Top 10 Best Battery Testers in 2022 Reviews

Last updated on January 10, 2022

Batteries are remarkable devices, but they are mostly overlooked. But every frequent user of batteries needs to diagnose its performance using battery testers. And, in this listing, we are going to show you the best battery testers in the market. And, as you know it, many devices we use at homes and outside run on batteries. Vehicle owners need to get the best out of their batteries.

But, this will only be possible through the regular diagnosis of the battery using the batter testers. Besides, using a battery tester can help you save a lot. This is because you will know the best time to do battery replacement. You will only do battery replacement when it is the right time. Moreover, in case of a power failure in your vehicle, you can quickly diagnose the charging system and the battery.

10. ANCEL BA101 Professional 12V 220AH battery tester

ANCEL BA101 Professional 12V 220AH battery tester

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For the best diagnosis of all your battery issues, ANCEL BA101 Professional battery tester is the ultimate gadget for you. The battery tester features a compact design which is comfortable to handle. It relays the results directly and is straightforward to use even for first time users. It is the best gadget to test all the issues with your 12 volts battery. The device measures the voltage, charge and also the remaining life in your battery.

With a comprehensive test range 100-2000 CCA, the tester gives an impressive performance. Apart from displaying the battery status, it is also indicates condition and performance of the alternator. It displays the alternators charging and starter cranking. Equipped with 3 feet long cable, the device allows easy operations.


  • Compact design
  • Thick insulators
  • No internal batteries needed


  • Pricey

9. FOXWELL Battery BT705 Automotive Battery Load Tester

FOXWELL Battery BT705 Automotive Battery Load Tester

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Forget about the battery testers which give wrong readings only to put you in trouble, Foxwell BT705 is the best thing you ever had. It boasts an excellent reputation as an accurate tester for regulator flooding. The device delivers exceptional results. This is through enabling you to test battery status by calculating the actual col cranking functionality.

The device measures 12 and 24 volts and checks the output voltage of the generator to ensure it is normal. Also, it is an outstanding device that helps you to see whether the rectifier diodes are working normally. Also, it features a copper clip and wire that ensures a stable communication. With a 7.8 Ft wires, this tester becomes ideal for any car. Apart from these great ergonomics, the compact design eases portability and convenience.


  • Versatile performance
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Long cables
  • Copper clips and wires


  • Seems not to work correctly for 24 volts

8. Clore SOLAR BA7 Electronic Battery/System Tester 100-1200 CCA

Clore SOLAR BA7 Electronic Battery/System Tester 100-1200 CCA

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It feels great using a smart device to check the battery performance. An ideal battery tester should have a variety of measurements ranges. Now, Clore Automotive electronic battery tester boasts an operating range of 7 to 15 volts. This is quite impressive for anyone with different battery-operated gadgets.

Even for the small batteries and 12 volts car batteries, this gadget will work out fine. Also, it is ideal for testing different batteries like the spiral wound, deep cycle, AGM among others. With a LED indicator, the system shows whether your battery has failed or passed the test. The four-digit LED display shows results clearly in both bright and low light conditions.


  • Rapid testing
  • Time-saving performance
  • Multiple parameter testing
  • Compact design


  • Tricky reading in bright outdoor

7. Schumacher BT-100 100-Amp Battery Load Tester

Schumacher BT-100 100-Amp Battery Load Tester

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Battery testers are designed for everyday use. Besides, testing your battery daily increases the life of your battery. The Schumacher BT100 battery testers feature an ergonomic designed to allow convenient daily use. It is great for batteries of 6 volts to 12 volts. However, apart from load capacity, this tester is ideal for testing load capacity, condition and starters’ motor draw.

After a complete charging system diagnosis, you can be sure that your battery is working out fine or whether you need to replace it. This device is housed in a durable steel case and coated with enamel finish. So, you can use this device without any fear of electrocution. For added safety, the carry handle is coated with rubber materials. On the other hand, the super grip clamps and top-mounted rocker switch makes it pretty easy to use.


  • Thick gauge wire
  • Super grip wires
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect insulation


  • Short cable

6. Clore SOLAR BA327 CCA 20-2000 Electronic Battery/System Tester with Printer

Clore SOLAR BA327 CCA 20-2000 Electronic Battery/System Tester with Printer

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Are you looking for the smartest way of testing the condition of your battery? Now, SOLAR BA327 battery tester is specially designed to offer a complete testing solution. It’s suitable for 6 and 12 volts batteries; equally, it’s ideal for diagnosing 12 and 24 volts charging system. Unlike most of the other testers, this one boasts an integrated thermal printer for easy service documentation.

This battery tester also boasts an easy and intuitive operation. With this, it allow quick and precise assessment of various parameters. With this device, the operator can efficiently perform battery and car electrical system diagnosis. The device takes you through a sequence of testing and guides you to the next step. With temperature compensation feature, the device gives accurate records all the time.


  • Multilingual operation
  • Nice backlit screen
  • Great for all battery types
  • Integrated printer


  • Not so good for overcharged batteries

5. SUNER POWER Digital Automotive 12 V Battery Load Tester & Analyzer

SUNER POWER Digital Automotive 12 V Battery Load Tester & Analyzer

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Battery testers are usually used in emergency situations. And they, therefore, need to produce fast results. But, not all testers will yield the expected results. Suner Power digital tester is a quick and reliable gadget for analyzing the battery system. It is useful in testing CCA value, resistance, and battery life percentage among others.

