Top 10 Best Hot Plates in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 16, 2023

Are you looking to add a new burner to your home stovetop ranges? If yes, then consider buying the best hot plates on the market. Hot plates are convenient burners to use on the go. You can easily carry it and use it anywhere you go. Hot plates are ideal for fixing a quick meal or warming your food. Most hot plates are incredibly small, thus easy to store and transport anywhere. They also take minimal countertop space. All that you need a close wall socket to start cooking right away. These hot plates are ideal for RVs, small studio rooms, dorms, and small apartments.

In this post, we help you find the best hot plates on the market this year. These are tested and proven hot plates with pretty decent features. They are top-rated hot plates that can help you prepare decent meals without any problems. We’ve made the selection process a lot easier for you. Our reviews below narrow down your choices to 10 leading hot plates. These are tested and proven hot plates with pretty amazing features. Check them below and carefully choose a hot plate that best meets your needs.

10. Aroma Housewares AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate

Aroma Housewares AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate

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This is our first choice hot plate and a quality pick with 15% faster heating. The hot plate comes with an improved curved design offering maximum surface contact with the cooking pot. It is a powerful plate rated 1000W ideal for large groups. However, the hot plate is compact enough to carry and use anywhere. It is a decent way to extend your kitchen and provide additional heating sources. This is a portable design hot plate easy to transport wherever you go. Besides, the hot plate features a sturdy construction hence durable. It features strong die-cast metal construction and offers precise temperature settings. Lastly, the hot plate is quite easy to clean with surfaces wiping easily.


  • Surface wipe easily hence easy to clean
  • Easy to transport due to a portable design
  • Powerful due to 1000 watts rating
  • Die-cast metal construction hence durable


  • Gets too hot on the bottom when heating a lot of water

9. Ovente Electric Glass Infrared Burner Single Hot Plate

Ovente Electric Glass Infrared Burner Single Hot Plate

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This is another sleek design hot plate for a hassle-free cooking experience. It is a powerful electric cooktop powered by 1000W. The cooktop uses advanced infrared technology a smooth-top to quickly and evenly cook foods. Moreover, this cooktop is versatile and compatible with a wide array of cookware. However, best results are obtained when using flat cookware that gets close to the surface. This is a classy and portable design hot plate with a flat stainless steel housing. It is a slim and lightweight design cooktop weighing a mere 3lbs. The cooktop is pretty easy to carry and use anywhere. It is also easy to clean, wiping away dirt in seconds.


  • Wipes easily hence easy to clean
  • Classy and portable due to a slim design
  • Versatile design compatible with all cookware
  • Even and fast cooking due to advanced infrared smooth-top technology


  • The top can be slippery

8. CUSIMAX 1800W Double Hot Plate, Stainless Steel

CUSIMAX 1800W Double Hot Plate, Stainless Steel

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This is a double electric cast-iron hot plate and one to consider buying. It is a pretty decent pick on the list compatible with all cookware. The cooktop is with pots and pans of matching sizes. It also works aluminum and glass heating the food evenly. This is a pretty simple hot plate with an easy to use ON/OFF burner. The cooktops are equipped with a rotating thermostat knob for precise temperature control. Overall, this is a decent double cooktop that heats in minutes and cools in under 15 minutes. Besides, it is conveniently powered with 900W on each side, giving a total of 1800W. The plate is safe and durable, working without any radiations. You also get excellent customer service and 30 days money-back guarantee to order with confidence.


