Top 10 Best Pregnancy Pillows in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

Pregnancy can be really hard on your body. It even gets worse as you progress through the second and third trimesters. The changes in body shape can make sleeping at night uncomfortable. You’re no longer able to sleep on your back or stomach. This calls for a suitable pregnancy pillow to provide your body with much-needed support. A pregnancy pillow is a must-have for sleep-deprived pregnant women. The pillows feature a unique design that supports your ever-growing belly. For pregnant mothers, side sleeping is the best and recommended sleep position. You need the best pregnancy pillow to support your body as you sleep or rest.

In this post, we review the market-leading pregnancy pillows for you. These are premium quality pregnancy pillows to order with confidence right away. The unique design of the pillows provides excellent support to different spots of your body. With so many different choices on the market, narrowing down on the best pillow can be quite challenging. Luckily for our readers, we’ve narrowed down the top choices on the market for you. Read through and choose one that matches your needs.

10. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, Grey U-Shape

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, Grey U-Shape

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This is a leading U-shaped body pillow with excellent support. It provides enough support for the back, knees, hips, neck, and head. The pillow comes with a detachable extension. You can use the extension as its full-body support. This is a versatile design pillow for pregnant women and other people in general. It is a large size pillow measuring 53 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 7 inches high. Overall, this is a decent pillow that can be used by just anyone looking for added support. The pillow features jersey-knit cotton for a soft skin feeling. You can order with confidence as the pillow also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Extra-long for full body support
  • Soft and comfy knit jersey cotton
  • Includes a detachable extension
  • Versatile for multi-purpose use


  • A little small and without enough stuffing

9. Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping

Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping

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This is another top-rated pregnancy pillow for women with excellent support. Compared to most pregnant pillows, this is a multi-purpose design with a full-body design. It is not just designed for pregnant women but for anybody looking for excellent body support. Moreover, the pillow comes with a premium filling making it extra soft. It is a high-density pillow yet extremely soft for pregnant women. You can be assured of all body support. This is a comfortable design shape that provides great body support. Moreover, the pillow size is large and can meet the needs of most pregnant women. Overall, this is a quality pillow with a velvet soft purple-grey cover for added comfort.


  • Soft velvet cover hence comfortable
  • Premium filling materials
  • Whole-body support due to large U-shaped design
  • Multi-purpose design for use by all persons


  • Does require some additional stuffing for better firmness

8. INSEN Pregnancy Pillow, Maternity Body Pillow

INSEN Pregnancy Pillow, Maternity Body Pillow

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This is an ergonomic design pregnancy pillow to replace other small pillows in your bed. It is a unique C-shaped pregnancy pillow measuring 58 by 28 by 7.8 inches. This is a comfortable pregnancy pillow that supports the head, neck, belly, hips, and knees. The pillow features the highest density of soft fiber. It adapts and molds to your body shape. You can use the pillow when sleeping, watching TV on the sofa, or just relaxing. This is a versatile all-in-one pregnancy pillow that can meet a wide range of needs. It is a lightweight design pillow weighing 6 pounds. You can use it anywhere in the house with ease.


  • Lightweight design hence easy to carry around
  • High-density soft fiber
  • Ergonomic design for great body support
  • The smooth and fluffy cover thus comfortable


  • It is not cooling

7. AngQi Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

AngQi Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

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This is an exciting 55-inch pregnancy pillow with a jersey knit cover. It is a unique design pillow with extra fillings to offer maximum comfort and support. The pillow features premium PP cotton. This is a decent pillow that adapts to your body movement. It helps support the back, neck, hips, knees, and head. Pregnant women can sleep better and for longer. You don’t have to suffer from restless nights because of pregnancy. This pillow will offer the right support and feel soft on the skin. The cover features a double zipper for easy removal and washing. It is a machine-washable cover making maintenance easy. Overall, this is a multi-functional body support pillow to seriously consider buying.


  • Soft cooling jersey cover
  • Unique design and extra-filled thus comfortable
  • Great back, hips, neck, and knees support
  • 100% PP cotton fillings thus breathable


  • Decrease in support with usage

6. MOON PINE Pregnancy Pillow

MOON PINE Pregnancy Pillow

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This is a leading pregnancy pillow with a U-shaped design. It is a reliable pillow with full-body support. This is a velour fabric pillowcase with mesh holes providing the pillow with superior air circulation. You can be sure of keeping cool throughout the night. It is a premium pillow with high-quality 7D PP cotton fillings. The fillings keep the pillow fluffy and full retaining firmness for long. This is an ergonomic design pillow to seriously consider buying. It is a versatile design pillow that supports several sleeping positions. It can be used by other persons apart from pregnant women for TV watching, relaxing, and sleeping. Back, side ad stomach sleepers can all benefit from this pillow.


  • Unique U-shaped design for full-body support
  • Breathable cover for excellent air circulation
  • Versatile design for use by all persons
  • Pain-relieving for better sleep


  • Wrinkly when new

5. OCCObaby Pregnancy Pillow

OCCObaby Pregnancy Pillow

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This is another leading pregnancy pillow with a wedge design to use under the belly. It is a versatile design pillow to also use behind the back and in between the legs. The pillow provides ample support and ensures a comfortable sleep. This is a reversible design memory foam wedge pillow with a soft and firm side. It offers customized support to meet the varying needs of pregnant women. The pillow cover features micro-holes to allow for air circulation. This ensures excellent airflow keeping your body cool. The ultra-soft cover is durable, comfortable, and machine washable. This makes it really easy to clean &maintain.


