Top 10 Best Car Stereo Receivers in 2019 Reviews

Car stereos are the center of entertainment in your vehicle. These stereo receivers have changed over time to incorporate different functions. Unlike earlier days, currently, car radios have more than listening to music. As companies compete to produce best stereo systems for cars, the better they are becoming.

Well, getting the best stereo receiver for your car is a good step to enjoy real entertainment. If you want to upgrade your system, the ideal way is look for reputable brand. Also, it’s import to check on features and other useful qualities. To help you give your dash a new look, you need to upgrade your audio system. This list explores comprehensive reviews of top 10 best stereo receivers in 2018.

10. Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car CD Receiver

Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car CD Receiver

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When you want to give your car perfect upgrade, Pioneer DEH-150MP is the real pick. Its modern system with all premium features that a stereo receiver deserves to have. The device allows the user to enjoy audio formats. The receiver is capable of playing CD-R or CD-W. Moreover, it can support MP3 and WMA formats while digitally displaying track, album and artist. To ensure it delivers great quality sound, this receiver boast sound retriever technology. As a result, it can play enhances sound up to 20 KHz frequency.

Despite is simplistic looking design, the stereo comes with a single line display. However, the LCD screen is multi-segmented and boast ample backlight. Being 35 percent larger, it helps you get perfect visibility. To keep the system safe, the faceplate is detachable. Also, wireless remote control and aux input jack make this receiver outstanding.

9. JVC KD-R370 In-Dash CD/AM/FM/Receiver – Detachable Faceplate

JVC KD-R370 In-Dash CD/AM/FM/Receiver - Detachable Faceplate

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When you want to have full entertainment in your fingertips, a stereo receiver is all you need. JVC is known car audio receivers and other appliances maker. Among their latest and modern products is this CD receiver with FM/AM. Therefore, it gives you freedom to listen to radio or enjoy music from a CD. For unlimited music playback, the receiver is able to play discs loaded with MP3 and WMA audio files.

Well, installing this device in your vehicle is a good step. It gives your dashboard a sleek look due to the attractive design. The large LCD display is red lit as well as the buttons. Also, screen boast 12 digits that enable high visibility. Compatible with steering wheel control, it eases your operation when driving. This device has peak 50W x 4 channels and RMS 22 x 4 channels. With 3.5 mm input, it lets enjoy music in your style.

8. Kenwood DPX530BT Double-DIN In-Dash CD/MP3/USB Bluetooth Stereo Receiver

Kenwood DPX530BT Double-DIN In-Dash CD/MP3/USB Bluetooth Stereo Receiver

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Kenwood is another brand that never disappoints when it comes to audio systems. Whether for home vehicle, you can always find the perfect one. For people who want to give their dash a new look, this Kenwood DPX530BT is the CD receiver to have. Unlike other stereos, this has great music playback ability. Whether is CDs, loaded MP3 and WMA, it plays excellently. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity allows easy playback from smartphones.

The impressive quality of this radio is it boasts Pandora and iHeartRadio. With inbuilt Android and iPhone control, the receiver is simple to operate than most rivals. With FM/AM radio, it’s no easy to catch your favorite program while driving. The large screen provides up to 20 color settings that improve dash beauty. The Android connectivity app is ideal when you need to control receiver remotely.

7. Sony MEX-N5200BT CD Stereo Receiver – Bluetooth and SiriusXM Ready

Sony MEX-N5200BT CD Stereo Receiver – Bluetooth and SiriusXM Ready

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Sony is a big name when it comes to audio systems and other appliances. You can also take the real entertainment into your car. Unlike other stereo systems, this one delivers great connectivity. With Bluetooth connection, you can connect two Bluetooth enabled devices. On the other hand, the Siri eyes help you to allow voice control.

With 35K colors it keeps the car dash looking attractive. Notably, the LED screen with high contrast ensures you can enjoy great clarity. For excellent sound, this stereo delivers great bass due to the EXTRABASS boost. It provides outstanding and profound bass with low frequencies. On the other hand, the 3 pre-outs, it is easy to connect amplifiers and subwoofers.

6. Soundstream MX-10BT Car Digital Media Player Stereo Receiver

Soundstream MX-10BT Car Digital Media Player Stereo Receiver

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Soundstream always keeps you ahead with great car audio receivers. This MX-10BT is an outstanding car digital stereo player that perfectly fits your vehicle. Unlike other receivers that are hard to operate, this one has an intuitive control panel. Enhanced with Bluetooth and changeable LCD illumination, it keeps your dash looking impressive. Besides Bluetooth, the system is compatible with USB port for flash drives, and support memory cards.

Apart from playing music from your smartphone, the receiver enables clear hands free calls. Moreover, auxiliary support gives you great ways to enjoy music. The RQ button is efficient in enabling you to balance the sound for great audio. Removable faceplate ensures your system is secure from theft. For easy amplifier connection, the 2 RCA ports let you do it easily.

5. Pioneer DEH-X4900BT Vehicle Digital CD Player Receiver

Pioneer DEH-X4900BT Vehicle Digital CD Player Receiver

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The real way to ensure your vehicle is refreshing and relaxing is good music. But, to achieve this, you need to invest in a premium stereo receiver. Pioneer DEH-X4900BT is a car system to have. It’s digital CD player that enables you to get high –quality sound with balanced highs and lows. The receiver boasts inbuilt Bluetooth that allows streaming music from digital devices. Also, the Bluetooth lets you enjoy clear hands-free calls.

