Top 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 15, 2023

Maintaining oral hygiene is paramount for healthy gums and teeth. Investing in electric toothbrushes are one way to ensure you can achieve smooth mouth cleaning. Unlike the manual brushes, electric ones are simple to use. Also, they are useful in removing plaque even on hard to reach areas. Typically, they contain high-speed vibrating head with the ability to reach up to 40,000 vibrations per minutes. It’s the high-intensity rotation that helps to them flush out plaque from teeth.

Operating through batteries, they are great for use everywhere. Basically, they are essential devices dedicated to bringing back your smile. Due to their efficiency, these brushes are great for general dental health. Therefore, no need to visit a dentist regularly and eliminates chances of teeth decay.

10. Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries Power Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity

Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries Power Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity

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The Oral-B SmartSeries electric toothbrush is the real way to keep your teeth clean. Unlike other brushes, this has Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, it connects to your smartphone through the app to help track your progress. Moreover, unlike other brands, this comes with a rechargeable battery. This eliminated the need for buying replicable batteries.

The construction is fantastic as it focuses on brush cleaning ability. Featuring safe and premium materials, it can remove plaque up to 100% than manual brushes. Amazingly, the device boasts clinically proven 3D cleaning ability.

Apart from the heavy-duty cleaning bristles, the brush enjoys 6 modes. Thereby, it can clean, whiten teeth and care for sensitive gums among others. With a premium travel case and compact size improves the ease of portability when traveling. Overall, the brush is safe and ideal for caring your oral health without any side effects.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Premium silicone construction
  • 100% percent plaque removal
  • Great battery life


  • Annoying flickering light

9. Fairywill Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush, Waterproof, 3 Replaceable Heads

Fairywill Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush, Waterproof, 3 Replaceable Heads

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Anytime when cleaning your teeth, Fairywill Rechargeable sonic brush is a good option. The superior quality brush comes with 5 optimal cleaning modes. It cleans, polishes, whitens and massage your gum for ultimate oral health. Besides cleaning the device is ultra-light weighing only 5 grams hence easy to maneuver.

Forget these brushes that only leave you with agony. Once this one is in our collection, it gives you thrilling 30 days operation. Amazingly, it only takes 4 hours to charge and come with a USB charging cable. For proper brushing, the brush enjoys 2 minutes timer and 30 seconds reminder.

The bristles feature DuPont nylon that is strong and soft to safeguard gum and teeth. They keep the teeth topography hence penetrating even the extreme ends. The body is waterproof which allows it to be ideal for use even during baths. This brush has 40,000 micro-brush per minute which delivers perfect results within 14 days.


  • Extra strong battery
  • Waterproof body
  • Gentle rounded bristles
  • Anti-slip handle


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

8. Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Rechargeable

Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Rechargeable

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Oral-BPro 5000 toothbrush is another premier electric brush. Offering comprehensive oral cleaning everyday, there are no more hassles. It cleans and cares for teeth and gum without causing bruises and sensitivity. The floss action and micropulse bristles, the device has outstanding dental cleaning than manual brushing.

The 3D cleaning provides oscillation, pulsation, and rotations to eliminate any particles on the teeth. This results in full plaque removal for healthy and white teeth. The 5 modes are great depending on your cleaning needs. You can select daily clean, deep clean, whitening, gum care and sensitive for proper cleaning.

For gentle brushing, the device has sensors that limit brush rotation. Also, to sleep you encouraged, the brush boasts Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, it becomes easy to monitor your brushing habit.


  • Good for sensitive teeth
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Visible pressure sensor
  • Effortless Bluetooth connectivity


  • No tongue cleaner

7. Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush

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Caring for teeth and gum calls for investing in a premium brush. The Philips Sonicare brings all the care for everyone. Utilizing sonic technology, the brush offers ultimate cleaning that never before. With 31,000 strokes per minute, it removes plaque 2 times than manual brushes.

Comparing this brush with rivals, it’s far mush ahead and convenient. It comes with patented sonic technology. Moreover, the ability to notify you when to change bristles ensures maximum gum care. The cleaning efficiency also is high since it has 2minutes timer. Thus, you can be sure to use dentists’ recommended brushing time.

Enhanced with an angled neck and contoured bristles, the brush is superb. The design improves grip and maneuvering to give teeth complete cleaning. Starting and using this brush is easy than ever though. It has smartimer that adjust the brushing action over the first 12 use. Above all, single charge offers up to 2weeks of performance.


