Top 10 Best Digital Multimeters in 2019 Reviews


When testing or repairing electrical components digital multimeter is an essential and handy tool. Amazingly, the device has a combination of function. It has different tasks like a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter. Generally, the device is useful in diagnosing and correcting any electrical fault. Due to this, it’s a common device in labs, garages, and registered electricians among others.

When shopping for a digital multimeter, you need to get the best one for your task. It’s important to know different devices are suited to various works. Also, different meters have multiple features depending on the intended usage. Before looking at the top best digital multimeters, check our buying guide.

Digital multimeters buying guide

1. Screen resolution and digits

Resolution in a digital multimeter means the number of the figures a screen can display. The high number of digits display means it can be able to deliver a more accurate reading. On the other hand, nowadays you can choose between LCD or dot matrix displays. Apart from the form of display, a good one ranges between ±1,999 and ±19,999

2. Multimeter classification

Depending on your work, you need to get the right multimeter. Of course, a device for diagnosing small electronic projects isn’t suitable for massive exercises. For instance, there are four categories of multimeters classification. We have CAT I, II, III and IV.

For CAT I, its suitable for diagnosing transistors, and a small level of electrical projects. For CAT II, these tools are for large items like refrigerators, TVs, and computers. The CAT III are for larger components like motors switchgear and substations. And, CAT IV multimeters are for electricity meters and distribution transformers.

3. Accuracy

This is hard ascertain bearing in mind you can’t be able to determine by yourself. However, with some brands, they are known to offer devices with considerable accuracy. If you are to buy a multimeter, it’s important to look for a device with accuracy rating of ±0.1.

4. Input impedance

Typically, input impedance in multimeters is usually high. This helps to increase the testing accuracy. There are different levels of input impedance. But, it’s advisable to look for a device with the highest impedance, to maximize accuracy.

5. Other features

There are other features which with looking but, they are optional depending on what you are testing. Some of these include an oscillator which is vital in showing the current fluctuation. The other one is a temperature sensor. It’s a useful feature when dealing with temperature sensitive components. For instance, when working on motherboards with sensitive components to heat.

10. Innova 3320Digital Multimeter with Auto-Ranging Feature

Innova 3320Digital Multimeter with Auto-Ranging Feature

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Having this Innova 3320 digital multimeter is a significant step in ensuring you have correct electrical troubleshooting. The multimeter is designed for general home and auto troubleshooting. Amazingly, it’s safe, and UL certified. On the other hand, the auto-ranging eliminates the need for dialing the range.

There are no complications when setting this device. It has a single setting for AC and DC voltage. Additionally, the large display and color-coded battery strength improve your efficiency. The outer casing is sturdy for protecting this meter from drop damage.

9. Crenova MS8233D Digital Multimeters Electronic Measuring Instrument,Auto-Ranging

Crenova MS8233D Digital Multimeters Electronic Measuring Instrument,Auto-Ranging

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Crenova MS8233D is a multifunctional device that let you troubleshoot your electrical problems quickly. Whether voltage, AC/DC voltage or current, frequency and others, the device gives all in one functions. Even when there is a power problem, the meter has protection against overload to keep you safe.

Apart from standard features, this one comes with extra functions like data holding, function switching, backlight and maximum data hold for improved performance. The foldable stand eases your work when in need of hands-free operations and tilted viewing. Durable cover and overload protection make it the perfect choice for general home diagnosis.

8. AstroAI TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Manual, and Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter,

AstroAI TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Manual, and Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter,

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The AstroAI is a premium product that is dedicated to make your work a breeze. It gives you the ability to achieve accurate and precise diagnosis when dealing electrical repairs. With true RMS indication, the device allows you to measure AC and voltage additionally; the tool is ideal for testing variety of functions. From current, resistance and other standard requirements its perfect choice when doing repairs and regular maintenance.

Apart from the performance, the device features excellent construction. The outer body features ABS material which is superb in resisting damage as well as daily wear and tear. On the other hand, the device is user-friendly. It has data holding ability large lit LCD screen and magnetic hanging clamp. Safety is highly enhanced with explosion-proof ceramic fuse and overload protection.

7. Neoteck 8233D PRO 2000 Counts Auto Ranging Pocket Digital Multimeters

Neoteck 8233D PRO 2000 Counts Auto Ranging Pocket Digital Multimeters

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Get convenience wherever you go by getting this pocket digital multimeter by Neoteck. Unlike the large ones, this one has a compact construction that ensures you get convenience anywhere. Despite its small size, it’s highly reliable and accurate. It boasts 2000 counts which let it measure up to 2000μF Capacitance & 200 KHz. Also, it is excellent for measuring other functions; for instance, time, resistance, current, and others.

Well, holding this device feels great. The rubber casing ensures a perfect grip when holding. Furthermore, the case is ideal for protecting the meter in case of an accidental drop. Forget the voltmeters that give your hard time when viewing at an angle. This has a super bright screen that is visible at 45 degrees. The detecting plugs keep your hands off when testing. Also, the overload protection keeps the device and you safe from hazard overloads.