The Pioneer arc app is superb in enabling audio streaming. Controlling music is great since you can use buttons the wireless remote control. Equipped with USB port, it allows use of flash drives as well as quick phone charging. With this CD player, you can enjoy great and high-quality bass.

4. Dansrueus Universal Single Din Car Stereos Audio Receiver

Dansrueus Universal Single Din Car Stereos Audio Receiver

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These days, you can make your car a music theater by getting a good stereo receiver. The Dansrueus single Din audio receiver is a product worth picking. Full of features, it ensures you can enjoy different functions than in other brands. Equipped with Bluetooth and microphone, you can connect your phone easily. Therefore, listening to music from smartphone and making calls is easy than you can imagine. Moreover, it supports SD, flash drives, and any other device with USB connectivity.

With this system, there is no missing your favorite radio program. It is enhanced with FM radio with automatic search. Also, it can save up to 18 radio stations with ability to support externals 3.5mm output, it is easy to connect different accessories. The jack can support navigation system, MP3, MP4, MP5 and mobile phone audio among others. With EQ you can choose different audio output like jazz, classical and others.

3. Wikoo Single-Din Digital Car Stereo with Remote Control

Wikoo Single-Din Digital Car Stereo with Remote Control

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Thinking about upgrading your car audio system? Don’t worry anymore. The Wikoo single Din remote controlled digital car stereo is perfect option. It makes everything easy in your dash. Play music from different sources while getting outstanding sound quality. With Bluetooth connectivity, the system enables you to listen to audio and also make hands free calls. Moreover, it can accept SD cards, flash drive and also charge your phone via USB port.

Depending on your taste, the audio receiver has an equalizer that can be set to different modes. Also, with automatic searching radio, it enables listening to different channels. The LED screen has beautiful colors that complement your dash. Moreover, with time display, it keeps you updated. Even when your phone is off or far, the on-screen clock keeps you updated.

2. Dansrue Single DIN In-Dash FM Radio Receiver with Bluetooth

Dansrue Single DIN In-Dash FM Radio Receiver with Bluetooth

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The Dansrue in dash FM stereo receiver gives your car all the audio you want. Besides high-quality sound, the radio has tons of features. If you wish to play music from a smartphone or make a call, it gives you an easy time. With Bluetooth and mic, it enables making or receiving calls hands-free. The audio system supports different external accessories like MP3, MP4, MP5, and navigation system. This is possible due to the 3.5mm jack plug.

Besides connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth, the radio also supports SD and USB playing. To enhance the user-friendliness, the system has a wireless remote control. Also, it can charge any device which is USB compatible. For radio program lovers, this device has FM enhancement with auto-tuning ability. Above all, the time display keeps you updated even when your phone is off.

1. Alpine CDE-HD149BT Single-Din Car Stereo with Bluetooth, SiriusXM Ready

Alpine CDE-HD149BT Single-Din Car Stereo with Bluetooth, SiriusXM Ready

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For HD sound lovers, Alpine gives you the excellent car stereo option. Unlike many of the available radios available, this one gives you entertainment in your fingertips. It’s designed with remote control that ensures you enjoy great control experience. Moreover, designed with detachable faceplate, it allows easy theft prevention. For great music experience, the stereo boast great inbuilt 9 band equalizer.

Apart from music playback ability, it has HD radio with FM/AM tuner. Thus, you can enjoy great programs from your favorite radio station. Compatible with iPod audio integration, iPhone 5 and iPhone USB cable, it lets you enjoy great music from your phone. The large LCD screen and SiriusXM Ready ensures you get the best entertainment. With this car receiver, it gives you great versatility and perfect car entertainment.

Best car stereo receivers buying guide

1. Sound quality

There is no doubt the quality of sound is what matters in a stereo system. In most cases people opts to change the original stereo receivers especially due to sound quality. The quality or motherboard circuitry influences sound clarity and bass output. Moreover, the rich sound together more detailed sound matters a lot when looking for car audio system.

2. Audio sources support

Nowadays, the audio sources have evolved and advanced. Unlike earlier days whereby, an audio system only used audio tapes, today things are different. Today, you need to ensure your system can play DVD and CDs. Also, USB ports are essential for playing music from flash drives. Instead of carrying a lot of stuff, Bluetooth connectivity is vital. It means your stereo receiver can play music by directly from your smartphone.

3. Local & satellite radio

Of course, the purpose of a stereo system isn’t only playing music. It also enables you to listen to your favorite radio station. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your system can access local and satellite radio frequencies. Mostly, most receivers have FM and AM radios. But, to get the best audio quality, a system with inbuilt HD radio decoder is advisable.

4. Radio security

Investing in high-quality stereo systems is a good attraction to crooks. Especially when your car is in parking stereos faceplates are perfect targets. Having a system with detachable faceplate is all you need to solve this.

5. Installation

Before buying a stereo system, it’s ideal to ensure sit can fit in your dash. Check the physical dimension of your system slot and receiver size. This means it will slide in smoothly without causing a headache. Mostly, most stereo comes with standard connection points for battery and speaker connectivity. Depending on experience you can install it or employ certified technicians.


Having premium car audio system is paramount for excellent entertainment. In fact, nowadays, with an audio system in your car, it offers more than music. Therefore, instead of suffering from low-quality sound, these stereos are the best options.

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