  • Patented sonic action
  • Contoured bristles
  • Fast plaque removal
  • Bristles change indicator
  • Cheaper than Orla-B pro


  • No travel case

6. Mornwell D01B Rechargeable Toothbrush, 4 Brushing Modes

Mornwell D01B Rechargeable Toothbrush, 4 Brushing Modes

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There is nothing that cleans your teeth like this rechargeable toothbrush by Mornwell D01B. Utilizing sonic technology, the brush delivers up to 40,000 strokes per minute. Thereby, it offer 10 times plaque those regular brushes. Despite the high performance, the device is healthy and keeps your gums safe.

For smooth teeth cleaning, this electric brush comes with 4 mode setting. Users can switch between daily, sensitive, massage and whitening with just a button press. To create convenient cleaning, the device has 2-minute brushing timer with 30 seconds interval reminder. This feature is excellent to prevent over brushing for overall safety.

Tired of charging a brush everyday? Getting this one lets you enjoy 2 weeks of daily use It has battery level indicator that notifies users when to recharge. For perfect and effortless cleaning, the brush is IPX7 rated hence fully waterproof. Available in 4 heads, it is suitable for cleaning tongue, gum, and teeth.


  • Ideal for tongue cleaning
  • Multiple cleaning heads
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Sonic cleaning technology


  • Takes long to charge fully

5. Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Classic Toothbrush with premium travel case

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Classic Toothbrush with premium travel case

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Philip Sonicare always cares for dental health. That is why this diamond clean toothbrush is the right one for you. It’s not just like any other brush available. This one is recommended by dentist hence reliable an effective. With high cleaning efficiency, the brush cleans and removes plaque up to 7 times than manual brushes.

Beyond cleaning teeth, the brush ensures they get white color in just in 7 days. Therefore, no need to get teeth whitening compounds that can leave you with sensitive teeth. The 5 modes cleaning settings are superb in ensuring you can select the right cleaning mode. Utilizing Sonicare technology, it offers 31,000 gentle strokes per minute.

Despite the heavy duty cleaning, the device has a durable battery that lasts for 3 weeks. Available with charging port, there is no struggle when recharging. For use anywhere you are, this device comes with a durable and safe travel case. It’s a great product with professional results.


  • Recommended by dentists
  • Gentle cleaning action
  • Cleans and whiten teeth
  • Powerful battery


  • Quite expensive

4. Triple Bristle Rechargeable 31,000 VPM Sonic Tooth Brush

Triple Bristle Rechargeable 31,000 VPM Sonic Tooth Brush

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Finding the right ways to clean and whiten your teeth can be tricky. Now you can enjoy healthy dental due to Triple Bristle rechargeable sonic toothbrush. Uniquely, it has patented 3 sided sonic bristles that clean, whiten and soothes gum. The scientific design enables the brush to delivers remarkable cleaning in 1/3 time than others.

For safe and effective cleaning, the brush boast dentist certified bristles. They are super soft and give teeth and gum cleaning. Impressively, the bristles prevent gum sores and other conditions. Besides the bristles, the device uses gentle sonic vibrations. Creating micro-bubbles, they enable thorough cleaning. In fact, the 31,000 vibrations per minute are excellent in flushing plaque efficiently.

Apart from efficient cleaning action, the brush is extra comfortable. Featuring perfect grip handle, it allows smooth cleaning without discomforts. Amazingly, the comfort enables caregivers to use it without any difficulty. The rechargeable battery is long lasting and saves you from constant purchase of disposable ones.


  • Fast cleaning ability
  • Super comfortable grip
  • Efficient soft bristles


  • Lacks travel case

3. Gloridea Waterproof Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Kids

Gloridea Waterproof Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Kids

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Enhance your smile by giving mouth great cleaning. This Gloridea waterproof toothbrush is all everyone needs. Dedicated to kids and adults, it has superb and balanced action. The brush utilizes sonic action with the ability to clock 40,000 rotations per minute. At this rate, it removes 100 % plaque than manual brushing.

Not only the brush uses vibrations, but the bristles configuration also ensures it achieve through cleaning. With ‘W’ bristles configuration, they clean teeth and gum without causing injuries. The 2-minute timer and 5 cleaning modes help in achieving exceptional brushing.