  • Simple ON/OFF switch thus easy to use
  • Rotating thermostat knob thus precise temperature control
  • Durable due to die-cast iron construction and stainless steel casing
  • Compatible with all cookware thus versatile


  • Gets extremely hot to touch

7. SUNAVO 1500W Hot Plates for Cooking, Electric Single Burner

SUNAVO 1500W Hot Plates for Cooking, Electric Single Burner

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This is another powerful 1500W rated electric hot plate with a single burner. It is a reliable and efficient hot plate that heats faster. It is a versatile design cooktop with 6 different level precise temperature settings. You can easily cook a variety of foods at different temperatures. Besides, the cooktop with a variety of cookware ranging from stainless steel, aluminum, stone pan, steak pan, frying pan, etc. This is an advanced cooktop with exclusive heating tube technology. It is a stable and anti-rust cooktop with 20% improved heat efficiency. The cooktop provides a longer service lifespan and shorter cooking time. It also comes with heat-insulated and portable handles, thus easy to carry and handle.


  • Easy to move due to portable handles
  • Exclusive heating tube technology
  • Versatile and works with all cookware
  • 6 levels or precise temperature settings


  • Buttons seem cheap but work perfectly

6. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

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This is another portable design induction cooktop with an LCD sensor. It is a premium quality cooktop made to the highest North American standards. The cooktop is ETL listed and a pretty safe choice. It is a lightweight and compact design cooktop easy to carry and use anywhere. The cooktop features high energy efficiency. It provides users with over 20 preset power levels to meet different cooking needs. You can adjust the temperature settings from a low of 100 degrees F to a maximum of 460 degrees F. This is a sleek cooktop with a touch control panel, timer settings, and child safety lock. The cooktop prevents accidental settings changes preventing injuries. It is a versatile choice hot plate compatible with magnetic cookware.


  • Versatile design since it is compatible with magnetic cookware
  • Multiple-use due to 20 preset power levels
  • High energy efficiency thus reliable
  • Timer settings and LCD sensor thus convenient to use
  • Safe due to child safety lock


  • 20 degrees F temperature increment seems too high

5. CUKOR Electric Hot Plate for Cooking

CUKOR Electric Hot Plate for Cooking

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This is a portable hot plate for cooking and a quality pick on the list. It is a small size cooktop with a lightweight design. The cooktop is extremely compact hence easy to carry and use anywhere. It features a cast-iron plate construction, thus strong and durable. You need to preheat it for 10 minutes for best use. Moreover, the hot plate takes up to 20 minutes to cool down, keeping your food warm for long. This is a safe and durable hot plate with rust and corrosion-resistant cast iron. It is a safe pick without any radiations, carbon monoxide, and fires. Overall, this is a multi-functional hot plate with ETL certification for safe use.


  • ETL certified thus safe to use
  • Takes long to cool thus keeps food warm for long
  • Extremely compact and lightweight hence portable
  • Safe and durable


  • Gets hot making temperature adjustments a little hard

4. SUNAVO Hot Plates for Cooking

SUNAVO Hot Plates for Cooking

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This is another powerful double hot plate with a maximum of 1800W power rating. Each burner provides 900W making cooking a lot easier and faster. Besides, the cooktop provides 6 power levels for multiple uses. It is a versatile design cooktop for simultaneous cooking of food on both sides. You can be sure of saving both time and energy. Moreover, the cooktop works with all cookware ranging from aluminum, stainless steel, steak plate, stone pan, frying pan, etc. It is high efficiency and energy-saving cooktop to order with confidence. It also features excellent heat insulation and comes with large handles for added portability.


  • Easy to carry due to large handles
  • Convenient to handle due to heat insulation
  • Versatile and compatible with multiple cookware
  • High efficiency and energy-savings


  • A bit small in length but works great

3. Courant Double-Burner, 1700W Hot Plate

Courant Double-Burner, 1700W Hot Plate

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This is another sleek double burner hot plate with excellent heat regulation. The burner features a convenient thermostat control knob. The knob allows for precise temperature regulation. It also comes with a power indicator and automatic shut-off. It is a perfect design hot plate with skid-proof feet to prevent sliding. The plate also features a sturdy stainless steel casing hence durable. Overall, this is a large cooking plate with a slim space-saving design. It allows for simultaneous cooking on both sides, saving you time and energy. The cooktop is a perfect choice for students, camping, offices, RVs, and holiday homes.


