Top 10 Best Trunk Organizers in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 16, 2023

Keeping a car trunk organized helps in maximizing the space. Trunk organizers are among the useful accessories that everyone needs to enjoy neat and well-utilized space. Depending on the size of the car trunk, there are many organizers available. The only task is to choose the right option to fit in the car.

The organizers also come in different materials. Therefore, it’s possible to get the ideal one for use in different vehicles conveniently. In fact, some are collapsible, which ensure easy usage and storage. Depending on what you are carried, there are many organizers to choose from. This list explores some of the best trunk organizers for different vehicles.

10. Starling’s Car Trunk SUV Adjustable Organizer

Starling's Car Trunk SUV Adjustable Organizer

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The Starling’s adjustable car trunk organizer is an excellent storage accessory for SUVs. The large capacity organizer is ideal for keeping all your items easily. Whether you have limited trunk space, this storage organizer is impressive. It can be used in the rear seat, garage, or home; it is a great option. The adjustable nature means it can only open to the required size. Therefore, no stress when you have a few items to store, the container is superb.

Besides keeping your items safe, the container features premium and eco-friendly materials. Also, the durable nature ensures there is increased usability without damage. The organizer comes with 3 storage compartments, which allows for proper organization. Thereby, whether it’s carrying different items, there is easy retrieval. The handles are durably made with the ability to resist extreme abuse. Equipped with dividers, there is convenient storage of various things without stuffing them in a single compartment.


  • Heavy-duty fabrics
  • Adjustable design
  • Durable handles
  • Waterproof fabrics


  • Large for small cars trunks

9. Drive Auto Products Foldable Car Cargo Trunk Organizer

Drive Auto Products Foldable Car Cargo Trunk Organizer

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Drive Auto products cargo organizer is the solution to your limited trunk space. The container is large and offers multiple compartments. They are handy and essential in keeping stored items safe. Unlike when placing your items on the floor, the container is great. Multicompartmets are superb for the arrangement of your loads. Whether carrying delicate or for daily usage, the container is excellent. Apart from the organization, the bag storage container comes with a variety of features that eases your daily needs.

The folding design is fantastic for the storage of this organizer when not in use. This helps to m free up your trunk or back seats for others uses. Constructed from 6000D oxford fabrics, there is high reliability and durability. Due to durable nature, this organizer can stand on its own, hence great for ease of use. Besides the main compartments, there are numerous side pockets for additional storage.


  • Numerous storage pockets
  • Super strong oxford fabrics
  • Secure straps


  • No top cover

8. FORTEM Collapsible Non-Slip Bottom Car Trunk Organizer

FORTEM Collapsible Non-Slip Bottom Car Trunk Organizer

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Having a well-organized trunk not only brings neatness, but it brings excellent access. Fortem Collapsible organizer is large and offers the best utilization of the trunk. It’s one of the durably made containers to keep every vehicle easy to carry different items. Whether it’s a combination of grocery and other shopping, there is no mixing them. It has large and divided compartments that fit all your components. The walls are durable, while the base comes with reinforced plates. This helps to keep the organizer in shape and with great support.

Despite the strong structure, the organizer is easy to collapse. Therefore, it can be in your vehicle always for use anytime and everywhere. The ability to be secured with fitted straps allows for high safety. When driving on bumpy areas or carrying delicate items, it’s easy to secure this container. The high-quality construction and durable material ensure great versatility storage options.


  • Reinforced base
  • Non-slip strips
  • Securing straps
  • Durable buckles


  • Not waterproof

7. Trunkcratepro Collapsible Multi Compartments Organizer

Trunkcratepro Collapsible Multi Compartments Organizer

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Trunkcratepro is a premium organizer that solves your vehicle storage problem. The box is large to enable large capacity while also helping to save space. The crate is made from durable and eco-friendly materials, which means you can always enjoy superb reliability. Since the organizer has sturdy material, there is no easy damage after a few uses. The side panels feature oxford materials hence soft yet long-lasting. The materials are tear and abrasion-resistant. Also, the water-resistance ensures everything inside is safe.

