Top 10 Best Hidden Spy Cameras in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 15, 2023

Sometimes it’s hard to get what is happening at home, offices, and other places. Especially, using regular CCTV cameras, people are always aware of them. The best trick these days is the use of hidden spy cameras. These devices are exceptional and ensure ideal spying. Whether it’s a nanny at home, workers, spouse, or secret meeting, these cameras are fantastic.

Unlike the closed-circuit cameras, spying ones come in different designs. This renders them hard to detect or suspect. Some have wall plugs, pens, Chargers, and bulb designs. Therefore, having them in preferred locations gives your perfect spying. The only issue is getting the ideal hidden camera that will get your job done. This list below has some of the best spy cameras that give you superb performance.

10. WEMLB WB-726 HD Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock, 1080P

WEMLB WB-726 HD Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock, 1080P

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WEMLB WB is one of the fantastic devices that helps you get a real-time recording. This digital watch-designed camera is superb and has excellent mimicking. Whether you want for use in offices or homes, nobody can suspect its spying action. It’s a handy device for monitoring your family’s safety, especially how hired personnel treats your loved ones. The camera is highly concealed, which ensures everyone will think it’s a standard digital clock.

The ability to set a variety of recording settings is also amazing. You can set video output that suits your needs. Additionally, it has a 1080P HD recording which is impressive for super clear videos. Apart from recording, the device has a motion detection feature. This means it starts to record as soon as motion is detected. The Wi-Fi connectivity is excellent for real-time video viewing when you are far from home. With 145 degrees wide view, it can capture a lot of details.


  • Wide recording angle
  • Supports up to 128GB SD cards
  • Night vision enabled
  • Wireless connectivity


  • It doesn’t record sound

9. Surgicalonline Mini Spy Hidden Camera with Audio and Wi-Fi

Surgicalonline Mini Spy Hidden Camera with Audio and Wi-Fi

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It’s time to know what is happening in your home, even when hundreds of miles away. The surgicalonline Mini Spy camera is the right device. It has excellent capability compared to some of the existing devices. Actually, this has HD recording with up to 1080p. Additionally, it has sound recording ability; hence easy to get the conversation. Whether you need to spy on your workers, nannies, or business meetings, it’s easy to get live events.

The Wi-Fi capability is exceptional. It means you don’t need to wait to get home or the office. Even when the SD card is full, you can back up your videos in the clouds due to the streaming feature. The loop recording, picture mode, and motion sensors trigger automatic recording. Therefore, the camera is ideal even for home safety. The low light, infrared light allows the camera to work in dark and fog. Equipped with an intelligent IC, the camera enjoys extended battery life.


  • Invisible infrared light
  • Sound recording ability
  • Super small


  • The battery lasts only 60 minutes

8. LUOHE Wi-Fi Charger Camera with Remote View, 1080p

LUOHE Wi-Fi Charger Camera with Remote View, 1080p

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Don’t take chances when leaving your kids and elderly with nannies and caregivers. Constant monitoring is essential to ensure you can be at peace. Luohe charger has an inbuilt camera for easy spying. Equipped with two USB charging ports, people will think it’s a regular charger. However, the built-in HD camera is highly concealed. With the ability to record 1080p videos, you get super clear content. Besides, Wi-Fi connectivity lets you watch what is happening at home while away.

Apart from streaming, the device can support an SD card with up to 128GB capacity. Therefore, when not able to connect to the internet, the camera can record and store videos for 15 days. The motion sensors are amazing and trigger 2 minutes of recording upon detecting movements. Also, you get notifications on your phone to guarantees great home safety. The innovative design and compact nature render this device ideal for different places.


  • Dual USB charger ports
  • Super hidden cameras lens
  • Multi-protection SD mechanism


  • No rechargeable battery

7. ALPHA TECH Store USB Charger Mini Spy Camera, 1080P

ALPHA TECH Store USB Charger Mini Spy Camera, 1080P

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Alpha Tech mini camera is perfect for unnoticeable spying. It’s great for everyone since there is no complicated usage. The plug-and-play design means no settings are needed. Apart from camera functions, the device and USB port allow charging your phone. Despite the compact nature, this camera has 1920x1080P recording capability. The broad-angle view also means there is excellent capturing ability.

