Top 10 Best Car Phone Mount in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 02, 2023

Mounting your smartphone on your car is a great way to access the GPS and navigate while driving. When the phone is secured in place, drivers can make safe hands-free calling. You don’t have to lose your focus on the road when driving by picking calls on your phone. Instead, get a car phone mount and enjoy hands-free calls. There are several things you can do with your phone when mounted in your car. Nowadays, there are laws in place for proper mounting and use of phones while driving. The ideal car phone mount should be easy to take on and off. In addition, the mount should be attractive and blend with your car dashboard.

Choosing the best car phone mount can be challenging when you don’t know the best brands and modes. However, that should not be a problem if you are reading this post. We’ve selected the top car phone mounts on the market for you to consider buying. Read on and carefully select a suitable car phone from our exclusive list below.

10. Mpow Car Phone Mount

Mpow Car Phone Mount

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This is a simple design car phone mount and one with free installation. It is an innovative and smart design that looks great in your car. The mount comes with a long 5.9-inch aluminum gooseneck. This helps send the phone close to you and allows for easy operations. Moreover, the mount can bend and move in any direction to avoid any display obstruction. The mount is effective and comes with a strong suction vacuum suction cup. There is also a locking lever and a layer of sticky gel to ensure maximum phone stability. The mount also comes with an anti-stabilizer to hold phones without wobbling and vibrating. Overall, this is a durable car phone mount with a washable and reusable suction cup. It is a versatile design holder with an adjustable clamp to fit most phones.


  • Strong suction cup for stability
  • Long and flexible gooseneck for extended reach
  • Easy to attach and take off phones
  • Adjustable side clamps to hold the phone in several combinations


  • The adhesive is lousy

9. AUKEY Car Phone Mount

AUKEY Car Phone Mount

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This is a 360-degree rotating car phone mount with excellent view angles. The mount features an adjustable arm and ball joint. You can adjust it in any direction and have the best viewing angle. In addition, the mount comes with a reliable adhesion for strong fixation to flat surfaces. The mount also comes with a magnetic attachment for secure holding of the phone. However, the magnetic plates will affect wireless charging. Overall, this is an excellent choice car phone mount with an easy setup process. It is a quality car mount that comes ready with everything for immediate installation and use.


  • Four powerful magnetics for secure attachment
  • Reliable adhesion for secure fixing on flat surfaces
  • Rotates 360 degrees hence best viewing angle
  • Easy and quick setup


  • Not very attractive

8. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash and Windshield Car Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash and Windshield Car Mount

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This is an easy one-touch lock/release windshield car mount. It is a unique design mount with an easy operating mechanism. The car mount allows for a quick one-hand open and close operation. It is a flexible design car mount with an adjustable viewing angle. The mount design comes with a new telescopic arm that adjusts from 4-65 inches. It pivots on a 225-degree arc creating optimal viewing positions. This is a universal car phone mount capable of holding 2.3 inches to 3.5 inches phones. The mount also comes with a strong suction cup for superior strength and stability. It is an excellent choice mount with a bottom foot that adjusts to face up, down, and on the sides.


  • Variety of viewing angles due to 225-degree arc
  • Telescopic arm for easy extending
  • Easy one-touch lock and release
  • Strong suction to ensure stability


  • A bit bulky

7. VICSEED Car Phone Mount, Thick Case, and Big Phones

VICSEED Car Phone Mount, Thick Case, and Big Phones

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This is a universal 3-in-1 universal car mount to consider buying. It is an excellent choice car mount with PTFE material. The mount universally mounts on the car dashboard, vent, or windshield. It is a leading choice for most cars, SUVs, trucks, and pickups. It is a safe design car mount with scratch-resistant silicone material. The high-density silicone will ensure the phone is securely attached and safe from wear and tear. The mount also features an extra-strong suction cup to keep the phone in place. Overall, this is a long-arm design phone mount with multiple viewing angles. It is pretty easy to operate with one-hand operation.


  • Easy one-hand operation
  • High-density silicone thus prevents phone scratches
  • Long arm design for extended reach
  • Multiple viewing angles


  • The dashboard pad does not stick

6. SCOSCHE MAGDMB Magic Mount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder

SCOSCHE MAGDMB Magic Mount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder

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This is a versatile phone mount to handle a wide range of varieties. It is a safe and easy-to-use car phone mount to order with confidence. This mount will quickly secure your phone to any flat surface in your car. The mount also comes with strong magnetics to ensure a firm and secure grip. It is an excellent choice magnetic mount that provides users with optimal viewing angles. The unit also features an integrated cable clip to ensure faster charging. Overall, this is a convenient design mount holder with easy one-handed operation. It is a complete package phone mount that serves most car owners.


  • Powerful magnets for a strong grip
  • Optimal viewing angles due to a 360-degree adjustable head
  • Soft-touch rubber lock-nut to prevent phone scratches
  • Integrated cable clip hence easy charging


  • Not the best quality adhesive

5. LISEN Car Phone Holder Mount

LISEN Car Phone Holder Mount

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This is another sleek design phone holder mount with an upgraded clip. It is a unique hook and shape clip with three grasp points. The grasp points vise the outlet blades tightly ensuring the phone will never fall off. This is a practical and innovative design car phone holder to order right away. It will lock your phone firmly due to 6 built-in strong magnets. There is also powerful suction to keep the cellphone stable and firm. This is an excellent design phone holder mount with easy installation to order with confidence right away. It is a universally compatible phone holder to hold smartphones and mini tablets.


