Top 10 Best Stand Mixer in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 16, 2023

A stand mixer is a must-have kitchen appliance, especially if you love baking. Mixing dough to achieve smooth and consistent results is never easy. Stirring manually gets your biceps worked and can be tiring. Stand mixers are convenient, allowing you to perform other tasks as it mixes dough. This is a versatile device that helps whip kneaded bread bake, cake butter, cookie dough, egg whites, and whipped cream. It is a small kitchen appliance but one that performs crucial tasks. When looking for the best stand mixer, you need to choose wisely. First, your kitchen has enough countertop space for the mixer. You must also set the right budget before plunging into the market and making the right purchase decision.

In our reviews below, we help you choose the best stand mixes in the market. Our reviews below narrow down your search of stand mixers to 10. These are the top-rated stand mixers with excellent features and reviews. They are tested, proven, and recommended stand mixers with good reviews and recommendations. Make sure you check them out and carefully choose one that meets your needs.

10. Sunbeam MixMaster 350W, White

Sunbeam MixMaster 350W, White

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This is our first choice stand mixer and a decent selection. It is a premium quality stand mixer with a powerful 350-watt motor. The mixer is easy to use and comes with 12 variable settings. This makes it easier to customize the whipping process and achieve the desired consistency. It is an advanced stand mixer with soft-start technology. The technology helps avoid unnecessary splatters and spills when starting the mixer. There is a further tilt-locking head to allow easy bowl access. This is a stable design stand mixer with non-skid rubber feet. The mixer also features a single-button attachment removal. It is a unique design mixer with a long 30 feet cord and all accessories included.


  • Easy bowl access due to tilt-locking head
  • Stable due to non-skid rubber feet
  • 12 variable settings thus versatile
  • Powerful mixing due to 350-watt motor


  • Does vibrate when operating at high speeds

9. Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5 –QT 660W 6-Speed

Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5 –QT 660W 6-Speed

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This is another powerful choice stand mixer to consider buying. It is a high-performance stand mixer with 660W pure copper motor. The motor provides high torque for quick and efficient whipping. In addition, this mixer features sturdy ABS plastic casing. It is a durable design mixer that will serve you for long. The mixer is also versatile and comes with six-speed settings. The motor is powerful but operates quietly at below 75 decibels. This is a tilt-head design mixer that allows you to install and uninstall bowl accessories. It is a premium mixer with stainless steel decoration belt and LED light power indicator. The one-layer painting makes it shiny and attractive in the kitchen.


  • Attractive due to a sleek one-layer painting
  • Durable due to strong ABS plastic housing
  • Powerful due to 660W pure copper motor
  • LED light power indicator


  • Terrible cleanup but a great mixer

8. KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series Stand Mixers

KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus Series Stand Mixers

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This is another reliable stand mixer with a direct drive transmission. The mixer features all-steel gears construction, thus strong and durable. It is a sturdy all-metal construction stand mixer to last you many years. Besides, the mixer comes with multi-purpose attachments for versatile use. It also features a 5-quart polished stainless steel wide-mouth bowl for easy mixing. The mixer features a 450-watt rated motor, thus powerful. Other features include a knead spiral dough hook, flat beater, and stainless steel wire whip. It is a versatile choice stand mixer with ten-speed settings to meet different user needs.


  • Versatile due to 10-speed settings
  • Easy mixing due to wide-mouth bowl
  • Durable because of all-metal construction
  • Powerful 450W motor


  • Pouring ingredients into the bowl a little difficult

7. Stand Mixer, Cusimax 5-Quart 800W Dough Mixer

Stand Mixer, Cusimax 5-Quart 800W Dough Mixer

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This is a powerful 800-watt Cusimax stand mixer to consider buying. The mixer features a strong motor mix, whip, and knead, thus capable of handling a variety of foods. You can easily prepare and make several homemade cookies. It is a perfect size mixer with a 5-quart stainless steel bowl. The bowl is dishwasher safe, thus easy to clean. In addition, the mixer features a splatter shield guard to prevent messy spills, drops, and drips. There are also three attachments that secure to the shaft, making it a versatile stand mixer. Lastly, the mixer features a tilt-lock head for easy access of the bowl on all corners. Overall, this is a stable dough mixer with anti-slip silicone suction cups to increase stability.


