Top 10 Best Walking Sandals for Men in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on January 15, 2023

Walking requires a walker to choose the best walking shoes. But, there are different type of shoes available. It is that reason that people will look at the best fit and style. Walking sandals for men are some of the best option to keep users comfortable in short or long distance trekking. Unlike the closed shoes, sandals are superb in keeping feet cool without sweating. Therefore, they eliminate discomforts like slipping and excessive sweating that leads to smelly feet.

To enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable trek, everyone should invest in the ideal sandals. They should provide reliability under all condition regardless of prevailing weather condition. Normally, since these shoes are dedicated to walking, they provide athletics conditions like flexibility, lightweight, motion control and strong constriction. Therefore, they don’t restrict your movement under any terrain or condition. To have the best walking sandals for men, this review offers exhaustive analysis for quick and easy purchasing.

10. Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal

Teva Men's Hurricane XLT Sandal

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When trekking is in your blood, there is no need to suffer by wearing unreliable shoes. Here is a sandal perfectly made for men to wear when walking. The Teya Men’s hurricane sandal is one of the top quality shoe made with perfection. It’s a lightweight but tough sandal made to create a comfortable feeling under all circumstances. The rubber sole is strong to withstand heavy-duty shoe application. Also, made with high grip, the shoe is classic in ensuring user have confidence when walking.

Apart from the grip, the rubber sole doesn’t crack like cheap plastic. Raised heel measures 1.5 inches which is great for feet stabilization, yhe nylon straps are strong and resist damage by water. Even when the weather is not permitting. You can use the sandals without worry. With EVA foam insoles, they are soft and give feet exceptional cushioning and feel. Overall, the sandal is rugged for use in different conditions.


  • Rugged rubber soles
  • Velcro strap closure
  • Soft EVA foam insole
  • Polyester webbing


  • Less suited for active wears

9. Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-Post Sandal with Orthotic Arch Support

Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-Post Sandal with Orthotic Arch Support

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When you want to break some calories, there is a need to take a walk. Whether in the compound or in street, reliable shoes all you need. Unlike the heavy, this has light construction to improve your performance. Despite created for walking, the sandal is stylish and ideal for casual wears. Enhanced with neoprene mesh, it keeps foot enjoying proper hugging and comfort. Additionally, the rubber sole is light and have a remarkable grip. Therefore, even on slippery floors, the shoe is safe.

The footbed is extra comfortable. Lined with EVA insoles they cushion feet against hardiness. Unlike the flat shoes, this has concealed orthopedic arch support. This prevents muscle cramps when the user walks for a long distance. Besides, the arch offers a great cushion to keep feet well aligned. There is no worry since the sandal has a unisex design. Whether women or men, they can wear without experiencing feet discomforts due to from width.


  • Unisex designed
  • Tough and light rubber outsole
  • Neoprene webbing


  • Straps not adjustable

8. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

Crocs Men's Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

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The Crocs men Swiftwater sandal is one of the top constructed and stylish shoe. It comes with a unique design and appearance which allow it to be used in different surfaces and conditions. The complete textile construction reduces overall weight. This gives it a perfect way to keep feet comfortable and increases performance. Whether trekking on the land or in water, the shoe is perfectly suited. In fact, tough textile materials help to allow quick water shedding. Also, the upper part is broad which add perfect support without discomforts like thin strapped sandals.

Apart from the breathable upper mesh, the sole is lighter than other shoes. This one enjoys a synthetic sole that is light and brings added performance. The front extended sole is good for protecting your toes when hiking in rugged grounds. Forget about the stressing to close shoes, this comes with loop and hook. Iconic croc comfort renders the sandal perfect for all walking needs.


  • Mesh upper shoe
  • Extra toes protection
  • Hook and loop closure system
  • Durable stitching


  • Not good for use in sand

7. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal

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It’s time to walk everywhere without experiencing a single grain of discomfort. The Keen Newsport H2 for men is one of the premium and stylish shoe to wear. The shoe is ergonomically created to hold your feet without causing any strain. In fact, the metatomical EVA insoles are superb and cushions feet against the hard spots. The rubber outsole is strong to withstand different conditions. Also, the type of rubber used is non-marking which is superb for easing floor cleaning.