  • Space-saving due to a slim design
  • Automatic shut-off thus safe
  • Easy temperature regulation due to thermostat knob
  • Stable due to a skid-proof feet


  • A little slow but works great

2. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Double Burner

Cuisinart Cast-Iron Double Burner

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This is a leading brand double burner hot plate with durable cast-iron construction. It is a perfect size cooktop to meet a variety of cooking needs. The cooktop takes minimal countertop space hence an ideal choice for small areas. This is a powerful choice cooktop with burners of 1300W and 500W to suit different cooking needs. It heats up pretty quickly and features excellent heat retention. You are sure your food will remain warm long after cooking. There are also two separate 6 adjustable temperature settings. The cooktop is easy to use and comes with ready and on light indicators. It also features non-slip feet for stable cooking.


  • Stable cooking due to non-slip feet
  • Indicator lights for convenient use
  • Six temperature settings thus versatile
  • Compact design thus space-saving


  • The small burner is way underpowered

1. Chefman Electric Warming Tray – Adjustable Temperature Control

Chefman Electric Warming Tray - Adjustable Temperature Control

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This is our final best hot plate and a quality pick with easy temperature control. It is a perfect family size warming try to keep your foods warm in seconds. The plate features a large surface area measuring 21 by 16 inches. It can easily fit several dishes at once, saving time and energy. This is a perfect choice hot plate warming tray for family dinners. It also comes with adjustable temperature settings keeping food warm all-day. This is a high-quality hot plate that works with all heat cookware surfaces. It features a sleek glass top with stainless steel casing accents to enhance your home décor. The hot plate is also ETL approved for safe use.


  • Safe to use since it is ETL approved
  • Stylish due to black tempered glass top and stainless steel accents
  • Spacious glass top
  • Adjustable temperature settings thus versatile use


  • Temperature knob lacks markings

Factors to consider when buying the best hot plates

Taking into consideration several basic features and factors will help you purchase the best and most suitable hot plates. You want to make sure you find a hot plate that serves you well and offers long-lasting performances. To ensure that, you need to consider the following basic features.

Plate type

First, you need to decide on the ideal plate type. There are different hot plate types on the market. These include the electric hot plate, ceramic, induction, and gas hot plate. The different plates come with different pros and cons. Electric hot plates are the most common and feature a built-in heating element. They just require a power source to heat them up and help you cook meals. Gas hot plates rely on gas, while induction hot plates employ a magnetic induction.

Our focus on this post will be on electrical hot plates, which are the most common in most American households.


Next, you need to consider the hot plate portability and choose accordingly. For obvious reasons, you need a portable design hot plate easy to carry and use anywhere. The ideal plate must be small and compact, taking minimal storage and countertop space. This is important, especially when using them in dorms, RVs, and small apartments.

Temperature control

The best hot plate must also offer you adequate control over the temperature settings. You need a hot plate that provides you with precise temperature settings. You need to control the temperature accordingly to cook your food to the desired results. Make sure you choose models that heat first but do not overheat. Consider models that progressively attain higher temperatures and offer precise control.

Power rating

The power rating on the hot plates is a great determinant of efficiency and performance. It is usually indicated in watts and one to seriously consider. The power rating goes to how efficient you can use the hot plates. For example, underpowered units are not ideal for boiling large amounts of water. In general, make sure you consider hot plates with a power rating of 1000 watts.


Lastly, make sure you consider durable hot plates for long-lasting use. The ideal hot plate must feature strong and sturdy material construction. Consider plates with durable die-cast metal constructions for extended use and durability.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are by far the best hot plates on the market to seriously consider buying. They are top-rated hot plates that are tested and proven to work efficiently. The hot plates make a great addition to any home and one to order today. Make sure you analyze our exclusive list above and carefully choose one that best matches your needs and desires.

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