The positioning of the SD card slot reduces the chances of people discovering the camera. Additionally, the device is not detectable by scanners; hence ideal even in secret meetings and other events. With an inbuilt surge protector, there is high protection against electrical surges. The discrete design without indicators means the camera is hard to detect. Amazingly, the camera can work using a power bank to allow recording even when away from the power source. The phone charging cable means you can do more than recording videos.


  • Sleek IQ charger
  • Concealed SD card slot
  • Built-in surge protector


  • No sound recording

6. Kirababy Body Camera Portable Pocket Pen Spy Camera

Kirababy Body Camera Portable Pocket Pen Spy Camera

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This is not a normal pen. It’s a spy mini camera from Kirababy, which ensures you can spy without getting noticed. Whether you want to sneak a camera in business meetings. It’s now possible without raising the alarm. There are different working modes when you have this pen. It can take videos, photos, and loop recording; it easy without a complicated process. Therefore, you don’t have to engage in a lot of settings to start recording.

The pen works just regular ones and allows you to write naturally. Additionally, the rechargeable battery enables the camera to record for an extended period. Despite the slim nature, this pen camera allows for easy SD card insertion. The connection port ensures recharging the camera and reading data is easy. Also, you can remove the SD card and mount it on a PC to extract the data.


  • Flashing indicator lights
  • Allows normal writing
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery


  • It doesn’t have Wi-Fi

5. WEMLB Spy camera USB Phone charger, WI-FI, 1080P

WEMLB Spy camera USB Phone charger, WI-FI, 1080P

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WEMLB hidden camera is functional and handy for spying. It has a lot of applications which means the safety of your family. The charger-designed camera helps to capture everything happening at home. Therefore, you can be sure there is no mistreatment of your family members. This camera enables you to monitor your target area without suspicion. The 1080P camera has a wide view angle of 140, hence can capture more details.

The ability to live stream gives you real-time event occurrence. Therefore, you can take appropriate action before things escalate. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the camera gives you easy connectivity through the app. Also, it’s possible to control your camera to suit your needs remotely. The latest motion detection technology enables automatic recording, thus upping your home safety. With multiple applications, the camera gives you peace of mind.


  • Latest technology
  • Free app for easy connectivity
  • Large viewing angle
  • Multipurpose applications


  • Not good at night

4. CABLE4U Camera Mini Hidden Camera Pen HD 1080P

CABLE4U Camera Mini Hidden Camera Pen HD 1080P

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CABLE4U pen mini camera is simple and easy to sneak to different places. It’s a pan with an integrated camera which is excellent even when attending meetings. With its hard-to-detect 1080P HD camera, you can be sure nobody will detect it. Also, the picture quality is superb to ensure maximum clarity. The single button is easy to use and lets you record or take pictures. With the ability to support a 128GB SD card, it gives you more recording time.

The inbuilt battery is rechargeable and holds the charge for a long time. Actually, it has 350mAh, which means gives it the power to record for 150 minutes. Apart from easy operation, charging and transferring videos is simple via USB or using an SD card adapter. Since you can refill ink, it’s possible to use this pen for a long while, enjoying undetected spying. With a compact and lightweight design, the pen looks like a regular one.


  • Refillable ink
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to charge
  • Powerful battery


  • Not ideal in low light conditions

3. Elleety 4K Ultra-HD Mini Spy Camera with Wi-Fi

Elleety 4K Ultra-HD Mini Spy Camera with Wi-Fi

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Elleety is a high-performance surveillance camera. The uniquely designed charger with an integrated camera eliminates any suspicions. It has a highly concealed camera lens which means other people will notice it. Since it has a USB charging port, you can always enjoy easy surveillance. It’s an excellent safety camera for homes and other places. Boasting an extra-wide view angle, it has excellent recording capability.