After a daylong walking, sweating and other dirt should not worry you. The polyester webbing allows ease of washing and drying. With a platform measuring 1.5 inches high, the shoe is good for using in different grounds without causing discomfort to the feet. Multidirectional lug pattern increases grip when walking in different surfaces. The shoe is free from PFC materials hence safe for everyone.


  • Multi-directional lug patters
  • Water-resistant leather upper
  • Adjustable lace closure system
  • Protected toe space


  • Weak stitching

6. Telic Energy Flip Flop Sandal Men and Women

Telic Energy Flip Flop Sandal Men and Women

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Light trekking doesn’t need heavy duty shoes. However, the quality of your choice should bring great reliability and comfort. This flip flop men and women sandal by Telic Energy is one of the top choices for exceptional walking. It has a light structure which doesn’t add a lot of weight to your foot. Amazingly, the foam construction renders one of the lightest shoes for home and walking needs. The easy to wear shoe offers perfect feet hugging which necessary for walkers.

The foam is heat sensitive which allows sandal to ergonomically contour to your foot. Also, the sole is good for absorbing the impact and ideal for uneven ground for excellent impact absorption. Besides walking, the shoe is good for fast recovery after intense workouts. Above all, the orthopedic support foam is a good way to alleviate achy and tired feet.


  • Heat sensitive foam
  • Water damage resistant
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Great for feet pain alleviation


  • Not for heavy walkers

5. Chaco Men’s Z1 Classic Athletic Sandal

Chaco Men's Z1 Classic Athletic Sandal

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Walking is essential to keep the body fit. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to engage in extreme sports. But, one of the essential when walking, are sandals. This Chaco men’s Z1 athletic sandal brings all the comfort and reliability when walking. The construction of this sandal is amazing. With upper parts boasting textile, it is light, strong and water friendly. Moreover, the rubber sole keeps the foot in position without slipping.

The straps are adjustable and enhanced with acquired polyester webbing. The webbing is classic in giving the shoe excellent feeling without extreme sweating and heating. The high tensile webbing heel riser keeps foot enjoying proper fitting. To control bad odor, the shoe has antimicrobial materials. Also, Luvseat PU midsole helps in contouring feet hence full support. The rubber sole is non-marking which render shoe goof for all floors.


  • Non-marking rubber sole
  • Antimicrobial interior linings
  • Quick-drying textile construction
  • Custom adjustable straps


  • Sole feel weak than earlier models

4. Vertico Shower Sandal Rubber

Vertico Shower Sandal Rubber

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Built with high versatility, Vertico shower sandal is right for multiple application. Also. It is created with walkers in mind in that it has a light and comfortable design to keep the foot well anchored. Whether you need it for bathing or trekking, the sandal is perfectly suited. In fact, the construction ensures extra fast drying hence no more waiting for days of wetness. The closed cell EVA foam material provides perfect feet of comfort and relaxation.

The flip flop design renders it good for everyone looking a good shoe for walking. This is because there is no closing mechanism hence simple to slip your feet when wearing. When using public bathrooms, the sandal is god since it protects your foot from absorbing ringworms, athlete foot, and other infections. Rubber bottom part is good for keeping you safe even on wet floors.


  • Reduced water absorption
  • Comfortable closed cell EVA foam
  • Stylish and simple to wear and remove


  • Feels a bit stiff

3. Kunsto Men’s Synthetic Leather Open-Toe Walking Sandal

Kunsto Men's Synthetic Leather Open-Toe Walking Sandal

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Kunsto synthetic leather open toe sandal for men is modern and appealing. The shoe is ideal for most of the causal events since it has superb and quality construction. Therefore, there is no worry about sandal letting you down when in your foot. To keep it practical to walk everywhere with this sandal, it has reduced weight.

Unlike other sandals, this has all adjustable straps. Therefore, it becomes simple to adjust the fitting to keep your feet comfortable. Equipped with 3 adjustable and tough loop and hook closure, they remain intact upon adjustment. The sole is rubber made while insole has EVA foam that cushions and relaxes the foot. Above all, the shoe is good for feet stabilization under all terrains.