  • Increased stability because of the anti-slip suction cups
  • Three attachments that secure to the shaft thus versatile
  • Large 5 QT stainless steel bowl
  • Powerful because of 800W motor


  • Lowest power setting still seems a little high

6. Nurxiovo Stand Mixer 850W 6 Speed

Nurxiovo Stand Mixer 850W 6 Speed

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This is another effective stand mixer with a tilt head for convenient mixing and beating of ingredients. The mixer head tilts and reaches every side of the bowl. It ensures smooth and consistent ingredient mixing. This is a powerful 850W motor stand mixer. The mixer features a pure copper motor and sturdy ABD housing for durability. It also comes with built-in temperature sensors to shut-down automatically at high temperatures. This is a great feature that helps prevent overheating. It is a versatile 3-in-1 baker that makes baking a lot easier. There are also six pulse speed and LED blue light for convenient use. The mixer comes with a large 7-quart steel bowl to handle more dough at once. Overall, this is a premium quality stand mixer with a tilt-lock head design. The mixer allows for easy access to all sides of the bowl.


  • Easy access to all sides of the bowl due to a tilt-lock head design
  • Anti-slip base thus stable
  • Six plus pulse speeds thus customizable
  • Powerful 850-watt motor


  • Can handle only 5 quarts

5. KLARSTEIN Bella Nera – Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KLARSTEIN Bella Nera – Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

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This is a professional kitchen stand mixer with a tilting head. The head tilts and locks in place supporting mixing and whipping on all corners. The beaters can reach every side of the wall providing you with smooth and consistent mixtures. It is a powerful 650W stand mixer with a planetary stirring system. You can be sure of achieving top results and meeting your baking needs. This is a versatile stand mixer with a quick-clamping system to change how the machine functions. You can change it from stirring pizza to kneading dough in minutes. Overall, this is a smart design tilt-head stand mixer, a folding mixing arm for convenient storage.


  • Convenient storage due to a folding mixing arm
  • Versatile design thus handles a variety of tasks
  • Planetary stirring system thus top-notch results
  • Quiet


  • Hard to remove the bowl but great

4. COSTWAY Stand Mixer, 6-Speed

COSTWAY Stand Mixer, 6-Speed

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The COSTWAY stand mixer is a top-quality mixer to achieve professional chef results. It features a powerful 660W motor and six-speed settings. It lets you choose the ideal pulse speed for different ingredients. In addition, this mixer features a 360-degree stereo stirring for effective results. It reaches every angle on the bowl to achieve smooth and consistent mixtures. There are also three different attachments to handle all types of foods. The mixer also comes with a large 7.5-quart bowl capacity to handle more mixtures at once. Overall, this is a tilt-lock head design mixture with a non-slip base. It remains stable and supports quiet mixing.


  • Stable due to an anti-slip design
  • Large bowl capacity thus handles more mixtures at once
  • Versatile due to three different attachments
  • Powerful and comes with six-speed settings


  • Made of plastic

3. Cuisinart SM-35R Precision Master 3.5 Quart stand Mixer

Cuisinart SM-35R Precision Master 3.5 Quart stand Mixer

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This is a compact design stand mixer and a decent choice for kitchens with minimal space. It is a versatile stand mixer from the leading Cuisinart brand. The mixer features a large 3.5-quart bowl with strong stainless steel construction. It also comes with an ergonomic handle, thus easy to control and use. This is a powerful 350-watt motor stand mixer with Die-Cast metal construction for durability. Overall, this is a decent choice stand mixer that comes with pretty much everything you need. It is also compatible with most Cuisinart accessories.