  • Machine-washable cover hence easy to clean
  • Micro-holes in the foam layer for keeping cool
  • The cover is ultra-soft hence comfy
  • Dual side usage with a reversible soft and firmer side


  • Not full-body support

4. 1 MIDDLE ONE Pregnancy Pillow, C-Shaped

1 MIDDLE ONE Pregnancy Pillow, C-Shaped

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This is a top-selling pregnancy pillow and a great choice for full-body support. It is a large C-shaped pillow design that provides whole-body support. The pillow features a plush and soft velvet cover for enhanced comfort levels. The cover is machine-washable making it clean a breeze. It is a breathable pillow with good air circulation. You can be sure of staying cool and sleeping comfortably all night. In addition, the pillow offers multiple sleeping positions. It can benefit the stomach, side, and back sleepers. Overall, this is a durable pillow with high-density polyester fillings. It also allows for filling adjustments to set the right firmness level.


  • Adjustable firmness level due to removable fillings
  • The breathable design thus supports cool sleeping
  • Unique C-shaped design for the whole-body support
  • Soft and caressing fabric


  • Does take a lot of space

3. Awesling 60in Full Body Pillow |Nursing

Awesling 60in Full Body Pillow |Nursing

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This is one of the best pregnancy pillows with soft cotton material. It is a large 60-inch pillow with full-body support. The pillow provides great cushioning and support. You can be sure of maximum relaxation with the belly well-supported. It is a top-quality nursing pillow that lets you snuggle into the C-shape of the pillow. The pillow cradles your body and offers head, neck, back, hips, and knee support. In addition, this pillow is ergonomic and comes with a 45-degree angle pillow. It works just fine for men too. Persons with surgery can also use it for post-surgery recovery.


  • Fully adjustable design for a custom experience
  • Includes a 45-degree angle pillow
  • Versatile and comfortable for men too
  • Soft and plush cotton cover


  • There is a belt in the middle that keeps rolling

2. Victorstar Pregnancy Pillow, 57 Inches U Shaped

Victorstar Pregnancy Pillow, 57 Inches U Shaped

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This is a unique design U-shaped pregnancy pillow measuring 57 inches. The pillow will surely take huge space on your bed but is worth the space. It is a comfortable pillow with all-around support. This pillow will ensure long-lasting comfort and support for pregnant women. The attached pillow is removable and machine-washable. It features a zipper that opens with ease for cleaning and maintenance. Women can enjoy great support from the head to the knees. Overall, this is a multi-functional design table to seriously consider buying. You also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee for confidence buying it.


  • Multi-functional design for all-night support
  • Large size for full-body support
  • Soft and comfy cover
  • The cover is removable and easy cleaning


  • Irritating smell when new

1. Aidiu u Shaped Pregnant Body Pillows

Aidiu u Shaped Pregnant Body Pillows

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This is our last best pregnancy pillow and another top-rated selection. It is a full-body support pillow with a unique U-shaped design. The unique design conforms to the body’s natural curve for great night support. This is a firm pillow that will not move randomly. It works just perfectly and gives you some sense of security when sleeping. In addition, the pillow features premium fillings that are durable and resilient. You can also adjust the thickness by adding and reducing the filling. Overall, this is a multi-functional body pillow with pretty exciting features and reviews.


  • Premium filling materials thus resilient and durable
  • Soft and comfy
  • Ergonomic U-shaped design
  • The multi-functional design thus versatile


  • Needs extra stuffing

Pregnancy pillow buying guide

There are several things to consider when choosing a pregnancy pillow. Most of these factors depend on personal preferences. Where exactly do you need the support? These factors include:

Sleeping position

The sleeping position is a crucial factor when choosing a pregnancy pillow. However, for pregnant women, sleeping on the left side is recommended. Back and stomach positions are impossible as the stomach grows. They can also restrict blood flow to the fetus. The left side is the suitable position that puts the least strain on your body. A suitable pregnancy pillow must provide ample side support.

The majority of the pillows on the market are designed with U-shaped and C-shaped designs to provide enough side support.


Next, you need to consider the size of the pillows. Pregnancy pillows come in varying sizes from a small wedge design to large U-shaped designs that cover the entire body. What is your bed size? How much space are you willing to give up on your bed? Such questions can help you choose the right -size-pillow.

Firmness level

Pillows come with varying firmness levels to suit different user needs. Polyester fiberfill pillows are among the softest on the market. They are recommended choices when you need a bit of extra cushioning. If you need something firmer, you can consider foam-based pillows. The ideal choice pillow comes down to what best works for you.

Pressure relief

You can also consider pillow pressure relief. This is how well the pillow molds into your body shape. This is a great feature to consider for pregnant women as they need a pillow that molds into their body shape. It is a great feature that alleviates pressure points on the body.


The shape of the pillow is another excellent feature to consider. Most pregnant pillows come in two major shapes. These are the U-shaped and C-shaped pillows. The unique designs offer support to different body parts. Most of these pillows feature small pillow attachments. The attachments can be removed to provide targeted support. Some of these small pillows feature a wedge design and offer targeted body support.


Lastly, you need to consider the pillow filling material and cover. Cotton knit covers are preferred since they are soft and breathable.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best pregnancy pillows to seriously consider buying. Body support when pregnant is important for a comfortable rest. The pillows are uniquely designed to provide side, head, neck, and back support. Pregnant mothers can sleep better and for longer when they have the right pillow.

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