6. DKMHA Digital Multimeter, 6000 Counts Auto-ranging Multimeters

DKMHA Digital Multimeter, 6000 Counts Auto-ranging Multimeters

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Looking for highly accurate multimeter for error-free diagnosing? Don’t fall a victim of cheap and counterfeits. This 6000counts auto/manual raging device by DKMHA is the real premium choice. The designing of this device lets it provide exceptional versatility. It has 17 modes, thus one of the most versatile multimeters available. Unlike other with regular testing abilities, this one is perfect for cycle duty, temperature among others.

Whether it’s day or night, there is no struggling when reading the data. It has a large and bright LCD screen and has data hold ability. For maximum safety, the meter has overload protection of up to 550 volts. The construction also keeps it safe from damage with reinforced corner sections. The backlit screen with dimming feature enables proper visibility even under low light.

5. Klein Tools MM400Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V

Klein Tools MM400Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V

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Are you a professional electrician or newbie? The only tool you can trust for all your diagnostic works is this Klein Tools MM400 multimeter. It’s a digital device that gives an exact reading, unlike in analog ones. This eases interpretation and also saves you time. With ergonomic construction, handling it is comfortable. Boasting CAT III rating, it can handle up to 600 volts, thereby great for broad applications.

Apart from handling 600A/CD current, the device also measures temperature, duty-cycle, capacitance, and frequency plus others. Using it everyday guarantee high accuracy without compromising the durability. In fact, it’s designed to withstand 3.3 feet drop and daily wears in work sites.

4. Etekcity MSR-C600 Auto-Ranging Multimeter AC/DC voltmeter, Clamping Multimeter

Etekcity MSR-C600 Auto-Ranging Multimeter AC/DC voltmeter, Clamping Multimeter

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Etekcity is known for a range of various products. One of the useful tools you can get is this clamping auto-ranging multimeter. Unlike other meters, this one doesn’t need a strip the wires. Instead, you need to clamp it, thus eliminating any electrocution threat. On the other hand, it has an auto-ranging feature that enables you to measure AC, DC frequency and resistance. This eliminates trials and errors for perfect diagnosis.

Unlike other multimeters with complicated settings, this one is simple to use. It measures fewer aspects which makes setup and reading simple. On the other hand, the LCD screen is super clear and easy to read under any light condition. Also, the data hold feature ensures you get correct readings. The auto-shut feature is great for saving energy. The device sleeps after 15 minutes of inactivity.

3. Anbes Soldering Iron Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool, Digital Multimeter

Anbes Soldering Iron Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool, Digital Multimeter

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Do you have an electrical device repairing job? There is no need to risk with cheap products. What you need to have is this soldering kit by Anbes. It’s a reliable and high-quality kit with a variety of components. Featuring soldering iron tool with adjustable temperature, it males welding a piece of cake. Other includes 8-in-1 screwdriver, anti-static tweezers, and wire stripper cutter among others.

To ensure you have an easy time identifying the problem, the kit comprises a digital multimeter. This device enables the user to have a variety of diagnosis. Therefore, its simple to enjoy great accuracy when you are repairing electrical components in various appliances. Featuring large LCD screen, there is no struggling when reading figures. On the other hand, it can measure AC, DC diodes & continuity test among others. For secure storage, the PU carry bag that facilitates storability.

2. Thsinde Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 with Battery Alligator Clips

Thsinde Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 with Battery Alligator Clips

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For professionals, to perform any testing regarding electrical components, you need a reliable multimeter. This one by Thsinde is the real choice that gives you peace of mind. The device is high-tech and brings continuity test as well as voltage alert. With ceramic circuit, it gives you comprehensive testing of up to 20000 F.

Unlike other devices, this one has non-contact voltage alert. This is when the voltage is more than 700 volts to prevent your devices from getting damaged. Furthermore, it’s easy to use this device and come with 10 functions. This enables you to run different tests like AC/DC voltage, current, frequency among others. With alligator battery clips and user manual, it’s simple to use this device.

1. RAGU 17B 6000 Count, Auto-Ranging Electronic Measuring Instrument Tester Digital Multimeter

RAGU 17B 6000 Count, Auto-Ranging Electronic Measuring Instrument Tester Digital Multimeter

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When working on electrical appliances, without a multimeter, it is tricky to troubleshoot a problem. But now you can diagnose where the problem is by using digital multimeter by Ragu 17B. It’s one of the highly reliable and trusted devices by professionals. Its TRMS 6000 Count Display gives you smooth and precise reading. Amazingly, the overload protection allows high equipment and personal safety.

Well, having this voltmeter is outstanding as it is usable for AC/DC applications. Father, it is ideal for various aspects testing which makes ideal for every technician. Enhanced with a buzzing sound, it keeps on reminding you when you are working. With low battery indicator, there is no trial and errors when to replace the battery. Durable and ergonomic construction allows you to enjoy using this device.


Digital multimeters are essential devices to have in every home. They are crucial when you need to know where there are power problems. They are easy to use, and with to get even you aren’t electricity expert. Above reviewed multimeters are accurate, certified, safe easy to use and highly affordable.

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