Top 10 Best Blackout Curtains in 2020 Reviews

Last updated on January 01, 2020

With many people confusing between the blackout and room darkening curtains, it can be tricky to get ideal ones. Usually, there are great differences between these two type of curtains. However, we are going to look at the blackout house curtains. These are the shades designed to block light and achieve almost total darkness. The most attribute to this is their construction from fabrics that can restrict 100% light.

Frequently, these curtains are popular in bedrooms, darkroom, nursery among other places. They are ideal and cheap optional instead of using permanent materials to prevent light. As their name suggests, these curtains cut all the light leaving a room virtually dark. The construction of these curtains features PVC and mylar lining, which are effective in blocking the light. Their fitting design is different to ease installation when mounting. For high-quality blackout curtain, the list below present the best choices available online.

10. NICETOWN Grommet Blackout Curtains, Thermal Insulated

NICETOWN Grommet Blackout Curtains, Thermal Insulated

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Giving your bedrooms complete darkening requires premium curtains. The Nicetown blackout curtains bring all the convenience in your home. With the ability to provide 85-99% UV light blocking, they are specifically suited to bedrooms and other places. Thus, evens for people who like watching movies, these curtains provide great moments. Made of polyester fabrics, they are highly durable and lightweight, hence hanging is a breeze. This complements the easy mounting; the curtains come with 6 grommets.

Besides the heavy-duty polyester, these curtains come with a thermal insulated design. To keep the room temperature regulated, they boast triple layers which are effective in keeping light away from the room. When hanging, the curtains forms sleek folded design which adds décor to the room. Above all, they are large which enables them to fit most of Windows.


  • Trippe layered
  • Thermal insulated
  • Machine washable


  • Not fully blackout curtains

9. Miuco Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Grommet 2 Window Blackout Curtains

Miuco Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Grommet 2 Window Blackout Curtains

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For people with large windows to cover, the ideal way to make it is these extra large curtains by Miuco. Measuring 63 inches by 52 inches , they are perfectly dedicated for a great light covering. Unlike the other single curtains, these come in two panels to make opening and closing easy. On the other hand, the with 8 metal grommets, they are strong and ensures these anchors perfectly. This prevents tearing as with non-protected anchoring holes.

Filtering light is now easy and efficient with these curtains. They offer 100% UV rays filtering while also preventing up to 98% sunlight. With the ability to take care of light, they are an effective option for bedrooms, d other places where darkness is paramount. Also, their construction ensures they are an ideal option during winters as well as summers. Amazingly, these curtains reduce your electricity bills by up to30%.


  • Metal grommets
  • Full UV blocking
  • Noise filtering ability


  • None

8. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel

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The Deconovo window curtains are perfect for keeping any room dark. Regardless of your windows size, the curtains perfectly keep them well covered. Therefore, when in need room natural lighting, they allow easy process as you just need to slide them. To perfectly fit windows, these darkening curtains come in various sizes. They are available in 42×63, 42×84, and 42×95 inches. Each of the panel come is easy to mount and elegantly looking due to the silver color grommet.

Despite the premium construction, the panels are super soft and feel silky on touch. This is unlike other curtains that are hard and unappealing. Featuring thermal insulation, they are efficient in keeping way as much light as possible. Also, their tick and impermeable nature help in heat insulation, hence saving your bills due to room heating. The materials are machine washable thus easy to keep them clean.


  • Heat insulating
  • Soft feeling
  • Elegant silver color grommets


  • Only one panel per package

7. AmazonBasics Windows Blackout Curtain Set

AmazonBasics Windows Blackout Curtain Set

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This set of blackout curtains from AmazonBasics is a solution to keep a room dark. They are lightweight and durable made of polyester fabrics. Due, to lightweight fabrics, they mean you can always enjoy hanging as well as reducing the weight in your frame. Whether it’s during summer or winter, the s panels are efficient in blocking and filtering UV rays and sunlight. Besides light filtering, the panels are efficient in sound reduction as well as interior heat conservation.