The usability is simple, and the organizer is simple to mount. It has installation straps; hence everyone can use it. Due to innovative multi-facet design, there is superb performance throughout this box lifetime. The customizable design enables for adjustment of the compartment size. This is through the use of Velcro attached dividers that allows for size adjustment.


  • Easy to use dividers
  • Simple to install
  • Durable and waterproof


  • Moves on plastic surfacesMoves on plastic surfacesMoves on plastic surfaces

6. Honey-Can-Do Folding Car Trunk Organizer

Honey-Can-Do Folding Car Trunk Organizer

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Having the right cargo organizer is great for ensuring your car looks organized. Honey-can-Do folding trunk is an excellent option for different vehicles. It comes with stylish and many pockets for easy organization. Therefore, when you have many items to carry, there is easy organization and safe storage. Made from soft double fabrics, the organizer is excellent for your daily uses. The stitched in handles are the reason this box makes trunk a caddy.

Apart from the large pockets, the box has smaller mesh pockets. These ensure there is excellent storage of small items. The container is versatile and ideal for deferent purposes. This ensures that once you have it in your car, it can be used for emergency or regular usage. With a collapsible design, the box is simple to store in a vehicle while not in use. Handles are superior and reliable to ensure easy lifting.


  • Mesh pockets
  • Ideal for all situations
  • Soft, durable fabrics


  • No bottom reinforcing panels

5. SURDOCA Car Space Saving Trunk Organizer

SURDOCA Car Space Saving Trunk Organizer

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Surdoca space-saving organizer is the right choice to keep your trunk clean. It allows for safe and clean handling of different items. With this container, it offers great convenience. It eases fitting this organizer into different cars. Additionally, the easy to install design ensures it is great for ensuring everyone can mount easily. Equipped with 4 stable magic structure, the container is reliable and keeps the car tidy. Additionally, the bag fits your installation perfectly and doesn’t offer swing hence safe for safe storage.

The multiple compartments are superb for the organization of different items. The main compartments are large and divided to accommodate bigger loads. Also, there are small pockets that are good for tools and other essential items. The high-quality stitching and materials make the container superb and durable. Amazingly, the organizer is machine washable hence easy to keep it clean.


  • Machine washable fabrics
  • Waterproof construction
  • Simple installation process


  • Buckles are hard to unbuckle

4. MIU COLOR Portable Foldable Car Trunk Organizer

MIU COLOR Portable Foldable Car Trunk Organizer

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MU Color car organizer is the ideal option people need to upgrade their trunks. The portable container is excellently made with sturdy fabrics to resist damage by abrasions. With an expandable design, the organizer has 3 compartments. Additionally, the 2 slots have dividers which ensure there is increased storage space. The solidly made panels are great for keeping the organizer upright. Therefore, once packing your items, no stress like soft panels.

High-quality, environment-friendly cloth is excellent for keeping the box durable for a long time. Additionally, high-quality stitching is fantastic and renders the bag durable. Fitted with strong handles, the container is easy to lift without damages. The high portability means no unpacking your items in the vehicle. Due to the high capacity, the organizer is versatile and ideal for use for different purposes. It suits car trunk, garages, beaches, and other places.


  • Fine stitching
  • Eco-friendly cloth
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Versatile application


  • No side pockets

3. Oasser Trunk Cargo Organizer Trunk Storage

Oasser Trunk Cargo Organizer Trunk Storage

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Oasser cargo organizer is one of the high-quality storage organizers for any car. The uniquely designed box ensures safe and organized. The solid panels and cover are designed from 1680D oxford fabrics, which are durable and waterproof. With a soft interior lining, the container is safe even when storing delicate. With 5mm thick board made from pearl wool, the box keeps everything secure. Even when moving your load from car to house, the cover is excellent for offering perfect protection.

