Top 10 Best Inline Skates in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

Inline skates are fun and exciting for persons of all ages. They are versatile and can offer a great way to move around. Unlike most rolling stakes, inline skates feature a single line of smooth-rolling wheels. What’s more, they are easier to accelerate and control. Inline skates are a great alternative to biking and skateboarding. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon and move around, then consider buying the best inline skates.

However, choosing the best inline skates can be a daunting process. There are hundreds of new inline skates coming into the market each year. In this post, we help you find the top inline skates to buy. Whether you’re just starting or a professional, there are inline skates for every person. Continue reading below as you check out our top inline skates.

10. PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skater

PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skater

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This is a versatile inline skater for adults and kids. It is an adjustable skater with four different unisex sizes. Make sure you measure your feet and choose the correct size. What’s more, each size adjusts accordingly for a snug fit. The skater comes with 8 illuminating wheels that automatically light up when you skate. You don’t have to worry about battery replacement as the lights are powered by rolling wheels.

Overall, this is a durable and smooth inline skater to seriously consider buying. There are also 7 ABEC- bearings for smooth movement and braking. It is a unique design skater with a single brake. The toe and heel regions are also reinforced for added resistance and durability.


  • Reinforced toe and heel for added durability
  • Easy stopping due to a single brake design
  • 8 illuminating wheels powered by rolling blades
  • Adjustable sizes for a snug fit


  • Narrow width for persons with wide feet

9. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Rollerblade Zetrablade Women's Adult Fitness Inline Skate

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This is a simple design inline skate to consider buying. It is a suitable skate for novice and casual skaters. The skater offers excellent balancing making it one of the best entry-level inline skaters. It is a great choice for women and beginners learning how to balance. What’s more, the skater features a high cuff for added support. There is a durable shell which makes skating a lot easier. Additionally, the skater features a padded liner and secure closure for a snug fit.

Overall, this is a quality inline skater with a durable frame construction for long-lasting use. The skater also features a low center of gravity to ensure good stability.


  • Low center of gravity hence good stability
  • Snug fit due to a secure closure system
  • Comfortable because of the padded liner
  • Easy skating due to a durable cuff for support


  • Sizing issues

8. Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro Inline Skate

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro Inline Skate

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The Bladerunner is another exciting inline skater to consider buying. It is a perfect novice skate for men. The skater offers excellent comfort, stability, and control. In addition, the skate features a supportive shell for added foot support and balance. You can be sure of learning control and stability quickly. What’s more, the skate is extremely comfortable and easy to control. The interior liner padding ensures optimal comfort.

There is a further secure closure system to ensure a snug fit. You can be sure the skate will not come off easily. The composite frame material also ensures durable and long-lasting use. Overall, this is an excellent skate with ABEC 7 bearings for moderate speed.


  • Comfortable, stable, and easy to control
  • Durable composite frame hence long-lasting use
  • Supportive shell for extra foot comfort
  • Padded liner hence comfortable


  • Flimsy top buckle

7. LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex

LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex

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The LIKU inline skater is a professional design skater for men and women. It is a comfortable skate with a removable lining. The lining provides excellent cushioning for all-around support. In addition, it offers excellent protection and plasticity. What’s more, the lining is breathable and offers excellent ventilation. You can be sure it will dry fast after cleaning. There is a further durable toe shell for added toe protection.

This is a high-quality skate with a low frame design to ensure excellent stability. The design features aluminum alloy framing to prevent rust. It is a secure design skate with triple protection of a strap, safety buckle, and upper reinforcements.


  • High-quality bearings for smooth stopping
  • Low center of gravity hence stable
  • Toe reinforcement for added protection
  • Removable lining for interior cushioning


  • Wheels wear out fast

6. Kuxuan Skates Adjustable Inline Skate for Kids and Youth

Kuxuan Skates Adjustable Inline Skate for Kids and Youth

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The Kuxuan inline skates are simple skates for kids and youth. The skates are easy and convenient to use with a single push-button for size adjustment. You can adjust and ensure a snug fit. These are comfortable skates that will grow with your kid. What’s more, the skates feature 8 illuminating wheels that light up automatically. The colorful LED lights rely on self-generating power as you skate. Order today and enjoy smooth skating and beautiful lights without batteries.

These are premium quality skates that meet the highest quality standards. They are a perfect gift idea for kids. You also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee for confidence buying.


  • Premium performance due to the stylish appearances
  • 8 illuminating wheels thus attractive
  • Easy size adjustment for a snug fit
  • High-quality aluminum frame hence comfortable


  • Straps rip off with age

5. Zuwaos Boys Kids Adjustable Inline Skate

Zuwaos Boys Kids Adjustable Inline Skate

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This is another top-selling inline skate with adjustable sizes to fit different persons. It is a great choice skate for young boys to consider buying. Furthermore, you can adjust up to four sizes with a single button push. It is an attractive design skate with 8 illuminating wheels. The wheel lights are powered by the rollerblade wheels; hence no need to buy batteries.

Overall, this is a premium inline skate engineered for smooth skating and durable use. The skate feature a sturdy aluminum frame and polyurethane wheels. It is a safe and comfortable skate to order with confidence today.