  • Universal compatibility to hold smartphones and mini tablets
  • Locks phone firmly due to six built-in powerful magnets
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Upgraded clip for secure attachments


  • Hook length a little shorter

4. AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount

AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount

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This is an automatic lock and open design car mount holder to consider buying. The mount allows for easy sliding of the phone and removal. The phone is automatically held firmly by gravity providing for easy and quick operation. This is a secure gravity phone holder with all-around protection to prevent falling. This is a universally compatible gravity phone holder to order right away. It is a decent choice phone holder with three grasp points to ensure maximum stability. You can be sure of driving safely without any obstruction on the road.


  • All-around protection hence no more falls
  • Automatic locking hence secure
  • Universal compatibility hence fits most phones and mini tablets
  • Upgraded air vent clamp for secure grip


  • Covers portions of the screen from the bottom and sides

3. CASEKOO Magnetic Car Phone Holder, Universal

CASEKOO Magnetic Car Phone Holder, Universal

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This is a universal car phone holder with 360-degree rotation. It is an effective design car phone holder that provides users with multiple view angles. The holder features a strong magnetic mechanism to ensure the phone stays in place. You can drive on bumpy roads without ever worrying about the phone falling. It also comes with a heat-resistant adhesive capable of withstanding the highest temperatures. This is a durable and heat-resistant car phone holder to order right away. It rotates freely and provides easy one-hand rotation. Overall, this is a compact and fashionable design car phone holder that will look great inside your car.


  • Compact and fashionable hence attractive
  • Optimal viewing angles due to 360-degree rotation
  • Durable and heat-resistant adhesive
  • Strong magnetics to ensure maximum grip and stability


  • Smaller for big phones

2. Beam Electronics Car Phone Mount Holder

Beam Electronics Car Phone Mount Holder

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This is another sleek design car phone holder with a quick-release button. The mount features a button on the back of the unit that slides open. It allows for easy phone removal and fitting. You just need to press both sides of the clamp to secure the phone. The mount offers 360-degree rotation giving users optimal viewing angles. This ensures safe driving when navigating, talking, or listening to music. It is a top-rated mount that supports safe hands-free phone use. Moreover, the phone is broadly compatible and can fit a wide range of smartphones and mini tablets.


  • Easy single-handed operation
  • Broad compatibility thus fits most phones
  • 360-degree rotation thus offers better viewing angles
  • Quick-release buttons for easy use


  • Clip loosens occasionally

1. VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount

VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount

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This is our final best car phone mount with universal compatibility. It is a leading design car phone mount that fits a wide array of phones. This is a world-leading car phone mount with safe certifications. It is a decent amount with safe and high-density silicone materials. The materials help prevent any scratches on your phone. This is a flexible design mount that extends and offers a better viewing angle. It fits most cars and compatible with most phones. The unit features a patented multi-scene design to provide perfect assistance for your phone wherever you go.


  • Patented multi-scene design for versatile use
  • 360-degree rotation to provide a better viewing angle
  • High-density silicone material
  • Sleek and elegant thus attractive


  • A little bulky

Factors to consider when choosing the best car phone mounts

Choosing a suitable and quality car phone mount needs some research and understanding of car phone mounts. There are various crucial factors to bear in mind before deciding on the ideal car phone mount. Below, we discuss the important factors to consider.

Types of car mounts

Car phone mounts come in a variety of types to match different phones. There are different car mount and cradle combinations to consider. In this section, we split the different car phone categories to consider.

Adhesive: This type of car phone mount features two-sided foam pads with a glue coating. A high-strength glue helps keep the car mount firmly locked in place. Adhesive car phone mounts are suitable in cars with a small footprint where suction cups will not fit.

Suction cups: Car phone mounts with suction cups feature a sift gel material with a suction cup that adheres to irregular surfaces. The suction cups stronghold to dashboards and keep the phone secured held in place. The best thing about suction cups is that they are easy to adjust and reposition without damaging the mounting surface.

Vent: Vent mounts are usually spring-loaded mounts with a tension clamp. They are usually easy to reposition but can be unstable

Clamp: Lastly, we have the clamp phone mounts with a clothespin-style clamp tension spring to securely hold the phone in place.

Phone size

Next, you need to consider your smartphone size and choose a matching car phone mount. Make sure you measure the phone diagonally from the top to the bottom. You can also use the factory specifications to select a compatible mount.

Your car’s interior

You also need to consider your car’s interior and choose a mount that will fit and match with the car décor. Different car phone mounts will attach to your car in different ways as seen above. For example, if your car does not have enough room for a windshield, you can consider mounts that will install on the dashboard. Make sure you consider the mounting feature and ensure they will fit your car interior. Lastly, make sure the mount matches your car’s décor and looks attractive.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best car phone mounts in the market to consider buying. The car phone mounts come highly rated and recommended for versatile use. They are a must-have when using your phone while driving. The mounts enhance safety when driving and ensure convenient use of your phone as you drive. Make sure you analyze the top picks above and carefully choose one that will suit your needs and desires.

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