Unlike standard hidden cameras, this boasts 4K content. Therefore, it’s easy to enjoy super clear and high-quality videos. The Wi-Fi connectivity also enables live streaming remotely. Actually, you can watch what is happening in the house from anywhere in the world. The phone app allows easy connectivity and camera operation. The versatility and multiple applications make this camera perfect a perfect option.


  • 4K picture recording
  • Super wide view angle
  • Free smartphone app
  • Motion detection technology


  • No audio recording

2. ONZPUCO 1080P Hidden Spy Pen Camera, 32GB SD Card

ONZPUCO 1080P Hidden Spy Pen Camera, 32GB SD Card

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Onzpuco HD hidden camera gives you the power to record video without getting noticed. It’s a pen-designed device that is easy to use in classrooms, meetings, and other areas. The pen functions normally; hence you can take notes while recording videos and taking pictures. Equipped with a 1080P lens, there is great pictures compared to older versions. With single-click recording activation, everyone can use it stress-free.

The ideal thing is portability is impressive. You can put it in the shirt pocket to enable hands-free recording. Moreover, the inbuilt rechargeable battery is excellent for ensuring there is more action time. The Li-Ion battery lasts longer, which gives this camera ability to serve you for a long time. When the camera isn’t in use, it automatically switches to standby mode to extend battery life.


  • Long-lasting Li-Io battery
  • High capacity memory card
  • Portable and compact


  • It can be tricky for beginners

1. ALPHA TECH mall Nanny Cam with Night Vision, 1080P

ALPHA TECH mall Nanny Cam with Night Vision, 1080P

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Alpha Tech mini camera is terrific and ensures your home is secure. The device is minute and delivers excellent recording capability. Actually, it has a high-quality picture with 1080P recording capability. Therefore, you can expect to enjoy super clear. With a miniature design, the camera is perfect for use as a nanny or spy camera. The small size makes it hard for people to detect it. The wide 150 degrees view allows it to cover a large area.

Equipped with 6 night vision infrared bulbs, there is excellent night recording. Moreover, motion detection enables activation when there is slight movement. The camera comes with a built-in mic for sound recording. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it is easy to view videos remotely. Also, it sends notifications to your phone and has a powerful 600mAh battery.


  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Night vision capability
  • Built-in microphone
  • Multi-OS compatibility


  • It doesn’t come with a memory card

Hidden Spy Camera Buying Guide

Type of spy camera

There are different styles of spy cameras. Depending on where you will use them, it’s possible to choose your best type. Mini cameras are super small and can be hidden in different places without getting noticed.

You can also get body-worn cameras. These are great when investigating or visiting sensitive meetings. They have different designs like pens, belt buckles, and watches.

There are other spying cameras with disguised designs. They are hidden in ordinary objects like chargers, watches, and wall clocks. Therefore, it’s hard to confuse people to think they are everyday objects.


The connectivity is another crucial feature to check. It allows you to stream or store videos in the cloud. Most spy cameras have a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, they can send data to your phone or computer remotely. This lets you enjoy real-time recording. Besides, others have GSM connectivity, meaning you don’t need Wi-Fi. With a cellular network, they can record and send video directly.


The resolution is essential for the clarity of images and videos. Most of the available spy mini cameras these days have HD resolution. Actually, a camera with 720P and above is a great option. However, for better quality, 1080P and 4K cameras are available and cheap.

Night vision and motion detectors capability

The ability to record even at night is an important feature to check. Some of the cameras can be used even for yard surveillance or other functions outdoors. A spy device with night vision capability is great. It means you can still monitor the situation even when the conditions are unfavorable. Apart from bight vision, motion detectors are essential to trigger automatic recording in case of movements.

Power source

Spy cameras come with different power options. For portable ones, they have rechargeable batteries. They require charging and are ready to work everywhere. However, others are plugged in power sources. The pluggable ones are ideal for home and indoors. The power source determines the convenience and ease of use.


Spying and improving your home safety is now easy. You don’t have to install visible cameras. With these spy cameras, it’s possible to monitor different places without other people being aware. Also, with different styles, it’s easy to record without people realizing it.

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