  • Compact design thus space-saving
  • Durable due to stainless steel construction
  • Perfect size 3.5-quart bowl
  • Tilt-back head design thus easy bowl access when mixing


  • Can handle small size mixtures

2. CHEFTRONIC SM928-Red Standing Mixer, One Size

CHEFTRONIC SM928-Red Standing Mixer, One Size

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This is a versatile design standing mixer with up to four accessories. The mixer features three kinds of mixing accessories to handle different types of foods. It is a small design mixer with a 350-watt motor. The mixer also features six-speed settings with a pulse function to meet different needs. This is a versatile stand mixer with four anti-slip silicone suction cups. The cups enhance the mixer stability ensuring safe use. You don’t have to worry about the mixer moving when mixing. Overall, this is a compact, and UL listed stand mixer to order with confidence today.


  • UL listed thus safe
  • Versatile and comes with four accessories
  • Six-speed settings
  • Stable and safe due to anti-slip design


  • A bit loud

1. Aifeel Stand Mixer, 800W

Aifeel Stand Mixer, 800W

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This is our final best stand mixer and a top-rated selection to consider buying. It is a premium stand mixer with a powerful 800W motor. The mixer provides better kneading while producing low noise levels. Besides, this mixer will stop operating when it overheats, preventing further damage. It is easy to use and comes with three key functions and LED light. This is a compact size stand mixer with 4.3 QT bowl. It is a great addition to any kitchen and one to buy today. The stand mixer also features an anti-slip feet design for added stability.


  • Stable due to anti-slip feet
  • LED light indicators
  • Easy to use due to simple three key functions
  • Tilt-head design thus easy bowl access


  • It has to stop to scrape the sides

Features to consider when choosing the best stand mixers

Before choosing a stand mixer, there are a few important features to consider. These features will help you find a suitable stand mixer with quality and safety construction. Below are some of the important features to bear in mind.


Power consideration is very important as it determines the ability of the mixer to handle tough tasks. You need a stand mixer with a high-quality and powerful motor to handle tough dough mixtures. This is important, especially if you’re handling the heavy or dry dough. The selected unit must be powerful to withstand heavy mixing and whipping of dough.

Planetary action

This is an action where the beaters rotate on their axis in the same manner the earth rotates. It is a great feature to consider since it ensures both sides of the bowls are scraped. This way, you get to achieve a smooth and consistent result. The ingredients become fully mixed, leading to excellent results when the product is baked.

All metal gearings

Metal gears are considered the best and last longer, giving users excellent value for money. However, you still need to check the specific metal gear construction. Some models feature pot metal gears while others feature steel or brass gears. Steel and brass metal gears are of better quality and will last for long. However, metal gears are a bit noisy compared to the quieter nylon gears.

Slow start feature

Stand mixers with a slow-start feature are considered the best since they avoid ingredient splatter. When stand mixers start fast and abruptly, they tend to scatter ingredients to the walls and the air, which leads to wastage. This also creates a messy work area. Make sure you choose stand mixers that start slowly and steadily allow for speed increases.

Speed options

The more speeds available, the better. Stand mixers with several varying steps offer users options to mix a variety of ingredients. For the dough, you need to mix slowly to achieve consistent results. On the other hand, you need high speeds when whipping cream. Choosing a stand mixer with varying speed settings is highly beneficial, making the mixer versatile. Make sure you consider stand mixers with 12-speed settings or more.

Size and weight

These are two crucial considerations to bear in mind before choosing a stand mixer. The ideal stand mixer must be of the ideal size to fit your countertop space. This means first checking the available space and choosing the perfect size. You also need a unit that is a bit heavier to increase stability. Stand mixers weighing more than 20lbs will not walk around when whipping or mixing dough.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the best stand mixers to consider buying this year. They are premium quality stand mixers with excellent features to buy today. Go right ahead and check them out before choosing one that best suits your needs.

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