The double panels per set are created featuring a triple layered design which improves the performance. Unlike the other curtain with grommets, these have sophisticated rape. Moreover, sliding these panels is simple as rod pocket is ample and fit perfectly on the mounting frame. Enhanced with Velcro straps, removing and fitting these panels is easy especially when cleaning. Each of the panels measures 42 x 63 inches and the fabrics used are approved to meet textile standards. Interestingly, these panels are machine washable.


  • Easy o open Velcro straps
  • Elegant frames
  • High-quality textiles


  • No metallic hanging grommets

6. H.VERSAILTEX Aqua Curtains for Bedroom

H.VERSAILTEX Aqua Curtains for Bedroom

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When looking for the perfect ways to keep your room dark, blackouts panels are indisputable. The H.VERSAILTEX aqua curtains are designed to keep your bedroom dark. They are sleek panels that keep the room dark and also decorated. With each set boasting two panels, they are large enough to keep Windows well covered. Besides the overall sleekness, the curtains come fitted with 8 metal grommets with 1.6 inches diameter, this gives you the ability to fit in many rods.

Forget about the low hard fabrics that give you a hard time when mounting. Contrary, these one boast soft and premium textiles. Additionally, the thermal insulation is excellent in improving these panel properties. Besides filtering light, the curtains are effective in insulation and noise reduction. Amazingly, with the ability to get rid of 95% sunlight and 100% UV light, they keep your house dark and protects skin. Their design and materials render them multifunctional curtains.


  • Multiple applications
  • Unique home décor
  • Extra durable fabrics
  • Breathable textiles


  • No flame retardant

5. Vangao Linen Textured Window Curtain Panel

Vangao Linen Textured Window Curtain Panel

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Vangao linen textured windows curtains are sleek and reliable blackout panels to keep any room dark. To keep your house looking awesome, they have a soft linen finish. This is unlike other curtains made of thick fabrics and designs. Moreover, the blending of fabrics ensures the curtains are elegant and super soft. The materials on the hand are dense which facilitates exceptional privacy when relaxing in your house.

Depending on your house decoration, these curtains are available in different shades. This ensures you can always select their ideal one to match house décor. With a combination of exceptional craftsmanship and strong fabrics, it renders these panels extra durable. They are machine washable with cold water and can be ironed to ensures they are straight and free from wrinkles. Equipped with sturdy metal grommets with large diameters, they make fitting on curtain rods simple.


  • Soft linen
  • Easy and safe to iron
  • Suitable for multiple places


  • Requires ironing to smooth

4. PONY DANCE Beige Heavy-Duty Blackout Curtains

PONY DANCE Beige Heavy-Duty Blackout Curtains

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The Pony Dance heavy duty blackout panels are reliable for keeping any room dark. Available in two panels, they are ideal in improving the convenience when opening and closing. Measuring 42 by 45 inches, they offer ample coverage on windows. These means are no chances of getting light penetration. Consequently, many places like home theater, kitchens and bedrooms find these curtains useful. Instead of grommets, these panels come with rod pockets to ensure you can easily fix them in your windows.

To make light filtering easy, the construction of these curtains features thick blended fabrics. The crafting ensures room remains dark as there is no light penetration from streets and sun. Basically, the curtains filter up to 70-80% light. Besides light filtering, the curtains are ideal noise and heat retention.


  • Thermal insulated
  • Easy to mount
  • Versatile application options


  • Not mildew resistant

3. Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening and Thermal Insulating Window Curtains

Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening and Thermal Insulating Window Curtains

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With Utopia room darkening windows insulating curtains, now you can enjoy great privacy. The two panels are classic when it comes to ease of use as no strains when opening and covering the windows. With each having 52 by 63 inches, they offer a total cover of 104 inches. This means you can easily mount even on large windows. To fit in different rods, the curtains have rod pocket with 1.6 inches diameter.