  • Smooth and durable use
  • Self-generating lights
  • Adjustable sizes thus customized fitting
  • Interior liner for comfort


  • A few sizing issues

4. ITurnGlow Adjustable Inline Skate for Kids and Adults

ITurnGlow Adjustable Inline Skate for Kids and Adults

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This is another versatile inline skate suitable for kids and adults. It comes in different sizes, from small to extra-large to fit different persons. What’s more, each size adjusts accordingly for a great fit. The skates feature 8 illuminating wheels. The wheels light up automatically when you skate without using batteries. They are powered directly using power from the rolling wheels. You can be sure of a smooth and safe ride. The skates are also durable and a great value for money.

Overall, these are awesome skates with 7 ABEC bearings. The skates also feature an easy system to get in and out in seconds. Go ahead and order them today!


  • Smooth and durable skating
  • Illuminating lights thus attractive
  • 7 ABEC bearings for smooth rides
  • Adjustable sizes


  • Poor quality laces

3. Roller Derby Vtech/Cobra Inline Skates with Adjustable Sizing

Roller Derby Vtech/Cobra Inline Skates with Adjustable Sizing

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The Roller Derby inline skate is a quality skate with a stylish and fashionable finish. The skates are great for teenagers and children. They feature adjustable sizing to conveniently grow with the child’s feet. This way, the skates deliver a custom fit. They are also extremely lightweight for a simple and secure fitting. These are top-quality inline skates for easy and secure fitting. The skates feature a buckle closure and a reinforced nylon frame.

Overall, this is a high-quality skate that rolls smoothly. It is also durable to ensure long-lasting use.


  • Durable for long-lasting use
  • Adjustable sizing for a snug fit
  • Triple buckle closure for a secure fit
  • Lightweight for casual skating


  • Few bearing issues

2. WeSkate Adjustable Inline Skates

WeSkate Adjustable Inline Skates

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The WeSkate is another adjustable inline skate with great sizing. There are up to four sizes to fit adults and children. What’s more, each sizing adjusts conveniently to ensure a snug fit. The wheels light up and illuminate the dark. You can be sure of enjoying skating at night. Furthermore, the light is powered from the rolling wheels; hence no need for batteries. These are comfortable and safe skates to order right away. The skates feature durable and advanced material construction for long-lasting use.

There are also 7 ABEC bearings for smooth skating and braking. Overall, this is an excellent skate pair to order right away.


  • Smooth braking
  • Illuminating wheels powered by the rolling motion
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable sizes


  • The higher ankle area lacks padding

1. Rollerface RFSport Black Men’s Adult Fitness

Rollerface RFSport Black Men’s Adult Fitness

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This is an extra-padding skating Rollerface skate to consider buying. It is an exciting choice for adults to fit a wide array of needs. The skates feature durable aluminum hence strong and durable. They can support adults without breaking down easily. What’s more, the frame design offers a low gravity for optimal stability. It is a premium skate with 8 illuminating wheels. The wheels are also solid and offer a smooth rolling motion.

Overall, this is a durable and exciting choice inline skate to order today. The lightweight design ensures easy and safe use wherever you go.


  • Lightweight design hence easy riding
  • 8 illuminating wheels hence attractive
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Adjustable sizing for versatile use


  • The rear stopper wears fast

Factors to consider when buying inline skates

There are several features to consider when buying inline skates. The important features to consider include the following:


Inline skating is a sport that requires you to be able to move quickly and efficiently, so it’s essential for your skate size to fit properly. If you have trouble fitting into an adult or youth-sized pair of inlines, then try sizing down one half-size. This will allow you to get used to them more easily. Also, remember that some brands offer different sizes depending on whether they’re made for men, women, boys, girls, etc., so make sure you know which brand fits best before purchasing.


You’ll want wheels with good traction because this helps keep you from slipping while moving around. Look at the wheel diameter as well; larger wheels provide better control but can also cause ankle pain over time. A rule of thumb is to go up two sizes from what you normally would wear. For instance, if you usually wear a 7 1/4″ wide shoe, look for 8″.

Frame material

Some people prefer plastic frames because they don’t feel like traditional metal ones do, but others find that they tend to break easier than their metallic counterparts. There are many options out there, including carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, titanium, and even wood! Make sure you choose something durable enough to last through multiple seasons of use.

Grip tape

Many manufacturers offer grip tapes designed specifically for inliners. This helps prevent slips by providing extra friction between your feet and the frame. They come in various colors and textures, too, so pick whatever feels right to you.

Skateboard deck height

Most people start off using decks that are about 2 inches high, but higher levels may be necessary for advanced riders who need greater stability. Decks should always be measured against the floor surface where you plan to ride, not directly above your head.

Wheelbase length

While longer wheelbases give you more maneuverability, shorter ones can actually improve balance and speed. It all depends on how much room you’ve available. Try riding both types side-by-side to see which works best for you.


When choosing tires, think about how often you intend to take these skates outside. Do you live somewhere cold? Then you might want to invest in winter tires. Are you planning on taking these indoors during inclement weather? Consider getting studded snow tires instead. And finally, if you’re going to be doing lots of trail riding, you’ll probably want to opt for knobby treads rather than smooth road tires.


Your footbed plays a big role in determining comfort level. Choose a model that provides adequate support without being overly restrictive. Remember that the harder you push down on the board, the less comfortable it becomes.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best inline skates to consider buying. As you can see, choosing a suitable inline skate is not easy. I hope the comprehensive review and buying guide helps you make a wise purchase decision. Carefully analyze our top picks and choose an inline skate that best suits your needs and desires.

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