  • Excellent feet stabilization
  • Free air circulation
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Superior arch support


  • Sandal has a strong smell

2. ECCO Men’s Yucatan Walking Sandal

ECCO Men's Yucatan Walking Sandal

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Walk with all confidence by getting this Ecco Yucatan sand for men. It’s one among the few top-performing shoes that enable users to get seamless trekking. Being open enables the foot to get ample breathability and doesn’t get awful smells. With a combination of 50% leather and 50% textile, strength is absolute. Also, the blending keeps the shoe looking amazing. In fact, textile interior lined upper help to keep foot free from discomfort. As a result, there is no need to wear socks.

The sole is rubber made while midsole features injected PU foam. Also, the footbed is of lightweight molded EVA foam that holds and massages your foot. With proper feet support, walking is comfortable and stable. Besides, the receptor technology used in this shoe offers unmatched stability. Treaded bottom increases traction in all surfaces to keep your feet stable and safe.


  • Blended leather and textile upper
  • Highly engineered sole
  • Improved stability technology


  • The shoe is a bit pricey

1. ATIKA Maya Trail Outdoor Water Shoes Sport Sandals

ATIKA Maya Trail Outdoor Water Shoes Sport Sandals

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Atika Maya trail sandals are perfected and created to give every walker a reason to celebrate. Unlike other sandals, these are dedicated to outdoor water sports. With this, it means no more worries about water damage. Also, washing is enjoyable and fast drying. With straps enhanced shock absorbing padding, no more sores, and discomforts after long treks. In fact, wearing the shoe brings a great hugging feeling in feet.

Unlike other sandals, this has a 3D construction interior. This brings a contoured design which is good for long walkers as it doesn’t cause strains. Also, padded lining remarkable for preventing abrasions. The open and spacious nylon straps are good for allowing efficient air movement hence keeping feet cook. This is a good solution to sweaty feet and also in curbing bad odor.


  • Distinct comfortable footbed
  • Easy to wash and fast drying
  • Compression EVA midsole


  • Uncomfortable for splayed toes

Walking sandals for men buying guide

As you plan to buy the best sandals for walking, there are some of the aspects vital to put into consideration. The following are some of the vital considerations.

Type of walking

The type of walking literally means the length of your trek as well as terrain and condition. Some people take walking as a way to exercise. Therefore, it is important to check for shoes that will facilitate smooth without impacting on your feet. On the other hand, hikers and other demanding treks require much stronger and highly created shoes. Apart from the walking type, the condition of the surface will determine your shoe type. Rough terrain shoes are specifically designed to hand that type of terrain. The same case if you are using a smooth walking surface, shoes should be corresponding to offer the best experience.

Length of sandals

The length of sandals is another feature that will determine your choice. Although you can buy a fitting shoe, there is a need to determine what the purpose of your sandal is. Normally, for extreme walking, it is ideal to choose a longer shoe to give feet enough movement space. This means your toes won’t be cramped inside leading to discomforts. However, if you are looking regular walking sandals, perfect fitting choices are usually advisable.

Show weight

Weight is a great concern in all type of shoes. It isn’t restricted to walking shoes only. However, the weight in this context of trekking sandals is vital. For long-distance walkers, it is important to look for a shoe that won’t strain your feet. Usually, heavy shoes are unideal when you are walking long distances. To determine the weight of the shoe, the construction materials are the main determinate. Although most manufacturer takes care of weight, not all shoes can be termed as lightweight.

Adjustable straps

The adjustability is vital when you are wearing sandals. Some of the brands offer sandals with all adjustable straps. However, some only strategic straps adjustable. Ideally, getting fully adjustable shoe is a good step. This will ensure the user can customize fitting hence maximum comfort.


Walking sandals for men are a great way to improve your hiking or regular treks. Not only restricted to walking, but they are also versatile and ideal for general wear. Therefore, with our reviewed shoes, every man can get the best walking sandal.

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