With its pocket size, this tester is great for on the use. Reverse polarity and over voltage protection, this device is ultra-safe. Also, this tester is a favorable investment for anyone who wants extreme durability. Thanks to the heavy duty battery clamps and thick insulation. Moreover, this tester is ideal for types of batteries. It is one gadget that offers reliable testing and excellent compatibility.


  • Beep function
  • Compact size
  • Reverse polarity and over voltage protection


  • Entering the CCA is quite cumbersome

4. EBTOOLS 12Volts 220AH Battery Tester

EBTOOLS 12Volts 220AH Battery Tester

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Have you ever needed to measure cold cranking amps, and found it quite difficult? Well, maybe you used wrong or low-quality battery tester. However, EBITOOLS tester is efficient, accurate and precise. Thus, it makes measuring and analyzing the battery status hassle free. This device features a large LED that displays the units directly for easy reading.

With 100-2400 CCA, it allows variety of testings depending on the needs of the system or the battery type. Moreover, there are no internal batteries needed for this gadget to operate. This tester offers battery test, cranking test and charging test for all car battery types. Additionally, it supports multiple languages, and the voltmeter and display brightness.


  • Well-made housing
  • Thick insulation
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Short cables

3. Midtronics PBT300 Battery Charging Starter System Tester

Midtronics PBT300 Battery Charging Starter System Tester

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When your car battery fails, that is the time you realize the importance of having battery tester. But, you don’t just need any tester, you actually need the best. Midtronics is a renowned brand, and this is the ultimate battery testers regardless of the type of car you have. It measures accurate and displays the power in CCA.

Besides, it features bad cell detection capability to notify you of discharged batteries. An expanded test range and electrical system diagnostic have been used in verifying the quality of this gadget. On the other hand, it has colored backlit for a bright and fantastic view of the readings.


  • Works with auto batteries
  • Three modes of testing
  • Fast and accurate testing


  • A bit pricey

2. ONLINE LED STORE Automotive Battery Tester 12/24V DC

ONLINE LED STORE Automotive Battery Tester 12/24V DC

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ONLINE LED Store battery tester is among the most affordable. However, the performance is great, and the devices look appealing. It is useful in accurately checking the charge of 12 volts and 24 volts batteries. Featuring extra-large clamps, the device works on almost all battery terminals. Also, it displays the readings in various units, and you can read them clearly.

Thanks to the brilliant, crystal clear LED display. With LED status indicator, it’s quick to know the state battery and that of the alternator. The lightweight and compact designs make it an ideal device for on the go use. Forget about the inaccurate battery testers and say goodbye to inefficiencies. This ONLINE LED store automotive battery tester brings all the convenience you need.


  • Sturdy and durable clamps
  • Crystal clear LED
  • Awesome battery compatibility
  • LED status indicator


  • Quite short cords

1. MOTOPOWER MP0514A 12V- Digital Battery Tester Voltmeter & Charging System Analyzer

MOTOPOWER MP0514A 12V- Digital Battery Tester Voltmeter & Charging System Analyzer

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Taking the number one in this review is MOTOPOWER MP0514A battery testing device. It’s one of the latest and modern looking devices with superb features. Featuring microprocessor technology, it delivers fast and accurate results. Consequently, it allows car owners to decide whether to dump or continue using the battery. When you get the actual results, you can also decide to jump or replace the battery.

Also, the reverse hook up in conjunction with overvoltage protection enhances safety. As a result, it allows tester to work with all battery types. The screen is 4 characters and is backlit making it pretty easy to read. Therefore, even at night, there is no compromising accuracy and precision. Also, it boasts colored indicators which show the status of battery and alternator. Besides, the 30amp alligator clamps provide perfect grip on different battery terminals.


  • Beautiful and bright screen
  • Rubber pain body
  • Incredibly strong alligator clips
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Short cables

Battery Testers Buying Guide

People look at different things when selecting the battery tester. But, we have some fundamental aspects which should never be overlooked.

Clear display

The display of a tester should be big and very clear. You don’t want to get an inaccurate reading because the display looks dull and the fonts are small. Also, you should settle for the one that features a backlit screen to enablereadings in the dark.

Portable size

The device should feature an easy-to-handle design and size. It should comfortably fit in your hands and be easy to carry around.

Wide range of functions/parameters

You should check the battery testers and see the variety of parameters it can measure. For instance, it should measure voltage, amperage, cold cranking amperes and more. This will allow you to diagnose a variety of issues and get to solve the problem quickly.

Adjustable capacity testing

A reliable battery tester needs to have a good design that allows easy adjustment of load capacity. It should be able to test different amp ratings. This will let you test different battery sizes.


A world without batteries can be tough to survive in. Batteries are great as a backup power plan in homes. Also, automotive can be very annoying if the battery isn’t working properly. It’s essential to test your car battery regularly, using the best battery testers. We have reviewed the best battery testers which won’t give you inaccurate readings. Just pick one and live stress-free life as you enjoy using your battery powered devices.

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