Powering this brush is a rechargeable battery. With an endurance of 30 days and 4 hours charging, it’s high performing than most rivals. The light indicator notifies when the battery is low for timely recharge. Above all, streamlined design is ideal for making cleaning smooth. Charging is hassle-free since it utilizes USB cable.


  • Durable rechargeable battery
  • Dual replacement heads
  • Classic, stylish look
  • Complete waterproof


  • No wall charger

2. Sterline Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer &12 Replacement Heads

Sterline Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer &12 Replacement Heads

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Sterline Sonic toothbrush always lets everyone have a smiling face. The multipurpose electric brush offers fantastic performance. Operating under 4 modes, it can clean, massage, soft and white. Notably, it’s possible to achieve this due to 12 replacement heads. Also, the sonic technology enables it to achieve up to 40,000 vibrations per minute for perfect teeth and gum cleaning.

Forget about other brushes that need sterilization using chemicals. With this one, it comes with UV sanitizer. This means after use, or before brushing, you can sterilize it. The sanitizer is simple to use as it has indicator lights that notify when the process is through.

For a clean mouth, the brush uses deep cleaning technology. Also, the 2 minutes timer with 30 seconds pause offers perfect cleaning. With a comfortable handle, it let users enjoy ergonomic grip.


  • Multiple cleaning heads
  • Easy head sanitization
  • Wireless charging


  • No fancy construction

1. SHAOJIER, Wireless Charging, 3 Modes Waterproof Electric Toothbrush

SHAOJIER, Wireless Charging, 3 Modes Waterproof Electric Toothbrush

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The Shaojier wireless charging toothbrush brings the power to clean teeth and gum. With professional construction, it uses 3D cleaning mechanism to offer perfect cleaning. As a result, it rotates, oscillates, and pulsate to break any particle attached to the teeth.

For the brush to offers sure action, it has super soft but sturdy bristles. Made from food grade pp material, it has no harmful effect on your mouth. Besides, the DuPont and PP+PA hybrid, it lasts for years without fading. The handle is super comfortable and ergonomic for effortless teeth cleaning.

The wireless induction charging is excellent as it eliminates tangling cables on bench. Moreover, the mode of charging ensures there is no opening for water infiltration. In fact, the brush is IPX7 rated for easy cleaning and safety. With only 6 hours charge time, the brush can operate for up to 30 days.


  • Durable materials
  • Long-serving battery
  • Wireless charging


  • Less powerful than competitors

Electric Toothbrushes Buying Guide

These brushes are gaining the popularity among many users. But, if you are buying for the first time, here is a guide to help you get the best.

Ease of use

The electric brushes aren’t like manual ones. Their mode of operation and design are different. This should not be a reason to keep off from acquiring one. Typically, choosing the right one depended on how easy operation is. Among the variety of features to check for are comfort and ergonomics. If the device is uncomfortable, control will be poor and affect overall performance.

Speed control

The brushes come with different speeds. It’s for this purpose that one should be careful when buying. Some brands offer different speed settings. Ideal brush should be able to let user set needed brushing speed. With the ability to control speed, it means even the beginners can use without risk of injuring their gums.


Dentists recommend people to brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes. Therefore, a brush with a timer is ideal to indicate when to shift brushing side. With new brushes, they will allow people to clean their teeth through a programmed timer. Also, they have an automatic shut down when the 2 minutes elapses. Although it’s common for brushes to come with an automatic timer, it’s recommendable to check.

Pressure sensors

Brushing is supposed to be gentle and enjoyable. Sometimes people tend to overdo it causing bruises on their gums. To counter this, modern brushes come with pressure sensors. With this, it allows the brush to sense when over pressuring and reduces rotation automatically.

Bristles indicator

Just like the manual brushes, electric ones need replacement. Ideal brushes come with bristles change indicator. Therefore, you won’t risk while brushing with wrong bristles that can cause damage to delicate gum.

Replaceable heads

Replacing a head is cheaper than full brush replacement. Regarding this, one needs to look whether target brush comes with a detachable head. It will be easy and cheap to replace when need be.


Electric toothbrushes are revolutionizing how people care about their dental health. They are holistic devices with improved performance. If you want white teeth and healthy gums, these are the devices to have. This list brings you the best electric toothbrushes you can invest on.

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