This cargo bag comes with sturdy aluminum handles. They are robust than others, which makes the bag great for lifting the bag. When loaded with massive weight, there is no more handles breaking. Fitting the organizer into the trunk or the rear seat is simple and reliable. Apart from the main compartments, the box has extra pockets for maximizing storage capacity.


  • Waterproof materials
  • Metallic handles
  • Extra mesh pockets
  • Durable lid


  • Dividers can be confusing

2. Autoark AK-092 Multipurpose Car SUV Trunk Organizer

Autoark AK-092 Multipurpose Car SUV Trunk Organizer

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Autoark AK-092 is one of the multipurpose trunk organizers. It keeps the b car neat and well organized even when you have much cargo to carry. The box is great for different vehicles like small cars, trucks, and SUVs. Therefore, everyone can enjoy proper storage of groceries, cleaning supplies, and other items. Apart from use in a car, the organizer is also suitable for holding household items in homes. Boasting heavy-duty construction, the container is sturdy and self-standing.

Apart from the strong panels, the container is waterproof. The super stitching is fantastic for ensuring there is great reliability. The dividers are efficient in customizing your compartments for increased space utilization. Besides the main compartments, there are other smaller ones, which make storage of different items easy. Durable attachment straps ensure the organizer doesn’t move once fitted in the vehicle.


  • Cleaning is simple
  • Unbreakable handle
  • Removable dividers


  • Doesn’t come with a lid

1. Handy Laundry Fold Away Car Trunk Organizer

Handy Laundry Fold Away Car Trunk Organizer

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Handy Laundry organizer is a premium choice for most vehicles. It keeps your cargo clean and well organized to ensure exceptional neatness. With heavy-duty construction, it can hold heavy items to prevent rolling. The two main compartments mean it can fit large items without suffering damage. Ideally, the container is excellent for keeping different things like groceries, emergency kits, and others. The construction features durable fabrics that are resistant to easy damage.

The organizer has additional mesh pockets that help to carry extra cargo. With sturdy handles, they enable users to carry heavy load without breaking. This organizer is large, measuring 22-inches wide, 10-inches tall, and 11-inches deep it provides the perfect storage solution. To add exceptional durability and reliability, the bottom comes with inserts. They are ideal for keeping the organizer stable. The ability to fold down completely gives the bag the ability to be stored efficiently. Therefore, it is an excellent option to have in the car throughout.


  • Large compartments
  • Strong bottom inserts
  • Non-slip Velcro strips


  • No attachment buckles

Trunk Organizers Buying Guide


The capacity of an organizer is vital for the ability to carry the desired cargo. Bearing in mind these bags are for keeping your items well organized, these bags should offer ideal holding capacity. The size of a vehicle trunk determines the capacity of an organizer. For trucks, they have a large bed, which ensures people can get large organizers. However, for small cars, they have a small trunk, which translates to small capacity organizers. However, your choice should ensure it can cater to the needs.

Durable, waterproof materials

The construction of any organizer should entail high-quality materials. Although they differ e from brand to the other, they should be tough and ideal to carry a heavy load. Mostly, oxford fabrics are commonly used in the making of trunk organizers. They are durable and robust to resist damage by friction or abrasions. Besides premium materials, ensure your organizer is waterproof. This allows for the protection of items from moisture.

Adjustable and foldable design

The ability to adjust your organizer to accommodate smaller or large cargo is vital. Some of the organizers are created with the ability to adjust. This ensures that you can only utilize the required size. Therefore, when having little cargo, it is content. Apart from the adjustability, the folding structure is vital. Therefore, once the organizer isn’t in use, there is secure storage.

Non-slip bottom

A non-slipping bottom is vital for the safety of carried items. As the car moves, it can cause unnecessary movements. This can cause damage to delicate items. However, some of the organizers come with non-slip strips, which allows for enhanced grip. Therefore, when driving, the bag doesn’t move around hence great for the safety of the cargo.


Car trunk organizers are great accessories that everyone needs to have. They are convenient and versatile to accommodate different types of cargoes. They come with high versatility, sizes, and materials. Therefore, when you need a good organizer, these featured above are good for any motorist.

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