Forget about the darkening curtains with different fabrics texture. With these, they have the same fabrics and feel in both sides, thus mounting is superbly quick and easy. To give the panels efficient light blocking the curtains enjoys thermal insulation. This not only improves the light retarding but also minimizes noise and regulate house temperature. It is chine washable and durable to ensure one can use them for an extended time.


  • Soft materials on both side
  • Absorbs all light
  • Impressive light absorption


  • Wrinkles when cleaned

2. Turquoize Ultra Soft Blackout Curtains Panels

Turquoize Ultra Soft Blackout Curtains Panels

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For an impressive looking room, the Turquoize ultra soft darkening panels offer ideal performance. They are created to offers exceptional looking interior with a soothing finish. Amazingly, with various shades available, it allows everyone to choose their best option. With the ability to provides 98% sunlight absorption, the curtains provide perfect natural blackout. Interestingly, the curtain enjoys extra soft feeling having due to the construction from velvet. Apart from sunlight, the curtain offers 100% UV rays filtering to keep your furniture safe from damage.

Well, not only the panels are great for keeping the room dark, but it also ensures some noise reduction. With the thick construction, it also allows heat insulation thus keeping your room cool. This ensures you can enjoy consistent house temperatures whether winter or summer. Due to the curtains construction, they are multipurpose and can be used in different places to regulate the amount of light.


  • Different shades available
  • Ultra-soft velvet
  • Large grommets


  • Grommets not insulated

1. Balichun Thermal Insulated Blackout 2 Panels Curtains

Balichun Thermal Insulated Blackout 2 Panels Curtains

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Looking or the ideal way to keep your house dark? Opting for blackouts panels is ideal and affordable. The Balichun thermal insulated darkening curtains offer ideal ways to keep the room in preferred dark conditions. Amazingly, they are not only suitable for keeping the light off, but also sleek and highly reliable. With three layers design, woven technology and ultra soft semi-fiber technology that leaves these curtains feeling extra soft.

The knitting and designing of these curtains give them high reliability. In fact, they are strong and able to last for years without compromising the performance and quality. With crease free installation, they remain smooth and elegant throughout. With the ability to filter 85-99% light, they protect privacy, furniture and interior paint damage by UV rays. The fabrics used are machine washable meaning keeping these curtains clean is simple.


  • Advanced textile technology
  • Crease-free
  • Ideal for all decors
  • Fade resistant


  • Still allows some lighting

Blackout curtains buying guide

Buying a room darkening curtain always requires careful selection. This is because one needs to ensure they will serve the intended purposes. Basically, it shouldn’t be a tough task. With these qualities below, one should be able to enjoy excellent buying process.

Curtain style

Depending on where you intend to place your curtain, style is incredibly important. The style you choose determines how your room will look. Typically, when you think about the style curtains come in patterned, solid, sheer/thermal, window scarves and valances. They all have suitable applications that ensure our room looks appealing and exceptional.

Hanging options

Just like styles, when it comes to hanging, different curtains offers varying options. However, this will depend on the style of your mounting orientation. With different house designs, these curtains also come in varying configurations to enable easy fitting. The hanging options always offer your room causal or contemporary look. Notably, one can choose from the rod, tab top or ring top and grommet top.

Construction and fabrics

The construction of a blackout curtain is vital especially in blocking the light. Since they are designed to keep the interior dark, they need to have perfect light blocking. Therefore, the combination of fabrics and construction matters a lot. Most of the darkening curtains usually have thick fabrics. To add the light blocking ability, most come with added PVC and mylar lining.

Mounting accessories

Mounting your curtains can be a headache especially if you are lacking the fitting accessories. When buying these curtains, looking for a complete set with mounting gears. Typically, there are different but essential components that make mounting a curtain easy and stress-free. Having them included in your curtain sets ensures the perfect look and easy mounting.


Room darkening curtains are the optional and affordable ways to keep your house dark. Unlike other means, they are easy and quick to install. With various styles available, it is now possible to customize your room darkness to suit any function.

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