unlike other cameras, this one can work without using a memory card. With full HD recording, the picture quality is not a trail and errors. Unequally, it comes with view alarm message to alert you when recording.


  • Extra wide view angle
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Phone charging USB port
  • Can run without SD card


  • Expensive than rivals

3. ENKLOV WiFi Spy Camera HD 1080P Nanny Cam with Inbuilt Battery

ENKLOV WiFi Spy Camera HD 1080P Nanny Cam with Inbuilt Battery

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The Enklov spy camera is a real device that makes you secret monitoring. It’s a high-quality device with HD recording. In fact, the 1080p recording and 12mp lens allow superior quality videos. Also, the lens has a wide view of 90 degrees. The motion detection ability is great for allowing this device to save the battery. It only records when motion is detected, thus more hour of recording.

The spy camera is Wi-Fi enabled to allow real-time monitoring. With the ability to be configured with any smartphone, it becomes easy to view videos from anywhere. Amazingly, the configuring software is downloadable hence easy to configure your devices. Multiple people can simultaneously watch live videos from this camera therefore ideal for the family members use. It comes with inbuilt battery and supports 128GB SD card for a longer time than other vices.


  • Multiple users compatible
  • Supports 128 GD card
  • Ideal for live videos


  • None

2. Castle James USB Charger Camera Hidden Security Camera

Castle James USB Charger Camera Hidden Security Camera

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Enjoy limited home or office surveillance with this wall plugged spy camera. It is an amazing device that is ready to keep you updated about your home’s security. Looking like a charger, it is hard for anyone to notice its a camera. To conceal the camera, it has a solid structure the embossed lens to record everything happing in the room effectively. With 1080p full HD resolution, it becomes easy to get HD videos with high clarity.

The solid construction, compact design, and lightweight nature is great to allow the camera to be used everywhere. Apart from the normal day recording, it comes with 8 infrared LED that makes night recording possible. The device can support up to 32 GB TF card for more hours of recording. There are no drivers or software needed making this spy camera user-friendly.


  • Hard to recognize
  • High definition resolution
  • High night vision ability


  • No wireless connectivity

1. GooSpy Pen Hidden Meeting Video Recorder HD 1080P Portable DVR Cam

GooSpy Pen Hidden Meeting Video Recorder HD 1080P Portable DVR Cam

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The GooSpy is one of the easiest to use spy camera you can have. This device is a real pen with a camera which allows it to lower the suspicion. This allows it to be used in meetings and other sensitive occasions where privacy is highly observed. The spying feature is available in a single press, hence no complication when in need of recording. Moreover, with the ability to select photo or video mode it lets people select the ideal mode.

The camera provides HD recording with a resolution of 1080p at 30fps. With an inbuilt 16GB card, this device offers more recording time. Apart from recording, the device works like a normal pen. Enhanced with USB port, it is easy to charge it as well as connect to the computer to download the videos. The simple to use manual lets everyone uses the device with ease.


  • Inbuilt 16GB memory card
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Clear pictures and sound


  • No night vision capability

Hidden Spy Cameras Buying guide

Buying a hidden camera for the first timers can be tricky. But, with a few tips, it can be a smooth walk. Here are some of the tips to helps you buy the ideal device.

Type of camera

There are different types of cameras designed for various roles. This ensures they perform perfectly without compromising the performance. Some of these include hardwired, wireless, self-recording, body worn and 4G wireless cameras. Each of these types depends on your purpose meaning you can choose the best for your work.

Video resolution

Despite being small, these cameras are greatly important. Just like other cameras, they need to have good resolution for clear pictures. Normally, most modern spy cameras are created with high resolution for better quality images. Although the market offers a variety of cameras, this depends on your budget. Ideally, a camera with 720 or 1080p are ideal. They are capable of recording finer details like body marks, tattoos and other features for easy analysis.

Night vision/low light recording

The night vision is becoming a standard feature in modern cameras. It is essential to look for a camera that can record under low light conditions. This allows you to be sure of unlimited recording even during the night. Ideally, a camera with infrared function is recommendable since it can be able to record under all conditions. This boosts the camera ability to record and also improves its security performance.


Storage also is a great factor in any camera. It determines how long the device can record and amount of data it can store. Basically, most cameras used SD card for image and video storage. With most modern cameras, they can support large memory cards hence ability to hold more data. Some of the cameras can support up to 128GB SD cards while some devices offer loop recording.

Connectivity with other devices

After recording, you need to preview your videos and images. For some cameras, you have to remove the SD card and feed it on a PC. However, others come connectivity ports which allow easy connection. Others have wireless connectivity which enables quick content sharing in your other devices like computers and tablets.


Spy cameras are outstanding when it comes to safety and monitoring of home and offices. With different styles and sizes, everyone can get their right device. Therefore, don’t let the wrong camera ruin your plans. Now you have the right list that will fit your purpose.

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